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Quality Startup Ideas

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Idea: A startup that uses AI to help restaurants optimize their menus, ensuring that no item is priced too high or too low for the quality that it offers


A software startup that wants to help farmers and growers more easily sell their products online, tracking inventory, managing orders, and ensuring quality control.


A startup that sells ready-made food for people who live in an area where it’s hard to get good quality food


A startup that provides a directory of doctors that are high quality and charge a flat fee for specific procedures


A startup that helps people with diabetes receive better quality health care by monitoring the service they receive from their doctors and hospitals


A review platform for restaurants. Users can rate restaurants on their service, experience, and food quality.


A “smart mirror” for the home that helps people track their sleep quality, with an optional “sleep coach” feature.


A platform for food safety and quality control, building a “food stamp for restaurants”


A company that wants to make it easy to find high-quality, cheap health insurance to fill a gap in the market


A software that automates the process of taking high-quality photos of products for online stores and catalogs


Idea: A startup for the blind to get quality audio books


A market research platform for fashion designers that serves as a central database for pricing, trends, and quality.


A startup that makes it easier for consumers to find quality products for their homes. Its app is similar to Amazon’s Dash, but for finding products in a physical store.


A platform for sharing home services and letting customers compare costs and quality.


From the founders of digital agency All Day I Dream About Food, a platform aimed at helping restaurants and chefs improve food quality and service.


A company that connects high-quality and reliable dentists to patients, also offering a digital dental records service.


A network for users that pay for comedy to get access to higher-quality content from sponsors.


Taps is a startup that helps you get the most out of your tap water. It monitors the water quality and even has a specialized filter that improves taste.


A startup that wants to build a system that helps patients get more affordable, higher quality, and faster-acting healthcare. The startup is starting in the UK and Ireland.


Real Democracy is a platform for elections, designed to make voting more accessible while improving the quality of elections.


A startup that helps people find the best, most reliable care for themselves and their loved ones. The company is looking to partner with employers and large patient-specific care providers to improve the quality of care, while also being a resource for medical professionals.


The startup is launching a digital platform to improve the quality of on-demand clinics. The platform aims to offer a way for doctors to easily post their services and for consumers to find a nearby clinic that offers appointments they need. The company is currently operating in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A platform that helps consumers identify “high quality” products from “low quality” ones.


A platform that integrates with healthcare providers to find communities and provide feedback on their needs. Its goal is to bring community health and quality of life to this underserved population.


A platform that gives you the ability to broadcast live video from your phone. The startup wants to bring a “Facebook Live” like experience to mobile devices, but with better quality.


A startup that aims to deliver affordable, high-quality storage to the home. The company is focusing on a particular vertical, which is a new one.


A company that uses AI to help make low-cost, high-quality face-to-face video calls.


An online video platform that helps people make videos that are all about content. It’s easier to use than YouTube, but has the same content quality.


A platform to improve the quality of customer service and make your employees happier.


“A premium app store with an emphasis on quality,” aiming to have a “curated selection of apps” that are not available anywhere else.


This is an app for getting around the price and quality problems of a typical cup of coffee.


"We're trying to make a video game about men and women," Pachter says. "It's about gender equality. It's a game about how men and women are treated differently, and how that might be changed."


A B2B company that helps brand managers create higher quality voice-to-voice campaigns.


A company that is building a platform to help doctors and hospitals monitor and improve the quality of their care.


The startup helps ISPs monitor the level of network performance in their network, helping them identify problems and fix them before they can affect the quality of service for customers.


A startup that connects high-quality tutors and students Tutors can set their own price


This company wants to help people find the very best school for their kid, and hopes to use its algorithm to help parents access information about school quality.


A startup that aims to improve the quality of communications by helping teams improve their efficiency via group chat and video.


A company that makes earbuds made with medical-grade silicone with no wires for more sensitive ears and better sound quality.


The startup is working with partners to bootstrap the growth of a small-scale 3D printing community by providing the equipment and resources to move from a maker-model printer to a high-quality commercial printer.


This startup is building a system that helps companies recruit and retain high quality talent. With a $100,000 investment from Andreessen Horowitz, the company is working with companies like Hubspot, Zendesk, and The New York Times to do so.


A company that markets and sells “performance” clothing for men. The startup is trying to make sure that the clothes it sells are comfortable and high quality.


A startup that wants to develop a technology that allows cities to track air quality.


A startup that’s building an online marketplace for used cars, with a focus on low-mileage, high-quality cars.


A startup that creates a new kind of smart home audio experience Their idea is to create a “high quality, yet affordable, audio experience”


A digital media studio that helps brands create top-quality videos by combining story-telling and media technology. The startup is looking to create a platform that is easy for people to use, allowing for professional-level video production at a minimal cost.


A tool for keeping track of and improving the quality of speaker trainings and events.


Sphere is a new approach to online education based on the idea that online education is too expensive for many students and doesn’t provide high enough quality instruction. Sphere offers a free, high-quality education to anyone in the world.


A platform that helps companies “create and manage high-quality video content” by coordinating video production and distribution.


This startup is building a tool to help software engineers write more efficient code. The startup partners with teams to sit down with engineers and review their coding, helping them improve their efficiency and the quality of their code.


A startup targeting people with diabetes, to help them improve their quality of life by giving them medical advice and tools to manage diabetes.


 Shave America is an app that helps adults find the right quality blade for their face.


A startup that helps patients track diagnoses and other data during their treatment, helping doctors and hospitals improve the quality of care.


A health-tracking bracelet that lets users monitor their sleep quality and how good they are at managing it


A resource for QA Engineers to find quality software engineering jobs in the US and Canada.


A platform that aims to improve the quality of data in health and education, by using AI and machine learning. A result is a platform that makes data “actionable” so it can be used to simulate outcomes and make predictions.


A platform to connect business development teams with software engineers, with the goal of improving software quality by letting teams work more closely together with a smoother onboarding process.


A free online tool for freelancers that simplifies the process of finding reliable clients, vetting them for quality, finding payment terms, and more.


 A startup that compares and recommends providers of childcare, school, and daycare based on the cost, quality, and convenience of the care. Looks like a better version of Nannybook.


A startup that provides a SaaS platform for SaaS companies to build high quality content. The startup is backed by some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Google, Microsoft and Twitter.


A startup that uses high-tech, low-cost sensors to monitor the quality of the air around us.


A tool for checking the quality of content on Instagram. The startup is often used to check the quality of organic tagging on the platform.


The startup is aiming to build a way for employers to track the quality of their workers, and fix any issues that might be holding them back.


A startup that’s creating a platform for sharing high-quality, low-cost medical images.


A company that helps people create high-quality videos for their websites and social media channels.


A tech-enabled market for finding and hiring high-quality freelancers. The company’s aim is to help small businesses expand their reach and have access to a more comprehensive pool of talent.


In January, the team at this startup launched a video-editing application that looks to improve the quality of videos with a focus on face detection and video stabilization. The startup claims to have gained 1,000 users since its launch.


Campus Labs’s goal is to help students find low-cost and free apartment rentals while still providing professional service and quality amenities


Idea: E-Commerce for High-Quality, Handmade Goods


Idea: A startup for restaurants to purchase quality food and service from local chefs and cooks The startup will handle scheduling, payments, and logistics


Idea: A business that builds custom, localized WordPress websites for small businesses in the US, with a focus on high quality and low prices


Idea: A company that makes a $300 tool to help farmers measure soil quality.


Idea: Improving the quality of a person’s handwriting by training them to write on a special kind of paper. The startup says they can help 80% of all adults improve their handwriting.


 A startup that provides high quality, low cost legal services