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Prototype Startup Ideas

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A drag-and-drop web app for building a prototype of a web application in minutes.


A platform that provides an online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm ideas, build prototypes and collaborate.


A visual tool for turning product prototypes into wireframes for developers.


A company that helps crews build and launch new apps without a lot of upfront capital. It’s launching with an app that helps small businesses with the software development process—from project definition to iteration on a prototype to launch.


Idea: This startup is building a new productivity tool that lets users scroll down a page to view content, rather than clicking from one page to another The startup currently has a prototype and has already been featured in TechCrunch


What’s a startup to do when they’ve secured $500,000 in funding and they don’t know what to build Unity is a tool that helps founders go from idea to prototype to product, all in a matter of weeks.


A startup that pairs up its product design expertise with a developer to build a custom mobile app. It takes a few days and the startup will provide a working prototype.


A company that transforms raw materials into finished products. The company is looking to take on big manufacturers like Nike, using 3-D printing to prototype and scale production.


A startup that aims to create the Google search for the physical world. The company is building a search engine for the physical world, and is currently in the process of building a prototype.


A B2B startup that aims to solve the problem of processing and logging of data for companies looking to start up a new retail bank. The company says it’s already working with a few banks on prototypes.


A team of designers and engineers building a digital prototype for a custom-built laser cutter. The team is building the product as a way to fund the research of a laser cutter they hope to build themselves.


A startup that helps people to design, build and test their prototypes online Users will be able to share their prototypes with friends or partners


A B2B company that designs and builds prototypes for production companies.


A tool to help teams collaborate and create visual prototypes using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


A tool for making it easier to create product prototypes without having to build them.


The goal of this startup is to create a way for business to get feedback on their website from their customers, then use the data to make changes to their site to improve conversion rates. The startup is in early stages, but is attempting to attract investors and create a working prototype.


A platform for selling LED lights to businesses. The product is currently only in the prototype phase, but the team is working on creating an online store in the next 60 days.


A startup that wants to help designers build out physical prototypes for their apps, giving them a way to interact with features and functionality of their designs with a few clicks


Founded by a former Google executive, the company is looking to bring AI to the design business. The startup’s first product is a tool that helps designers prototype a product with a drawing tool.


A visual programming language designed for chip design, intended to allow engineers to quickly prototype and visualize their designs.


A platform for building interactive, multiplayer games that can be played without the need for a screen. Prototyped with a game called “Truck Stop.”


This startup is currently in a working prototype stage. It seeks to connect companies with licensing partners and business partners at all levels of the supply chain.


A company that plans to disrupt the supply chain by assembling “smart factories” in the home. Their prototype is a $1,500 kit that helps turn home-based tools into smart factories that can automate production and produce customized products.


A platform that allows a designer to prototype digital products for brands before the actual design is done


The doc app is meant to work with any electronic health records system. It’s built on the idea of user-friendly dashboards, so users can see all of the data that’s relevant, in one place. HealthBlitz is currently working with the Mayo Clinic to build out a prototype. HealthBlitz says that it’s already working with nearly 3,000 healthcare providers.


A Web3-enabled P2P marketplace to buy and sell electricity. The company has a white paper in development and a prototype.


A startup that helps small businesses get more out of their social media advertising. Currently has a working prototype and aims to close a seed round and launch in early 2020.


A company that helps manufacturers quickly and cheaply produce prototypes of new products


A startup that helps college students decide which courses to take and which ones to skip. They’re currently building a prototype app with over 5,000 students and 300 universities.


A company looking to build the ultimate medical-grade exam table. The startup has built a prototype that can raise and lower patients in ways that medical professionals often describe as “magical”.


A prototype of an app that’s like Snapchat, but for business. It provides users with a personalised feed of photos and videos.


A team of students from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business built a prototype for a new way for consumers to share their data. The idea is to make the sharing of personal data easier and more social, and to use it to show users how to make better decisions.


A tool to help makers design and prototype their products, based on feedback from a user community


This idea is to provide an integrated platform that allows people to sync their calendars with their phones. The founders created a prototype that allows users to view their calendar from their phone. The company plans to have a beta version of the app ready by the end of 2017.


A startup that has built a hardware-based IoT sensor that is able to wirelessly and privately track and share your health and fitness data. The team has built a prototype and hopes to bring it to market in the next few months.


A startup that makes accurate, high-resolution 3D models of the things in the world. The company charges designers and architects in-person visits in which they can see prototypes in person and get one-on-one feedback.


A company that helps small businesses and companies of all sizes create “lean-forward” websites and apps. The company has a number of products aimed at helping this process, including an earlier app that lets you create templates and prototype a mobile app. This week they launched a new product called Twig, which is a platform that lets you create a prototype of your product in a matter of minutes.


Idea: A web app that quickly creates and tests a usable prototype