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Vertex is building an online marketplace for the construction industry, providing a way for contractors to sell their services through a web portal.


A health care platform that aims to help doctors communicate with patients and their families in real time by providing a secure way to voice and video call.


A product that tracks how much someone earns, automatically providing estimates for taxes and retirement


A web service for people to earn income by providing data for businesses.


 A micro-funding platform for entrepreneurs, reducing the cost of startup capital for high growth startups by providing a mechanism for investors to match their own funds with the startups they care about. The goal is to save startups money on the front end while generating real returns on the back end.


An online platform that helps students get into college by providing information about scholarships, programs and financial aid.


A startup that helps people who are going through a divorce by providing a calendar of all the things that need to be done


Working with healthcare systems and pharmaceutical companies, Aptara is providing a platform to help hospitals optimize the clinical processes they use across a range of different technologies.


This company is building a better way to help people get around crowded cities by providing real-time information on public transit options.


A company that allows people to streamline financial transactions by providing a simple interface to pay bills.


A startup that wants to help people with depression and anxiety get the most out of life, by providing personalized recommendations on how


A SaaS tool that helps banks automate their KYC processes by providing a central repository of information. It has already raised $1.5 million.


A startup for freelancers, providing a venue where employers and freelancers can use an “open-source” to find and hire each other.


A startup that helps people get around their cities by providing to-do lists, and letting them chat with others to help them get around.


A software company that helps businesses reduce fraud by providing an API for businesses to scan and verify invoices.


A drone that can follow you around on land and in the air, taking photos and video and providing a 360-degree view of your surroundings.


A self-serve platform that connects independent contractors and clients across North America. The startup says their platform helps to reduce the overhead of managing a workforce, while providing an easy way for employers to find talent.


A mobile application that allows users to earn cash back on their purchases in exchange for providing feedback.


A company building an app to help companies manage the design process and the production of their marketing materials. It’s using the product to help customers with their design process, like deciding which typeface to use or what color palette to use, and providing it to them as a product.


The concept of the accelerator is a young one, with the first accelerator programs emerging in the late 1990s in Silicon Valley and New York. In general, accelerators help startups get off the ground, providing capital, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


Helping small businesses by providing a platform for them to grow and scale.


A mobile app that allows customers to book services from home doctors. They’re also focusing on providing privacy for health services, by ensuring that the doctor never sees the patient’s name, phone number, or address. The company is currently working with a hospital in NY.


A startup that wants to help you get to work faster by providing an easy-to-use, low-cost way to book rides through Uber.


A startup helping real estate agents sell homes by providing a marketplace for their clients to find a buyer.


A company providing a free online platform for live music, planning concerts, selling tickets, and collecting royalties.


A company that helps people live longer, healthier lives by providing health tech to doctors. The startup’s founders say they’ve already raised $7.5 million, with plans to launch in early 2018.


A connected car startup focused on providing an on-demand ride service. It’s one of the companies that was part of the Telangana government’s PPP program.


A technology company providing a way to help companies manage employees’ expenses and track their compliance.


A “high-touch customer service concierge”, providing inbound customer support and on-demand service.


A B2B company that focuses on providing tools to help companies comply with EU regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation.


A startup focused on providing real estate agents with a better way to find properties for their clients.


The startup is looking to pair the benefits of a collaborative economy with the efficiency of a shared economy. The company offers a system that can match the right person with the right job while also providing them with a flexible schedule.


A startup that sells customer acquisition services for B2B companies. They’re focused on funding growth for their clients by providing free, one-time services such as marketing and customer support.


A company that aims to be a “Netflix of weed”, providing a platform for legal cannabis deliveries.


A company that helps companies manage their supply chain. The startup helps companies manage their supply chain by providing visibility into where their goods are coming from and how they’re being shipped, and manage their logistics.


A B2B company that aims to eliminate the $2 trillion in fees incurred by businesses in the US and Canada by providing them with a single online account to manage all of their accounts.


Providing a way for athletes to train in real-time via web cam.


A company that’s looking to disrupt the insurance market by providing a platform for users to buy and sell insurance plans across the web, essentially creating the world’s largest market for insurance on the internet.


A social network for the connected car. It aims to make car ownership more accessible by providing access to smartphone-based services that include vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, and selling services.


This startup is looking to be the Netflix of medical records, providing a service that offers a single platform for doctors and patients to access their medical records.


The startup is working with partners to bootstrap the growth of a small-scale 3D printing community by providing the equipment and resources to move from a maker-model printer to a high-quality commercial printer.


A startup aiming to “disrupt the security industry by providing an end-to-end solution for the enterprise”. The startup offers a platform for businesses to help protect their data against malware.


A startup that wants to improve the ability to chat in real-time over video by providing chatbot-like functionality.


A way to make paying taxes easier, with a tool that lets you pay your taxes in a way that’s more efficient than the IRS’ online tools. The startup also wants to make the tax process more predictable and transparent by providing a taxpayer’s tax form for every state, and giving an estimate of what the liability is.


A micro-app that helps teachers (and students) create and share lessons online. Zoono is currently in private beta, and is designed to help you teach, review, and grade lessons more efficiently by providing a single platform.


A startup to help companies manage their supply chain, including tracking shipments, managing inventory, and providing real-time visibility into shipments.


An e-commerce company that aims to help improve customer loyalty by providing discounts and other benefits for frequent users.


A startup that aims to help people save money by providing a tool that helps people check gas prices daily.


A B2B company that helps companies oversee employees who are abroad, allowing them to keep tabs on how employees are using their tools, and providing them with detailed and localized customer service.


A parking management startup that wants to disrupt the parking industry by providing a digital dashboard for parking garages and lots.


A web-based video platform for providing short-form, on-demand “how to” guides for small businesses. The idea is that users can subscribe to specific topics, such as ‘how to sell on eBay’ and then be notified when a new video is available.


A single source of financial records for a company's employees, providing one unified way to view all their financial information and transactions.


A mobile app providing users with recommendations on where to eat in their city based on their location. The company says it processes over 20 million restaurant reviews every month.


A startup that wants to bring affordable, secure storage to small and medium sized businesses. The company is focused on providing remote access to business owners who would otherwise have to pay high prices to store things in their own homes.


The company wants to make negotiating harder than it already is by providing a simple, searchable interface for employees to search the market for best deals on everything from Amazon Prime subscriptions to a new suit.


A startup that helps patients get more accurate diagnoses of their conditions by providing them with a collection of data from specialists via an app on their smartphone.


 A healthcare platform for middle-income families, providing a healthcare insurance plan with a copay that’s lower than what they normally pay.


A free service that helps Americans who are moving abroad find work and employment opportunities in their new countries. Their mission is to help Americans transition to their new countries by providing job opportunities in their new countries.


A platform that allows users to have messaging conversations with their pets, with the company providing the service of getting their pets to say a phrase or a word through a mobile application.


Derringer is a company that reduces the risk of email scams by providing a service that verifies authenticity of emails, using domain reputation.


A digital platform that makes it easy to book flights for consumers, while also providing information on flight delays, prices, and more.


Some people like to own a car, which is usually a pretty big financial investment. Zendrive aims to be the Uber of cars, providing a way for people to get around without having to deal with insurance or renting or buying a car.


A B2B company that connects startups to investors, providing them with funding and other services.


A startup that helps startups sell their products on Amazon and other marketplaces, providing access to Amazon’s warehouse and fulfillment services.


A software platform for providing pre-paid credit cards. The startup is building an API for businesses to buy virtual credit cards branded with their brand, which they can then offer to their customers.


A startup that’s expanding into the US health insurance and education markets by providing a platform for healthcare providers to manage their patient records.


A map of New York that acts as a digital billboard, providing advertising and location-based services. It was one of the winners of the NYC Tech Challenge.


A business providing an online platform for companies to sell to large corporations.


A startup that wants to make it easier for new startups to get funded by providing an online platform for finding investors.


A micro-entrepreneur in India that wants to relieve the stress of small businesses by providing them with a platform for managing all their accounting needs.


One of the winners of the YC Engineer Day, providing a service to help companies automate their user onboarding process, making it easier for them to onboard users without needing to manually create a signup flow.


A platform providing an interface for companies to manage and monitor their products, along with building a marketplace for reselling and supporting them. They’ve raised $2.3 million.


A startup that helps companies sell on Amazon.com, providing tools for a more efficient and streamlined product sales process.


This company is making it easier for small businesses to invest in their own ventures, by providing them an online platform for managing investments. The seed round has already been funded, and the company is looking to the next round to help it scale.


A food delivery platform for small businesses that is focused on reducing the financial burden of running a brick and mortar restaurant. It aims to lower the cost of running a restaurant by providing the owner with the tools to order their own food and have it delivered. The company has raised $10 million in funding.


A crowdfunding platform for retired athletes, the startup wants to help people who want to give back to the community while providing innovative ways for athletes to get funding.


A startup that helps companies with HR and recruiting by providing a platform for job seekers to see what’s available, and employers to see who is applying and in-demand.


A startup that helps companies and organizations manage their resumés and job applications, providing a service that’s currently being used by companies like UPS, IBM, and Capital One.


A SaaS startup that helps small business owners by providing value-added services to their customers.


Campus Labs’s goal is to help students find low-cost and free apartment rentals while still providing professional service and quality amenities


A startup that helps raise money by providing a range of services (e.g. legal, accounting, marketing, PR, etc.) to help startups and other businesses raise money.


Idea: This is an app that makes it easier to start a conversation with a stranger A user creates an account, and the app matches them with another user, providing an icebreaker The team says they have 3,000 users and $4,000 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A startup providing free credit scores to customers, funded by a paywall around their credit report They believe this will generate better engagement than the traditional credit monitoring model, which pays customers to read their credit report


Idea: Startup that has built a toolkit for turning any website into a chatbot The startup wants to take the friction out of building bots by providing a visual interface and developer tools


Idea: A startup that helps companies bring their products to market faster by providing them with the data and tools they need to make better decisions


Idea: A software company that helps enterprises retain their most valuable employees, by providing a third-party system that handles internal communications across teams


Idea: A startup that’s trying to make it easier for large companies to do product placement in film and TV by providing a single platform for all their deals The startup was founded by three Hollywood veterans


Idea: A tool for helping employees find a new job, providing a platform for employees to post their resume on and get matched with companies who are hiring It’s a marketplace


Idea: A startup that allows medical service providers to network with organizations that need help, providing a way for consumers to get needed healthcare services


Idea: A software company that is building a platform for providing medical care in developing countries Their technology makes it easier to find and train medical staff who are willing to work abroad, and more affordable for the organizations that need them


Idea: A startup that helps companies offer benefits like cellphone plans and cellphones to employees, as well as providing employees with a way to manage their spending.


Idea: A startup that makes it easy for US consumers to buy Mexican avocados. The company is doing this by helping consumers order avocados online, then providing a service that ships the avocados to them from Mexico, taking care of taxes and other details. It’s already working with several large grocery chains, including Costco.


Idea: A startup that’s building tools to help companies with the often complicated process of shipping products to their customers. Besides providing a platform for inventory management, the startup is building in features that will help companies manage and track their inventory and shipments.


Idea: A home security company for Latin American households, primarily in Mexico. The startup is focused on providing internet-connected cameras that allow users to see and talk to visitors while they’re away from home.


A startup providing a marketing automation platform for e-commerce businesses.


A startup that helps people find the best time to travel by providing personalized flight information and pricing The idea is to provide a better customer experience and a better chance at getting a cheaper ticket The startup says that it can save customers up to $300 annually on their air


A startup to buy and sell used cars, with a focus on providing a safe and easy way for folks to manage everything involved in the process. The startup wants to make it easy to sell a car without involving a third party.