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Production Startup Ideas

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 A digital media production company that creates video for brands, agencies, and large video production companies.


A post-production startup that helps video editors create a 3D environment for their videos.


The company wants to build an offline-first collaborative editing platform for video production that would allow editors to work in a room with multiple screens, and for multiple editors to work on the same piece of footage simultaneously.


This is a platform that lets companies manage the production of their own products.


The six-episode series is written by the late Blaine Capatch and directed by his brother, Daniel Capatch, and is produced by Blaine Capatch's company, Significant Productions. It stars Marla Sokoloff, Kyle MacLachlan, Taye Diggs, and Kathleen Quinlan.


A digital video production company that uses AI to create short videos to promote products, such as those for car dealerships.


LOWCOUNTRY is a startup building a live-action reenactment of the history of the Appalachian Mountains. The company is a production company that shoots reenactments, and it is building a storytelling platform to pair with them.


A company building an app to help companies manage the design process and the production of their marketing materials. It’s using the product to help customers with their design process, like deciding which typeface to use or what color palette to use, and providing it to them as a product.


A web-based video editor with a focus on video production


A visual design platform for brands & agencies that allows designers to see the visual impact of their designs before they hit production.


A company that helps filmmakers and production companies track their work from beginning to end


A platform for online video production that allows users to add audio, video, and text to their videos.


A platform for meeting planners and event organizers to book freelance talent for online event production.


A startup that helps corporations collaborate with small businesses on their products. It helps companies identify and get to know potential partners, then helps them negotiate deals and move toward production.


A company that transforms raw materials into finished products. The company is looking to take on big manufacturers like Nike, using 3-D printing to prototype and scale production.


A digital media studio that helps brands create top-quality videos by combining story-telling and media technology. The startup is looking to create a platform that is easy for people to use, allowing for professional-level video production at a minimal cost.


A platform that helps companies “create and manage high-quality video content” by coordinating video production and distribution.


A collaboration and messaging app for the music industry. The startup has built a service where musicians can share edits and production notes with each other.


A music production platform for bedroom musicians. The startup is currently in YC’s Winter ’18 batch.


A B2B company that designs and builds prototypes for production companies.


The startup, which was founded in June, wants to help manufacturers scale up their production of custom items quickly and easily.


A lot of companies are selling mobile phone cases with custom designs, but Nines offers custom design and production of phone cases, which will be sold in retail stores.


This startup is building a way for teams to share and vote on designs and UI elements before a company puts money into getting it into production.


The startup is working to create an interface for the entire world’s supply chains, creating a single, centralized map that can be used to track and manage everything from production to delivery.


A post-production tool to help journalists and videographers manage their workflows. The startup hopes to launch a desktop app in the spring of 2019, and a web app in fall.


In the past year, the startup has built an in-house production facility and is rolling out a new production line that will allow it to produce larger batches with less waste and lower costs.


This startup is building a platform that allows filmmakers to work on productions that are in different stages of development, enabling them to make the most out of every moment in the cycle.


A “cloud” version of a production tool for video editing and animation.


A company building a $10,000 smart kitchen device that can track and measure food production, helping people get to know the nutritional value of their food, and making it easier to cook healthier food.


A company that helps companies create video campaigns, including the production and editing of videos. Founded in December 2017, the company has raised $1.1 million from a number of investors.


A startup that wants to take a person’s health, from a doctor’s perspective, and put it in a dashboard. It’s a “free radical”, a company in San Francisco, California, that wants to change the way the world thinks about health. It has a commercial in production with a director who’s won a couple of Oscars, and a book in development.


The startup holds a patent on a new type of printing process that uses a liquid to transfer the ink to the paper, eliminating many of the problems with traditional printing. The startup now wants to take that technology and apply it to the production of everything from paper to fabric.


This startup is building a product for manufacturers and distributors to track and monitor the production of their products.


Idea: A startup that provides software for scheduling employees on factory floors, allowing them to match production capacity with demand and prevent under- or over-production of goods.


A startup for freelance designers. The startup has plans to expand to include a wider variety of creative services including programming, video and audio production and web design.