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Project Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides a service where people can find a random person with similar hobbies to do a project with


A project management tool for teams.


An AI-based machine learning project to help identify specific threats to the public water supply in a specific area.


Employees that treat hiring like an automated data science project


A joint project of the US Department of Agriculture and the National Park Service, which is trying to create a mobile payment system for parks.


A project management platform for freelancers and small teams, asking people to “realize their potential”.


A project management tool for people with small teams, meant to make it easier to track tasks and track progress.


A business calendar app that helps employees in a company collaborate on project updates.


A tool to help companies manage multiple workflows and processes for a single project. It’s available as a Chrome extension.


A project management and time-tracking service that smartly integrates with Google Apps


Slack is a project management and chat platform for teams and groups. Slack builds software as a service (SaaS) products, which are web-based applications that companies or organizations can use instead of having to install or maintain software on their own computer.


A startup that helps optimize “predictions and projections” for companies.


A sustainability project that uses IoT sensors to monitor the environment. There are over 1 billion sensors in use today, but they’re not being used to their full potential.


A project management tool for non-profits, with a “social component” that helps them manage events and volunteers.


A company that helps crews build and launch new apps without a lot of upfront capital. It’s launching with an app that helps small businesses with the software development process—from project definition to iteration on a prototype to launch.


A startup that uses an app to manage the construction project of building a house


A project management and collaboration platform for teams organized around the creation of online content.


A crowd-funded project to bring the benefits of underfloor heating and cooling to the underdeveloped world. The startup’s founders came up with the concept for a client-focused project as a way to combine the technology with other humanitarian efforts.


A remote-work solution for business partners and freelancers, letting them work from anywhere. It’s a sort of “Uber for freelancers”, and is based on the idea that most clients don’t want to hire someone for a long-term gig, but instead need someone to tackle a project for a few days or a week at a time.


A project management tool that focuses on helping distributed teams communicate with one another.


A startup that makes a tool for people to write down all the steps they need to take to complete a project


In June 2018, the Startup Genome Project released data on the 100 most active venture-backed startups in the world. Of the top 100 startups, 12 were based in the San Francisco Bay Area. That was more than any other single city in the world.


A SaaS that helps companies manage their workflows and track time, expenses, and expenses by project or area.


A tool for setting up radio stations, which is self-funded, but a side-project.


Twilio, a company that provides cloud-based communication and telephony APIs, is one of the most well-known startups at YC. Their newest project is a tool that helps call center agents manage multiple languages.


This is a “tech-for-good” project that wants to build a marketplace where people can donate their old smartphones and tablets to be refurbished and repurposed into solar-powered lights for developing countries.


A chatbot that helps you track the progress of your project. A chatbot that helps you track the progress of your project.


A startup that provides a software platform for tracking the progress of a diverse team of contributors working on a single project


A tool that helps teams manage project workflows, and which the startup is building for sales, support, marketing, and engineering teams.


A tool for helping companies (primarily B2B) manage their vendors, orders, and project management.


The Startup is building out a free, open-source toolset for managing your GitHub project.


A social-media platform for contractors, designed for organizations with a small project or need.


A tool for doing data science on a continuous basis, allowing companies to pull real-time data rather than waiting for an annual report or project to happen.


This is a project management platform with two components. The first is the product, a team collaboration tool that connects members to the other tools they use for project management. The second is the company itself, which focuses on building software to help teams achieve their goals.


A tool that helps people collaborate on a project without emailing back and forth.


A platform to make it easier for creative professionals to collaborate with clients. Both parties can share and comment on the project, and get feedback/input from others in the community.


A tech-focused project management platform for small to midsize teams.


A digital tattoo that is meant to be a proxy for software development. The tattoo can be worn by developers and shows things like code, project statuses, and more.


A platform that allows for distributed teams to negotiate, ensure a project is on time and on budget, and track progress. They’re working on a cloud-based solution with a feature set that includes project management, time and labor tracking, and collaboration.


A project management app for iOS. Per the startup, it’s a “new kind of project management app,” and they see it as a “platform for bringing order to the chaos of distributed teams.”


A side project to Zenefits, a human resource software company, that automates payroll for small businesses by pulling data from Quickbooks.


A project management app for small teams and distributed teams of people that don't want to be tied to a computer screen.


A new product by the founders of a popular open-source project, allowing people to see all of their files on file servers and get them to sync with their desktop.


An “API for the public sector,” offering a portal for payments, project management, and services.


A user-generated marketplace for project management tools, allowing companies to sell them to the public


A Boston-based startup with a focus on clean energy. Their product is a roof tile that pulls energy from the sun. This project is a spinout from Techstars.


A communication and collaboration tool that compiles everything from your calendar into a single location. It’s meant to help an employee manage all their communication and project management needs.


A tool that helps you visually approximate the distribution of code within a project and can even show you how much time you’ve spent on each line of code.


A device that can act as a second screen for your smartphone, beaming to your TV or a projector. The startup is focused on the touchscreen issue, as the screen is often the weak link in smartphone use.


A startup that allows people to find and hire a contractor to complete a small project.


A startup for freelance writers, editors, and translators. The startup is in its pre-launch phase, but has already sold $3,000 worth of services. It’s not a traditional marketplace, instead relying on a closed community of writers and translators who are all working on the same project.


A startup that helps people focus on the most important part of a project: the design.


This startup is building an online marketplace for the sale of computer parts, but based on the free and open source project OpenELEC.


This is an open source project to create a webOS-like platform for a variety of mobile devices.


This startup is building a way to collaborate on a schedule that combines current project management concepts like Trello with the concept of a “workflow”, a name that describes a way to organize work in a way that’s both intuitive and structured. The company’s first project was building a lightweight but robust version of GitHub’s Jira.


A project that connects doctors in the US with patients in India who need urgent medical attention.


A project of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is the largest global network of entrepreneurs, young professionals, and innovators. The network’s purpose is to connect the global network of young professionals with the global community of entrepreneurs. The network was founded by the World Economic Forum and Swiss Re in January 2016, with the first annual Global Shaper Summit taking place in Davos, Switzerland. Over the summer of 2016, the World Economic Forum announced that it would be partnering with the Global Shapers Community to create the World Economic Forum Young Entrepreneur Council, which completed its first meeting in October 2016.


A project to help health care professionals gain experience with industry standard health IT tools.


Helps employers manage and track employee’s work hours and performance for per-project billing.


A startup that helps freelancers manage their time by creating a dashboard showing how much time they have to complete a project. It helps freelancers manage their time and act on time management tips they get from their favorite books.


A product management platform for businesses that want to implement agile project management.


A startup that builds construction management software, allowing builders to track and keep track of project progress.


A platform that lets you create and manage bids for your project's bids for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.


A startup that launched in 2009, The Ophelia Project is the original "crowdfunding for women" platform, meaning it enables female entrepreneurs to raise money from female investors. It has raised $133 million since its inception.


Idea: The best way to learn a new programming language is to practice it through a project


Idea: A platform for managing the entire process of developing, tracking and paying for a freelance project


Idea: A software company that wants to build project management applications that are smarter and easier to use than what’s available today


iphree creates a micro-grid for off-the-grid communities in developing countries. It currently has a pilot project in Cameroon.


Idea: A startup that connects pro developers to people looking for help building apps, with the developer taking a cut of the project.


Idea: This startup is building a tool for people looking to understand their own credit and financial health. The app answers questions like “How much money do I need to retire” and helps them make projections for future expenses.


A startup that provides a way to track the development of software code with software developers and project managers.