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by @levelsio

Productivity Startup Ideas

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A company that is building a compensation plan for teachers, based on productivity and engagement.


A productivity tool for managing your to-do list and keeping track of your tasks.


This startup is building an app that helps business owners track their expenses and productivity. The company recently raised $1.3 million.


A “social media productivity tool” that helps you get everything done by prioritizing tasks and scheduling them out.


A customer and supplier management software to help small and medium-sized businesses reduce costs and increase productivity.


 A productivity tool that allows anyone to create a personal dashboard of data. The startup wants to help its users track metrics across a variety of areas like energy consumption, sleep, and mood.


A software company that builds tools for companies that want to be able to measure employee productivity.


A tool to help programmers manage their time, to increase productivity and reduce distractions.


 A company that wants to make it easy for companies to monitor work performance and productivity through smart devices like phones and wearables.


Productivity tool to help doctors manage their notes and data. Ideal for doctors in a remote location.


A way for companies to keep track of their employees' safety and productivity data, and automatically reach out to them to provide support if they're having a hard time.


A productivity app that helps you organize your time.


A platform that allows companies to give employees a single, centralized dashboard to monitor their company-wide productivity as well as individual productivity.


Idea: This startup is building a new productivity tool that lets users scroll down a page to view content, rather than clicking from one page to another The startup currently has a prototype and has already been featured in TechCrunch


A tool for making it easier to measure and optimize employee productivity.


 A startup that helps companies track employee attendance and productivity.


A productivity app that uses AI to help you build habits.


A startup that helps you manage your morning routine. The app, which was launched in October, allows users to set daily routines that they can then share with friends or colleagues. With a daily routine, users can plan their day based on when they will be most productive, helping to keep their productivity levels up.


“The company’s mission is to create a better way to communicate between employees and employers. They’ve built an app that allows companies to send out salary increases to employees in advance, which they say helps employees be more productive and be better at their jobs. They say their users have improved their productivity by 30% and received an average salary increase of 84%.”


A daily email digest that brings a ton of productivity and business tools and tips to your inbox.


A tool to help users plan their day and manage their tasks. The startup wants to be a productivity tool that lets users do all kinds of things: get work done, learn new things, organize and schedule tasks, and create time blocks.


A productivity tool helping people write more, faster.


A personal development and productivity tool that helps you organize your day and tasks into a visual timeline.


A platform that allows companies to “reduce pain points and improve employee productivity by automatically executing and tracking processes.”


An office productivity app for remote workers.


A startup that helps small businesses create a more productive work environment by letting them track employee productivity and workflows.


A machine learning platform to help companies with productivity and time and attendance.


A startup that offers a cloud-based productivity service that syncs with users’ calendars.


A startup that wants to ensure you get the right amount of sleep, so you don’t miss out on productivity.


A way to quickly build chatbots, which should improve productivity.


A productivity tool that helps you organize the ever-growing amount of content you create. The startup builds a “knowledge base” of all your content in an easy-to-use interface.


A startup that helps small businesses increase their productivity by allowing them to schedule time off in advance. The startup is currently focused on the US.


A tool that teaches people how to be more productive, launching in the fall of 2019. The founders describe their product as a "Netflix for productivity".


A company that provides Google Drive-like productivity tools to manage work. The company has just launched.


The company’s founders say they’ve developed a product called The Future of Productivity, which is a way for people to map their processes to a set of rules, and to share their achievements with a community of peers.


A productivity startup that wants to make office Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel much more efficient. Available on Windows/Mac.


A company that helps workers manage their time and productivity. To do so, the startup uses a system of digital badges and rewards to motivate employees.


A smartphone that’s meant to be an all-in-one computer, with an operating system that’s focused on productivity and responsive design.


A startup that provides a platform for companies to manage their workforce by tracking their hours, productivity, and revenue.


A platform for recruiting drivers. The startup claims to have reduced turnover and increased productivity by 30 percent.


A startup that allows people to track their sleep to improve sleep quality, health, and productivity.


This startup is building a tool that pulls data from dozens of sources to help workers track their time and productivity.


Pushing the boundaries of productivity, this startup wants to help software developers develop better apps.


A startup that helps couples stick to their goals, boosting their productivity by having fun and working together.


A cloud-based office that provides over-the-desk access to a suite of productivity tools, including office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It’s available as a SaaS service, or as an onsite installation.


A “social productivity app” that makes it easy to create a to-do list, track your tasks, and keep track of things you need to do.


A productivity tool for artists, allowing them to manage their portfolio, manage their commissions, manage their social media, manage their online stores, and more.


Idea: A software service that helps you improve sales productivity with automation and sales templates.


Idea: A startup for training and certification courses for Google’s G Suite productivity tools.