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Profile Startup Ideas

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A startup that lets employers access their employees’ social media profiles to see what they’re doing at work.


A tool that helps people create a profile on a job site, and then their resume gets pulled into the system.


A “self-learning” bot that changes the color of the background of your Facebook profile pic based on your mood.


A daily newsletter about startups, with stories and profiles, written by a team that includes 500-hour Y Combinator alum.


A platform where people can create a profile and upload photos of themselves to be rated by other users. The site is mostly for fun at this point, but it could be a useful tool for dating.


A startup that allows users to create and control their own online profiles, with the ability to customize their LinkedIn and email using a drag-and-drop interface.


The company is building a platform that will allow people to land on a page with a listing of homes for sale, to create a profile, and then receive a personalized email to show homes that match their preferences.


A startup that helps employers manage the hiring process, and lets job seekers set up profiles and search for opportunities.


A platform for internet trolls to sell and trade their hatred. It allows people to create "troll profiles" and then sell and trade posts.


A startup that helps people make social media accounts that do not violate Instagram’s policies with a tool to create a fake IG profile.


A tool that allows you to build and control your own social profiles with your photo and bio.


A tool that helps you figure out which of your friends are in financial trouble. It sends you a link to their profile and asks you a few questions to figure out if they’re in financial trouble.


A “Tinder for online dating”, allowing users to view profiles and swipe right to like what they see.


A startup that’s building a way to better organize your LinkedIn profile


A platform that lets you manage your video and social media presence from one place, allowing you to have a single profile across a variety of social networks.


A startup for remote workers and freelancers, connecting your online profile to a database of remote work opportunities.


 A tool that builds a single, unified business profile for an employee. It allows companies to track the employee’s business performance, conduct employee reviews, and pay them for their time, without the need to manage each business individually.


A platform that helps small businesses design and manage user-generated online profiles and meta data for their products.


A tool that provides an interface to connect to third-party data sources, like credit cards, loyalty programs, and other apps, to produce a complete customer profile.


An API that allows companies to create, update, and share user profiles across platforms.


A tool for artists to build custom videos for their social media profiles.


A self-service platform for working with real estate agents, allowing agents to provide a profile for clients, schedule appointments, and track the status of those appointments.


In the US, 90% of people’s social media profiles use photos, but only 50% of those photos are actually being used for social purposes. A company that wants to solve the problem, BuildFace is a tool that uses facial recognition to curate a digital photo-portfolio, using contextual photos to augment a person’s personal brand.


A “social network built for the modern millennial”, with features like a group chat, a profile page, a newsfeed, and social networking features to connect with nearby people.


A platform that connects employers and job seekers, letting both sides build a profile of the other, and then matching candidates with the right employer.


A white-label company that sells customer data to insurance companies, but the startup says the data it offers is less than what a company buying data from a broker would pay for. Instead of buying a person’s data from a broker, Vitality starts with a person’s data from 3rd party sources and helps them create a profile.


A social network for artists who work with their fans to manage their online profiles and get paid for the work they produce.


A company that makes it easy to manage your own online dating profile and have it reviewed by online professionals.


This startup is building a platform that helps brands to create a distinctive voice in the digital landscape, bringing a familiar brand experience to a digital platform. It’s basically a quiz app that allows brands to build their own personality profiles to bring to the web.


A mobile app that helps people manage their social media profiles. The startup is currently focused on identifying influencers and helping brands manage their social media presence.


A tool that helps people add a photo to their LinkedIn profile with a single click.


Professional and semi-professional athletes and influencers are seeing their profiles get hacked. This startup wants to build a way to securely store influencer data so that it’s not lost in an ex-boyfriend’s phone.


A tool for the hospitality industry to manage attendee profiles. One of the founders previously worked at Airbnb.


A startup that helps Facebook pages and Instagram profiles monetize with advertising.


A startup that produces custom, personalized, video profiles of students for online universities to use in marketing and recruiting.


A startup that aims to make it easier for independent contractors to build and manage their own online profiles, bringing a more personal, social and trusted experience to a traditionally impersonal service.


A startup that seeks to solve the problem of employees jumping from company to company, working with different managers in different departments. The company lets employees create profiles, giving the main manager a chance to see who they’ve worked with and what they’ve done in their previous jobs.


Profile’s founders say it’s like Pinterest, but for the fashion industry.


Using a mobile app called “Digital Health Profile”, which is currently in beta, they want to help improve the health of the elderly by tracking their health, eating habits, and exercise.


A startup that helps businesses monitor and manage their social media profiles, which they say is a $2B market today.


A "social media platform for people who already have social media accounts", with the goal of helping people create better profiles on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. In 2015, the startup raised a seed round from YC.


A startup that enables users to create a ‘vision profile’ and share it with friends. Created by a couple in their twenties who wanted to know how other people were making it in the world.


A startup that wants to help retailers target customers in real time with the help of their social profiles


A startup that lets users pay for their own ads on websites and social media. The startup is also announcing its first acquisition, a company called ad optimization engine Storefront that has developed a technology to show ads to people based on their demographic profile.


A startup that’s building a dating app for people over 50. The app lets users browse by interests, post photos, and build their own profiles. Money is kept separate from the app, so the founders don’t have to have people have to delete their profiles if they don’t want to date.


An online tool that helps employers with their recruitment process. Employees can apply and receive feedback on their online profiles, but can also be asked to complete real-world interviews with employers.


A web-based voter registration platform that allows election officials to register voters and update their profiles with an easy system.


The company is developing a service that allows individuals to track the performance of their LinkedIn profile.


A tool to make it easier to create social media profiles and run ads on top of them.


A social network that allows users to upload photos and videos of their pets and “adopt” them for a small fee. Users can search for a pet, add a bio, and a profile picture, and the company makes money from the adoption fees.


A startup that uses your Facebook or Twitter profile to sell you on the idea of a way to improve your credit history.


The idea is that a user builds a profile of pre-made designs for their logo that they can then sell or share with other users who can purchase them. The startup is focused on the design industry, and allows you to buy and sell your own designs.


This startup aims to make it easy to create an online profile for your business, letting you build relationships with customers through social media.


A platform that allows users to create personal profiles for their connections on LinkedIn, then use that information to suggest connections who may be a good fit for them.


Other tech startups that have been featured or profiled in this section include:


A startup that’s building a platform where employers can post jobs and candidates can apply for them, and also manage their profiles and cover letters. It’s currently in its beta version and growing in the SF Bay Area.


A platform that helps find the best rooms at a hotel for a certain guest based on their profile. The company says it’s a “nudged recommendation” system using AI and machine learning.


A platform that helps the 500,000 companies around the world with their live events. It helps them find, book and pay for speaking engagements, build an event calendar, and create a speaker’s profile for their attendees.


These 10 startups were profiled by "Fast Company" in May.


A company that provides an online profile management tool. The startup is also working on a beta version of a layer of security around user data. The company's founder originally pitched the idea at Y Combinator in 2014, but the founders decided to pivot to a more stable revenue stream.


A startup that provides a service where people can rent a profile on their site to a company who is looking for a new employee


A startup that helps people who are looking to buy or sell a house create a dating profile to find a match that will help them through the process


A startup where people can create a online profile, and other people can message them


Idea: A program that allows users to build a digital profile based on their social media posts, with the goal of helping them build a portfolio to get a job.


Idea: A startup that helps businesses easily connect to and onboard employees from social media profiles (like Facebook and LinkedIn)


A startup that provides targeted advertising opportunities for businesses through a large database of local businesses and customers’ social media profiles. The startup aims to reduce advertising costs and increase ROI for businesses.