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Processing Startup Ideas

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A New York-based startup that’s building a tool for health insurance companies to streamline claims processing and increase speed for submitting claims.


A company that builds and manages software that helps the processing and management of HR, payroll, payroll tax and other human resource information.


A payment processing company that provides services to businesses in India.


A software company that creates an API for a network of processors and license holders to manage payments in real-time. The startup was founded by two former executives of Adyen, a global payment processing company.


Ripple is a platform for creating virtual currency and a payment system. The startup is trying to get merchants to adopt its digital currency by offering them a low-fee payment processing system.


A full mobile app, including complex Web and SMS APIs for processing payments.


A startup for small businesses to access payment processing services.


This startup is building an online platform that gives sellers a way to sell their wares without needing to handle payment processing or risk taking customer service.


A startup that aims to replace a broken “payroll processing system” that hurts small businesses. The company was founded in September.


A chatbot that answers questions and handles customer service calls, using language processing to help users avoid common mistakes.


A way to track and pay for university teaching gigs in India. The company says they already have payment processing partnerships in place in India and are looking to expand to other countries. SENSEI is one of the only companies that offer this kind of service in India.


A startup that wants to use natural language processing to make it easier to integrate chatbots into your business.


A platform that allows businesses to pay contractors and freelancers via mobile, not PayPal. The startup wants to make it easier to pay contractors and freelancers for work, and avoid the headaches of payment processing.


A natural language processing startup that is building software that helps companies better understand user conversations, especially in chat. The company is launching in the US in 22 countries and is working on a US expansion for early next year.


Similar to the standard credit card processing business, but with a more tailored product. The startup has a subscription model, and aims to break down the barriers to entry for smaller businesses.


SaaS marketing platform for e-commerce retailers, with tools for product listing, collection, payment processing, shipping, and customer support. The startup wants to make e-commerce more efficient.


 A new way of managing insurance claims and claims processing, that aims to reduce fraud and errors.


A B2B platform to keep track of product costs, with a recurring revenue model that covers processing fees for orders, as well as profit margin.


A payroll processing startup that aims to be less expensive than others in the space.


A microservices-based API which helps developers build applications which benefit from faster and more efficient data processing, often beyond traditional limits of the cloud.


A platform for online retailers to sell products, primarily on Amazon, Shopify, and AliExpress. The startup wants to provide more of a full platform for e-commerce companies, allowing them to accept payments, manage inventory and payment processing, and integrate with Stripe to get paid.


A B2B startup that aims to solve the problem of processing and logging of data for companies looking to start up a new retail bank. The company says it’s already working with a few banks on prototypes.


An API that lets customers pay any merchant in the world, directly through their website, with no credit-card processing fees.


A new service that lets companies run their own credit card processing, giving them the ability to take cash out of the ATM and sending it directly to a bank account.


A payments company that connects merchants with payment processing services.


A new kind of language machine for natural language processing.


A payment processing company that helps independent contractors simplify the process


A company that makes it easier for businesses to adopt and use technology. They’re currently working with 10 customers, including two large enterprise customers, and offer solutions in computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning.


A startup that uses machine learning and natural language processing to help companies determine what the best way is to communicate with customers.


This startup is building an AI chatbot that acts as a friendly customer service rep. The startup is using a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and domain expertise to make its chatbot more human.


A tool for processing and storing data at scale for companies, with a focus on food and agriculture.


An animal behavior startup that’s using “machine learning and natural language processing” to analyze the behavior of animals and use that data to train animals to perform in new environments. The startup has raised $1.4 million and has worked with organizations like the National Zoo, Smithsonian, and National Geographic.


A startup that wants to build a digital kitchen, with a programmable fridge, a robot, and a system for collecting and processing your data.


This is a credit card processing startup that is aiming to offer a cheaper alternative for small businesses.


"Mashape’s mission is to help small businesses grow and scale. Mashape has developed a suite of tools that allow small businesses to manage their businesses from a central platform. This can be anything from scheduling a meeting to processing invoices. Using Mashape, small businesses can focus on running their business and not their IT. Mashape’s platform is designed to be easy to use and free for small businesses."


A software stack for claims processing. The company, founded by a former legal executive, aims to reduce the cost of claims processing by 10-20%. It has raised $5.1 million in funding.


An “open source command-line tool for processing Kafka messages”.


A software-as-a-service platform that allows companies to send automated payments to contractors, freelancers and consultants. Work Hub is designed to help B2B companies with the complexity of payment processing.


A startup that wants to make it easier for people to donate to nonprofits. The startup takes the hassle out of processing donations by replacing the 3-5% processing fee that many nonprofits pay for online donations with a 2.5% processing fee.


This company is building a “natural language processing platform for chatbots”.


A software company that helps small businesses run their inventory, from stocking to payment processing. The startup wants to make the process of running a retail store “easier, faster, and cheaper”.


A startup building a tool to help customers track and gain knowledge from all the different machines they use for food processing.


A credit card processing tool for people in developing countries. The credit card can be used to buy goods online from retailers all over the world.


A new platform for data analysis and processing. The company’s platform is built on a decentralized network of computers that run on smart contracts, directly connecting scientists with researchers across the world.


A software-as-a-service platform that helps B2B companies build mobile apps, customizing the experience for different market segments. It offers a variety of features from telemetry to payment processing to social media support.


A company that gives businesses a way to sell their products online without having to pay credit card processing fees.


A chatbot platform that helps restaurants manage the back of their house. It’s built on top of the same language processing technology that Facebook uses to turn user chat messages into ads.


A company that is looking to re-imagine the way people send money to each other. The company is processing over $5 billion in transactions a year, and says it has a monthly user base of over 3.2 million.


The startup is an online tool for getting and processing student loan payments.


A credit card-processing platform for the $1.3 trillion microloan market.


A tool that helps insurance companies manage their claims. The startup is aiming to help insurers save money on manual processing and offer better customer service.


A company working in the field of data visualization, visual data mining, and data stream processing.


A suite of AI tools for retail, based on machine learning and natural language processing. The startup has built a platform to help brands manage messages and marketing automation for their marketing channels.


The company is building an AI-powered platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically identify and recommend products to customers.


Receipts are generally paper or emailed, with companies generally paying for their own processing. Payroll is one of the biggest costs for most companies.


A tool for audio signal processing that can help vocalists learn new notes faster, with a similar approach to techniques used in speech therapy.


A payment processing startup for ecommerce.


A payment processing platform for small businesses. The startup, which was founded in April, has already earned $200,000 in revenue, with plans to expand internationally in the next 12 months.


A payments company that aims to help companies simplify their payment processing and make it cheaper for small businesses to accept payments.


A US-based payroll service that provides full-payroll processing, payroll taxes, HR services, and employee benefits.


A startup based in Shenzhen, China, that’s building a software tool for small businesses that helps with accounting, tax preparation, and payment processing


Idea: A payment processing startup that offers a “one stop shop” for merchants to accept payments. They’re currently working with a few large online retailers and are looking to go international.


A mobile payment processing platform for mobile-only retailers. It connects local retail businesses to millions of consumers, who can then pay for over 200,000 items at over 3,000 merchants through the app.


Idea: Sofi is a lending program for student loans They say they can get a loan to anyone in 6 minutes, and don’t charge a processing fee The company is currently lending $3,000 loans (via a credit line) to students


Idea: Remote payment processing for small companies


Idea: A Chatbot for Lawyers that uses natural language processing to understand human input and produce relevant answers


Idea: A self-learning, natural language processing platform for chatbots that can connect with any API


Idea: A startup that provides a digital platform for processing and managing payments for construction projects


Idea: A startup that helps e-commerce businesses set up an online shop and streamline their payments processing, with a focus on offering recurring billing options for SaaS businesses and subscriptions


Idea: A digital market for general contractors in the Philippines. The founders say they’re solving a problem of trust, where contractors have to be trusted to show up on time and do the work. They’re currently processing $40,000 in monthly revenue.


Idea: A payment processing company for online retailers, helping them avoid fraud and chargeback fees.


Idea: A startup that helps restaurants in India optimize their kitchen workflow, and take advantage of technology like smart fridges and credit card processing.