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by @levelsio

Programming Startup Ideas

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A search engine for content about programming. It’s built to help people find programming tutorials, ebooks, and other resources.


A no-cost education platform that helps students learn how to code by watching videos online. Arist wants to help millions of people learn programming.


This startup is building a new way to access and use the world’s most popular programming languages. The company is now working with Google on its Material Design language team.


A startup that is building a platform for chatbots that lets people build chatbots using any programming language


A startup that allows users to choose their own fitness programming based on their own goals and schedule, with an emphasis on strength training.


A startup that wants to bring a 21st century version of the old magazine subscription model. The startup gives access to a variety of programming languages and news to consumers for a monthly subscription fee.


A personal assistant for programming, with a mobile app that syncs with a PC. The startup wants to help coders find resources, learn new languages, and stay on task.


This startup wants to bring a more collaborative approach to online education. Classcraft is building a platform where you can teach someone programming, where you’re accountable to them.


A free, open-source platform for building and managing distributed applications. Uses a programming language called Akka.


The summer school is for students interested in learning programming and fundamental knowledge in computer science, with the intent of helping them be successful in college.


The startup wants to make your web browser a full-fledged programming language that you can write programs in.


A tool for non-tech students to learn about programming.


A visual programming language designed for chip design, intended to allow engineers to quickly prototype and visualize their designs.


A way to evaluate programming languages and compare them to one another.


A company that wants to be the Amazon of TV. They’re building a marketplace for TV shows, movies, and sports programming with a focus on providing the highest-quality programming to customers.


The founder of Code.org, a nonprofit working to make computer science education more accessible, wants to create a foundation to encourage high school students to learn software and programming.


A startup for freelancers to offer their services, with everything from programming to writing.


An open source online IDE for building mobile apps, spanning mobile platforms (iOS/Android/web) and programming languages (Java/C/C++).


Creators of a tool that lets you “chase the dragon” without having to learn a new programming language.


A startup that wants to make it as easy as possible to build and deploy a web app, no programming required.


A platform to help colleges teach students how to code. The startup will teach students how to code using the Drag & Drop interface, which is more intuitive compared to using more traditional programming languages.


A tool for teaching machine learning, that uses a visual programming language called Keras to help train AI models.


A company that allows data scientists to work on big data problems without needing to learn programming


Idea: The best way to learn a new programming language is to practice it through a project


Idea: Online courses for teaching the basics of programming


Idea: A platform for authenticating users via the Slack application programming interface (API)


A startup for freelance designers. The startup has plans to expand to include a wider variety of creative services including programming, video and audio production and web design.


Idea: Fuctional programming is one of the frontiers of software development, and this startup is building a tool to help developers better understand the functional code they’re writing.


A startup that allows you to transfer funds from a card (like a credit card or bank card) to a bank account using an API (application programming interface) instead of a physical card