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Property Startup Ideas

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A startup that wants to sell insurance to people who own property, and who want to protect it in the event of a fire. The startup has already built a platform for homeowners to claim their coverage, but needs to raise $5 million to build out a back-end system and additional products.


It’s a licensing company for small businesses to get paid speedily for their intellectual property. The startup has signed up over 300 businesses.


The startup’s goal is to make it easier for businesses to protect their intellectual property.


A startup that makes it easier for hotel guests to use their credit card on property. The company’s founders came up with the idea at a conference where the hotel they were staying at had a similar feature, and thought there was a better way to do it.


A way to help real estate agents get the right buyer into the right property.


A startup that sells a service to provide real estate agents for people who want to buy/sell a property without an agent


A real estate property management platform for buyers and sellers.


A platform that enables people to buy and sell things like furniture, cars, and apartments, and rent out unused rooms. Borrowers can use the platform’s software to manage the loan, and borrowers can access the property remotely. The platform is currently focused on the UK.


A property management startup in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A B2B company that helps property managers and agents manage rental properties by automating tasks like invoicing, collecting rent and taking care of repairs.


A startup that helps property managers keep track of their portfolio using AI


This startup is looking to help people invest in property in ways that are cheaper and more secure than the usual methods.


A startup that provides a convenient way for property owners to rent out their homes on a short-term basis


They are building a marketplace based on the idea of peer to peer lending, but aimed at small property loans (smaller than $5,000), and aimed at women.


A platform that helps people find the right property for a vacation or retreat. The company is focused on creating a full-service vacation rental in every coastal rental market.


A company that acts as a broker for property buyers and sellers.


A B2B company that helps real estate agencies and property managers automate tasks to save time, reduce errors and improve compliance.


A startup that aims to help realtors automate their sales process, using a digital agent that keeps track of the status of a property and opens real estate listings on the internet. The startup is pitching the service as a way to drive down “the average home sales cycle” from six months to two.


Yieldbot is a property management software startup looking to help people manage their real estate investment properties, and get an extra return on their investment.


The startup is building an online tool that helps connect customers to real estate agents for property listing, and a tool that helps real estate agents find listings.


A platform for small business owners to rent their property out. The company is a joint venture between a local business incubator and the co-founder of Airbnb.


A startup that offers a software-as-a-service platform that helps companies manage their various intellectual property assets


A digital property manager for residential and commercial real estate.


A startup that helps small businesses market to homebuyers. Their product is a “premier content marketing platform” that utilizes detailed data about a dozen variables, including income, credit score, and the type of property they’re looking for.


A platform for property managers to manage their properties from one centralized platform. It’s aimed at large property owners, as well as those with multiple properties.


Bots that make the complex work of managing a home remodeling project more manageable. The company is working with HVAC contractors and property managers to aggregate data from hundreds of homes to help them do a better job of forecasting and managing their projects.


The B2B marketplace for property and other real estate services, with a focus on the UK.


A company that wants to help people buy and sell property more efficiently, to cut out the middleman.


A company that helps real estate agents rent out their property faster and for less money.


This is a B2B company that helps companies manage their legal agreements, especially in the area of intellectual property.


This startup wants to help realtors create a digital database of property listings.


A digital solution for people to reliably secure their home and personal property with a cell phone.


A company that will help investors in the UK to buy property via an online marketplace.


A software company that helps property owners and managers of condominiums and apartment buildings track floor plans and find lost residents.


A company that wants to help underpaid fashion designers have control over their intellectual property.


A startup that helps with biometric authentication for physical access to the property.


A drone startup that aims to make drones as useful as smartphones. The company is building a drone that can be mounted on a smartphone and used for a variety of uses, from viewing property to capturing video.


A web-based service that aggregates and provides access to public data about real estate, letting people search for information and data about everything from price and listing inventory, to property tax rates and construction information.


A building-management software for rental units that tracks who has access and what they’re doing in the property.


This startup aims to make it easier to give away more of their own property in exchange for lower rent.


The startup’s tool aims to give landlords the tools to manage their properties more efficiently. It’s meant to be used by property managers, but the startup is looking to also work with landlords and property managers.


A company that’s building a service that helps companies buy and sell intellectual property.


A platform for homeowners looking to sell their homes, allowing them to easily list their properties for sale and hire a virtual agent to show the property to interested buyers.


A blockchain startup that’s building a way to store and share intellectual property using smart contracts


A startup that works with real estate agents to help them become property managers. The company is growing quickly in the US, and aims to do the same in India.


A platform for managing and tracking intellectual property. The startup’s founders say they have “tripled their revenue as we scale to help more inventors create and protect their inventions.”


Trying to make it easier to find a rental property in a city


This company is building a way to track the financial life of a real estate property by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help people decide whether to sell or hold onto a property.


This is a SaaS platform for providing commercial real estate agents with a means to manage their clients’ rental property.


This startup services a small group of clients in the UK who are looking to invest in more than one property. They help investors plan out their portfolio and don’t charge any fees.


A new way to sell and trade real estate, with an app that provides investors with “around-the-clock access to property information, data, and search results”.


A real estate startup that helps customers find the best value on homes. It’s currently testing a model where customers can set their own price and get paid 20% of the difference between that and the property’s actual value.


A platform that helps landlords market their property online, with an emphasis on finding renters and managing the property.


A new blockchain platform that allows companies to digitize and track intellectual property from idea to final product.


A data-driven software platform for in-house property management. The company plans to charge customers monthly for the success of their properties, with a goal of building a multi-million dollar business.


A digital dashboard for managing property management duties and expenses.


A web-based platform to manage home loans and their property taxes. The company is currently in beta and has raised $185,000.


A business that connects people with local caretakers and property managers


A company that helps studios and artists manage their intellectual property by letting them upload photos and videos to an online collection and share it with services like Amazon, Facebook, and more.


A real estate company that aims to use software to automate the process of buying and selling property, streamlining the process and making it accessible to the average Joe.


A platform that provides a way to record and monetize video of real estate transactions. The startup wants to build a platform that helps home buyers get a better deal by having a video of their property recorded by a professional videographer.


Building a system for insuring personal property.


A startup that allows people with intellectual property rights to more easily sell their designs to manufacturers.


On the heels of the success of its first product, the startup is ramping up to launch a new product, which it hopes will help landlords protect against the threat of stolen property and vandalism.


A tool for visually communicating the health and condition of your real estate investment property


 A startup to help companies manage their intellectual property in a cohesive way. The company says they’ve done a lot of research and found that a lot of companies are spending a lot of time and money on this work that’s actually not that important.


A startup that wants to help people get on the property ladder by connecting them with companies that can help them get the financing. The company has 50 employees and has raised $1.5 million in seed funding.


A company building a platform for the buying and selling of digital and physical property.


A startup that helps people who are moving overseas and need to sell their car or other property


A startup that connects people who are looking to buy a property in another city with a realtor in that city


Idea: A startup that helps homeowners, landlords, and property managers use data to track their properties and keep them safer


Idea: A startup that creates a marketplace for intellectual property. The startup’s pitch is that there’s a whole market for IP like patents and algorithms that’s currently untapped.