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Publishing Startup Ideas

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This startup wants to connect people who are making music with a marketplace for publishing.


A software platform for publishing academic papers and hosting conferences, designed for scientists, researchers, and students.


Web-based technology for managing and publishing content across all of a business’s digital channels.


A platform for running and publishing community-driven events, such as hackathons and meetups.


A set of tools for publishing and managing digital media like video and audio.


An SDK for automatically creating, updating, and publishing content to social media.


A platform for creating and publishing video content with multiple channels. The startup, which was founded in August, is building on the video-sharing platform LIV. It lets users create and publish video content via a combination of Instagram and Facebook.


A company that helps businesses start their own blog, with tools for handling content creation, editing, and publishing, including a content management system.


 The startup's goal is to help build an open platform for publishing and sharing data between developers and scientists. They want to build a new experience for scientists to learn about the data they have, so they can get it into the hands of a broader developer community.


A SaaS platform that takes the pain out of doing things like setting up a blog, managing a mailing list, and publishing content online.


"This list of startups is a non-exhaustive collection of the best companies funded by YC. It's not intended to be a comprehensive list of all startups funded by YC. Regardless, we'll be publishing additional startups funded by YC at a later date."


An API for managing a video distribution, with plans to integrate with the YouTube publishing platform and other video-sharing sites.


This startup is looking to replace the whole process of writing a paper from a researcher to publishing it in peer reviewed journals, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


A platform for books, movies, games, and TV shows to be sold online. They’re a startup of a publishing company, who are using it to build their digital catalog.


d.i.s.e. is building a visual editor for creating and publishing content on the web.


A startup that wants to be the go-to service for creating branded video and digital publishing for enterprises. The company recently raised a Series A led by Collaborative Fund.


A startup that wants to help reduce the cost of creating and publishing original video content by using Adobe’s technology.


A cloud-based content platform for creators in collaboration with the National Digital Publishing Center.


A tool for book authors to manage their digital publishing, from editing to royalties, live chat, and more.


A book publishing platform by the founders of Medium, which has raised $23.5M to date. The company wants to automate book publishing, and focus on short books.


A tool for quick and easy content curation for B2B companies. The product includes a collection of templates and frames and functions for creating/publishing content on the platform.


A startup that helps brands and developers build mobile video games. Their platform easily integrates with existing games and offers a suite of tools for onboarding, publishing, and monetizing.


A company that provides a platform for publishing short videos to YouTube, Facebook, and beyond.


An online media publishing tool for creating and curating videos for social media and targeted website traffic. The startup wants to make it easier to create and distribute visuals for any social media platform.


Idea: A Professional Publishing Platform


Idea: A publishing tool for digital magazines


Idea: A startup for organizing and publishing video interviews with people on the internet, initially for people who are doing YC interviews before Demo Day.


Idea: A tool for salespeople to track and report on any company-related content they are publishing. The startup is trying to replace spreadsheets and other tools salespeople have been using to track their content.