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by @levelsio

Productive Startup Ideas

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A company that focuses on tracking and sharing what employees are reading. The startup, which gives employers access to a data set of over 30 million books read, wants to make people more productive.


SaaS platform that helps employees get paid for being productive.


A startup that aims to help you become more productive by helping you learn the tricks of the trade that will help you get more done.


A personal assistant that helps a person be more productive by suggesting actions, tasks and people to contact.


A startup that helps people have more productive meetings with tools like summaries, chat, and whiteboards.


A company that designs a system that helps a company’s employees be more productive, allowing them to perform more tasks, get work done more quickly, and be more efficient.


A platform that answers the question of how to ensure that your employees can always access the files and tools that they need to be creative and productive.


A tool that analyzes your email inbox and categorizes messages into actionable buckets, allowing your inbox to be more productive and your inbox management to be more effective.


A company that aims to help companies scale their sales operations. They are building software that helps people be more productive when generating leads.


A SaaS platform that helps B2B companies figure out when their employees are most productive and when they are most likely to leave. The startup says that their clients have saved a net of $20 million over the past two years.


“Ask.fm for the Enterprise” is a chat app for enterprises that lets employees be more productive, and more importantly, more social. The company has raised $150,000 in seed funding and aims to launch in April.


A tool that helps new employees become productive quickly. The startup is building out an employee onboarding process, which they say is an important piece of the puzzle for companies to become more efficient and productive.


This startup is building a mobile platform for remote workers. The platform is designed to make it easy for remote workers to manage their work process and be more productive.


A startup that helps you manage your morning routine. The app, which was launched in October, allows users to set daily routines that they can then share with friends or colleagues. With a daily routine, users can plan their day based on when they will be most productive, helping to keep their productivity levels up.


“The company’s mission is to create a better way to communicate between employees and employers. They’ve built an app that allows companies to send out salary increases to employees in advance, which they say helps employees be more productive and be better at their jobs. They say their users have improved their productivity by 30% and received an average salary increase of 84%.”


A health service for people with persistent mental problems. The company wants to provide safe homes for people with mental illnesses, to help them get the services they need to lead productive lives.


A startup that takes on the issues facing small and medium sized companies in the industry with a cloud-based platform they say is “built for the employee experience”. The platform hopes to give employees more time and flexibility to be productive, with features like the ability to manage and access workers from any device, a “private” chat room, and an inbox for all communication.


A startup that rewards employees for being more productive. Employees can earn points by completing tasks like answering customer service calls or helping with marketing, which they can then redeem for rewards or cash.


A machine-learning software solution to optimize customer experience by identifying and removing unproductive clicks.


An affordable, internal IT service for small businesses. The startup aims to be a technology partner for small businesses, offering a package of IT services to keep employees productive and the business running.


A startup that helps small businesses create a more productive work environment by letting them track employee productivity and workflows.


A platform that helps people manage their coaching, mentorship, and training needs so they can be more productive.


A startup that helps poor people earn money through their smartphones. The startup wants to replace the urban poor with a new type of labor force that’s more productive and less susceptible to exploitation.


This is an app that uses AI to help people be more productive during their commute.


A way to connect old-fashioned pay phones to modern devices, with the idea being to make current pay phones more productive.


A tool that teaches people how to be more productive, launching in the fall of 2019. The founders describe their product as a "Netflix for productivity".


A startup that’s building a “Facebook for the workplace”, where employees can comment on and rate each other, and managers can see who’s being productive and who needs a raise.


A platform for managing online communities, the startup says it “dedicates itself to creating healthy, productive, creative online communities.”


A toolkit that helps companies train their employees on how to work together to become more productive.


A platform to help operations teams run their organizations. It aims to “help the individual technician become more efficient and productive”.


A startup that wants to help employees be more productive by tracking the time they spend on their phone and computer.


A way to build video games with a minimalist interface, aiming to give designers and programmers a more productive way to develop games.


Workplace software that aims to make teams and companies more productive. The company, which launched in May, says it’s already working with over 1,000 companies and has grown its team from 14 to 30 in just four months of launch.


A startup that helps employers make employees more productive with messaging and digital pop-ups.


A platform that allows employees to sync their personal calendars so they can be more productive and still be reminded of meetings and important deadlines.


Idea: Make your next conference call more productive