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by @levelsio

Pricing Startup Ideas

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A company that builds a network of local SMEs to share pricing information for their services.


A market research platform for fashion designers that serves as a central database for pricing, trends, and quality.


A startup that helps retailers figure out their pricing strategy for product SKUs. It takes their data on price points, sales, and margin and works out what to charge with an algorithm.


This SaaS company is building a pricing engine for businesses to build price tiers for their services, and then allow customers and partners to subscribe to different tiers.


A mobile app for finding parking and other services near your destination, with a built-in contact list to save you time. It’s inspired by Uber’s surge pricing and lets you set your own price and availability as well.


A “dynamic pricing platform” for calls and text messages.


Future of Food is building an API that will allow food manufacturers to build custom labels for their products, allowing buyers to scan a QR code along with their smartphone and get product details and pricing.


A B2B startup that’s building a SaaS platform for wholesalers to help them manage inventory — allowing them to identify mispricing, under- and over-supply and other issues that could affect their bottom line.


A company that helps geospatial companies like Uber and Lyft better understand the best routes and pricing to reach customers by using data from their phone to track their location.


A startup that helps merchants expand their brick-and-mortar locations. It provides a software platform that allows them to easily manage their inventory, pricing, and employees.


A startup that wants to build a discount drug pricing loyalty card with a goal of reducing the cost of prescription medications by up to 50%.


This startup is building a platform for small businesses to create pricing structures and track their revenue, giving them a tool that will allow them to understand their revenue streams, cut costs, and increase revenues.


A tool that helps with all aspects of booking training and events. It helps you find venues, speakers, and attendees, and generates an end-to-end proposal for pricing and payment.


A company that makes an app for ride sharing that gives riders pay-per-mile pricing instead of the traditional per-mile pricing.


A tool for businesses to track orders and monitor pricing.


This company is working on using AI and data to customize pricing for businesses. The founders say they’ve already signed up hundreds of businesses, and are looking to roll out an API and dashboard soon.


A startup that wants to build a ‘truly open’ product stack so that any business can build apps for their customers. Using a pricing plan that forces a company to choose between building an app on their own platform or using a third party.


An online U.S. farm management tool that gives farmers access to real-time pricing information from their peers and the market to help them make better decisions on everything from crops to livestock.


A startup that is building a tool that helps companies of all sizes optimize their pricing for customers of all sizes.


A messaging service for freelancers to make their pricing clearer to clients


Idea: A startup that’s building a way to manage product data and inventory for businesses It’s meant to help with things like tracking new products, pricing changes, and managing relationships with distributors


Idea: This startup simplifies the process of creating certificates of deposit for retail customers by creating a very simple web-based platform. The service is currently free, and the founders say they’re working on pricing.


Idea: A digital platform for physical businesses that enables them to manage their inventory, pricing and promotions in one place and across multiple channels. The company has $1.3M in revenue.


A startup that helps people find the best time to travel by providing personalized flight information and pricing The idea is to provide a better customer experience and a better chance at getting a cheaper ticket The startup says that it can save customers up to $300 annually on their air