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Printed Startup Ideas

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A 3D printing platform that helps business owners create 3D-printed products


The aim is to let consumers to pay for a 3D-printed object. One feature is that the 3D-printed object is scanned and then the user can print out an accurate digital version they can then use in their homes.


A tool that allows people to create their own 3D models of objects and designs and have them printed on a 3D printer.


A company that helps its customers build their own hardware. Once they have the specs for the product, they can create a 3D design, and get it printed at Shapeways at a fraction of the cost of other companies that do the same thing.


A 3D-printed eyewear company that’s looking to disrupt the eyewear industry with a direct-to-consumer approach.


A startup that allows people to take a selfie and instantly find the nearest photofinisher to have it printed.


A new way to create personalized cards, with a variety of materials printed on the front. It’s a way to create business cards that are more meaningful than traditional business cards.


 A tool for making 3D-printed furniture and other DIY items.


A way to quickly create barcodes for products, allowing them to be printed and scanned.


A high-speed and cheap way to create custom-made, high-resolution 3D printed parts.


An open source platform for people to share 3D models of their projects, including 3D printed items, furniture, and sculptures. This startup aims to create an open-source community with 3D models.


A company that builds 3D-printed prosthetic hands and other medical devices that can be 3D-printed at home, with a focus on helping veterans.


A company that designs and manufactures 3D printed medical devices. The startup wants to build a device that helps the blind navigate and helps the visually impaired to see better. It’s working with an area hospital and hopes to have a product out this year.


A startup that makes custom-made, 3D-printed female prosthetics that can be used to treat urinary incontinence in women.


A company that sells 3D printed case covers for smart phones.


A company selling custom t-shirts that can be printed with QR codes that then link to other apps on select platforms.


A company that makes custom, 3D-printed eyewear.


A company that wants to help people make their own cocktails, and add them to the bar menu at their local businesses. The company is selling bottles with the name of their cocktail already printed on them.


This is a company that makes a screen printed t-shirt with a unique, personal message on it.


This startup is building an online marketplace for building and selling custom-designed 3D printed products. The company has raised over $1m so far, and has its own 3D printer.


A platform for 3D printing and prototyping tools. The company’s software platform helps users create and sell 3D-printed products online.


This startup has developed a new type of phone case with a 3D printed flexible OLED screen that gives users a heads-up display of important information at a glance.


An iOS app that allows users to make “3D-printed” earrings and pendants.


company that creates and sells 3D printed furniture.


A startup that makes a 3D-printed prosthetic hand to replace a lost or damaged hand.


A company that makes 3D printed parts for industrial machinery, including industrial robots.


A startup that wants to make it easy to make furniture with 3D printing. A woodworker or designer can go to their website and select a model, upload their CAD files, and in just a few hours they’ll get a 3D-printed version of their design.


A startup that enables the design of 3D printed prosthetics. The company wants to provide 3D printing for prosthetics as a service, by offering it as a service, and partnering with 3D printing machines to print them.


A patent-pending technology for making 3D-printed objects from photos.


This company is building a platform where small businesses can design custom retail experiences for their customers. The startup lets you design a retail experience from scratch and have it printed on a piece of paper.


A startup that makes it easy for designers to create products that are printed and shipped to the customer’s home.


A 3D-printed gadget that looks like a baseball cap that can be used to store and carry your phone in your pocket. The company calls it the “Portable Pocket”.


Idea: An online marketplace for buying and selling 3D-printed objects. The startup aims to be a marketplace for a new generation of makers, with a platform to bring together designers, engineers, and 3D-printers. They currently have 500 open-ended jobs, and a $1k average order size.