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Profitable Startup Ideas

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 A Chinese-language news app. They have about 200,000 users, and are profitable. They’ve already raised $3.5 million.


A startup that is building a platform for training teachers in the US public school system. The startup wants to make school more attractive and profitable.


A startup that helps freelancers get paid up front, then moves that money to a business account if they don’t get enough gigs booked in a given period of time. Today it has paying customers in the US, UK, and Australia, and is profitable.


A B2B company that helps businesses manage their email marketing. The company says they’re profitable and growing.


A startup that works with restaurants to provide them with the tools they need to “self-serve” their customers. The startup wants to make it easier and more profitable for restaurants to provide meal delivery.


A Facebook-like app that lets anyone build and sell a mobile website. It’s a way for people who don’t build websites to earn money rather than create their own, and has a profitable model.


A platform that helps people create a more profitable business by helping them get more data and improve their marketing.


This is a loyalty platform for businesses, with a twist: users only get points for small purchases. The company claims it’s already profitable.


A startup helping small businesses create their own, more profitable, online marketing campaigns. The company helps small businesses with organic content creation, on-page SEO, and paid advertising. It’s currently looking for top-level talent.


A way to hook up with a freelance designer for in-house design, build a site, and then manage it all from one app. The company says it has $6 million in funding and has been profitable since 2014.


A software company that helps insurance auto brokers become more profitable by streamlining their claims processes. They’re aiming to reach $2.5 million in revenue in the first year.


A startup that helps you find the cheapest places to go in the US (60,000 restaurants, 2,500 hotels, and 2,500 attractions) and then helps you price-compare them. The startup is profitable and has 75,000 users, and is profitable again after a $2 million round in late 2019.


A software company that allows businesses to manage their inventory by tracking products on a digital platform. The company wants to make it easier to determine the most profitable products to stock, based on demand, and to manage inventory.


 A company that looks to make shared apartments more profitable, both for landlords and renters.


A company that advises startups on how to manage their money in a way that’s profitable and that also benefits their employees.


A startup that helps people track the money they’re spending online, including all their subscriptions and subscriptions to services like Netflix. The startup’s co-founder said it’s been profitable in the past year.


A platform for small businesses to manage marketing and sales, enabling them to make more profitable sales and grow their customer base.


A mobile app that helps people plan their trip to see the world’s best art. The app comes with a network of over 1,000 locations of art museums and galleries from around the world. The startup is profitable.


A startup that helps companies adjust their business operations to be more profitable, with a focus on "lean operations" that can optimize use of resources and improve efficiency.


This is a company building a platform where an existing customer can find and hire a contractor to repair or remodel a specific item in their home. It’s a marketplace for homeowners looking to hire contractors, and the startup is profitable.


A platform for selling, buying, and shipping drugs online. The startup is now profitable and has a $2.5 million round of funding.


This startup aims to make a hiring tool that is “instantly accessible and easy to use” that can “make every hire the right hire”. They have 1,000 happy customers and are profitable.


A company that helps hot dog vendors in New York City sell their hot dogs by linking them to their Instagram accounts. It’s meant to make the process of selling hot dogs more efficient and profitable.


A fitness tracking device that’s been downloaded over 3 million times, has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the App Store, and was sold to Apple. It’s been used by over 60 million people and is now the best-selling fitness tracker on the market. It’s profitable and has a $300 million valuation.


A platform that connects lenders to people who have bad credit to pay loans back on time. The company’s cofounder, David Leon, says the company is profitable, has more than $1.3 million in loans, and has been servicing loans for over a year.


A software company that partners with restaurants to provide delivery and catering services. The startup has signed up more than 3,000 restaurants and is profitable.


A tool that helps small businesses manage their shipping and inventory via an app, with the startup saying they’re profitable. The company has a 1-person team and has raised $10,000.


Koku is a tool for people to build their own subscription-based service. Koku is meant to be a one-stop shop for all of a person’s subscription needs, with a toolset designed for ease of use. The startup is a Y Combinator company, and has over 200,000 users and is profitable.


A way for people who need to move into a new apartment to take a photo of their living room or kitchen and quickly see a comprehensive price list of what it would cost to remodel it. The startup says it’s profitable and has a $150,000 monthly revenue run rate.


A software company that provides a platform to allow employees to submit professional development suggestions that are then implemented as part of a company’s onboarding process. The startup has signed on 5 companies and is profitable.


A travel health insurance company for the U.S. market, which is trying to cover a profitable market with an under-insured customer base. It’s currently in the UK, and is looking to expand to the US.


A profitable startup that provides software for businesses to create and operate their own community-based group insurance plans. It also provides a platform for businesses to track and control their health care costs.


A technology company that creates “smart” thermostats for home and business use, allowing homeowners to control their thermostats via their smartphone. The company is led by CEO and founder Rajat Pahuja, who previously built a business in India called Shubh Loans that went “very profitable,” according to Pahuja.


"A company that helps businesses go from idea to profitable reality. We help founders build ideas from day one and help them launch them successfully."


A startup that helps people find free or discounted parking. The startup says it’s been profitable in the last year.


 A “boutique” loyalty program that offers extra perks like free flights, hotel stays, spa visits, concert tickets, and more to frequent shoppers. The company is currently profitable and has a $7 million valuation.


A health insurance app which allows users to submit their medical claims and payment information with a couple of taps on their phone. The startup is a bit of an interesting case study for the healthcare sector. They launched in March and have over 1,000 customers already. They're profitable for the first time.


A sales collaboration platform that helps companies with salespeople communicate better, run more profitable sales meetings, and close more deals.


A ride-sharing service that uses algorithms to match drivers with customers, as an alternative to the taxi companies that dominate the market. The drivers are paid when they’re matched with customers with a ride, and the startup is profitable.


A startup that connects farmers with buyers. The startup helps farmers find buyers with the goal of making agriculture more profitable and sustainable.


A Chicago-based startup that helps companies build employee wellness products. It’s a way for companies to create wellness programs that are sticky and profitable.


A financial services company that provides loan payments and collection services. The startup is now profitable and has a $4.5 million valuation.


A platform for the entertainment industry to create, manage, and monetize its content. The startup says it will help artists “pivot to new business models, stay profitable, and expand their business”.


An AI that helps companies discover and understand meaning in text and voice. The product is used by companies like Duolingo, and the startup says it’s profitable and growing.


The first platform for wholesale drug purchasing, connecting drug companies with distributors. The startup is already profitable and has 1,000 customers.


A B2B service that’s been in beta for over a year that helps restaurants manage their finances. The service helps restaurants manage their business from a single location and get a better sense of how they’re doing and where their money's going. The company was founded in 2013 and is profitable and growing.


A platform that uses AI to determine the most profitable items to sell on your e-commerce site.


An enterprise-grade video conferencing platform for business. The startup is already profitable and is looking to double its 50 employees over the next year.


A platform that helps people find and book home services, like cleaners and handymen. The startup currently has 30 employees and is profitable.


Idea: Luxe is building a platform for on-demand car service that charges $5 per month for bookings and $150 per mile The company expects to be profitable by the end of the year


Idea: A market for people who want to rent their vehicles to others for a few hours or the day The company has grown to 15,000 drivers in the Boston area They’re aiming to be a trusted marketplace that makes it easier to rent cars, and more profitable for their drivers


Idea: A startup that is building a real estate investing marketplace where individual investors can connect with each other and do deals together. The company charges a fee on each transaction, and says it is profitable.


Idea: A startup that helps people manage their finances by pulling in all their accounts from various banks and credit card companies. The company says it is profitable and growing quickly.


Idea: A platform that uses AI to help small business owners scale by building an engine that automatically figures out the most profitable steps to scale a business.


Idea: A 3D audio startup that is trying to make podcasting more immersive by using binaural audio. The app has a pretty strong take on the future of podcasting, and its founder says that the company is profitable.


xtractor is a platform for helping publishers convert their subscriptions into recurring revenue, which is often more profitable. xtractor’s pitch is hyperfocused on their customers’ business needs, like improving reader retention and increasing subscription and recurring revenue.


Idea: A startup for hand-made products. The startup is looking to disrupt the marketplace business by focusing on a niche of handmade goods. The startup claims it can make handmade goods more profitable for producers and more affordable for consumers.


Idea: A white-labeled version of the video scheduling tools used by companies like Google and Facebook. It also helps companies manage their video ads — and is profitable now by helping companies make native videos.


Idea: A startup helping businesses in emerging markets manage inventory and orders using a mobile app and a desktop dashboard. The founders say they’ve already signed more than 50 customers in the past month (and have been accepted to Y Combinator,) and that the business has been profitable since it launched at the end of May.