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Presence Startup Ideas

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Wearable sensors that help detect the presence of volatile gases in buildings.


A platform that aims to help businesses with their growing digital presence in fashion and retail. They currently have 1,000 merchants and $2.5 million in revenue.


A startup that lets you do to your social media presence what you do to your personal email: use AI to curate your feed, and personalize it.


A company that helps companies build a global presence for their products without having to hire overseas workers


This startup is building a telepresence technology that allows you to virtually work from home.


A company that helps banks with digital transformation. The startup wants to help banks develop their online presence by making it easier for them to communicate with customers.


 This app helps you manage your Twitter presence by allowing you to post Tweets in bulk with an interface that helps you organize and schedule your posts.


A startup that provides a service where people can hire someone to help them with their social media presence (ie post on facebook, tweet, etc)


The startup’s goal is to help users achieve a more “authentic” online presence. They’re building software that allows users to design their own avatars, choosing from a variety of “personas”, which can be used on other platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.


A startup that provides a service to help people with cleaning up their digital presence For example, helping people close


A startup that helps brands create their own social media. The company is building a tool for brands to create a social media presence on other social media networks and manage their presence on them.


A platform that lets you manage your video and social media presence from one place, allowing you to have a single profile across a variety of social networks.


Cone.io is a SaaS platform that allows companies to build their own social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.


A company that wants to use artificial intelligence to help people grow their Instagram presence.


A sales tool for companies with an online presence, allowing them to get email addresses for leads and salespeople.


A SaaS platform that helps a company “improve its brand by engaging with its customers and creating a more compelling experience for the consumer.” It helps brands create content, establish a presence and grow their customer base.


A digital platform for managing a team’s social media presence.


A startup that helps brands develop an online presence in the Indian market by connecting them with the right media partners to place ads, run sponsored posts, and more.


A digital platform that allows users to build and share images and designs with other users. The company is working with a number of brands, including Walmart and Target, to boost their presence on social media.


A startup that wants to help companies get a head start on building a social media presence before they launch.


A web-based platform to make it easy for businesses to grow their social media presence, through tools like a social media management dashboard, a social media scheduling tool, and a social media optimization tool.


A startup that helps people manage their social media presence, making sure they aren’t posting the same content too often.


A digital agency helping brands build, build, build their online presence.


They’re building a credit scoring platform that looks at your credit history, social media presence, and other things to predict your creditworthiness.


A company that helps charities and nonprofits raise money through online platforms. The company’s current product allows organizations to create an online presence, convert and store donations, and use the data to build and optimize their online marketing campaigns.


A company that helps build technology for banks to provide online banking through telepresence. A few months ago, it was reported that Facebook was looking to invest in VR company Magic Leap to help make this possible.


A “Facebook for Real Estate” that combines a platform for real estate agents and sellers to find buyers and sellers with a native advertising platform (similar to Rent.com) that lets companies manage their presence on the site.


A company that helps companies build their mobile presence using a toolkit that allows them to add HTML5 to their sites.


A company that helps businesses in Latin America build out their online presence.


A tool that helps you schedule and manage your social media presence.


A startup that helps small businesses create a social media presence, with a focus on Facebook and Twitter


A tool for HR to manage your online presence in one place.


A mobile app that helps people manage their social media profiles. The startup is currently focused on identifying influencers and helping brands manage their social media presence.


A tool to help people manage their social media presence, through reporting, curating, and scheduling.


A startup that’s building a tool to help companies manage their social media presence from a single dashboard. It currently has $12,000 in monthly recurring revenue, and charges a flat $5 monthly fee.


A startup that lets users create and edit their own digital avatar, and use it to build their online presence.


"FastCo" lists the top startups in the world every year. The list is based on revenue, but also factors in the startup's presence on other "fast-growing" lists, including those published by "Forbes", "Inc." and "Forbes Europe".


This is a tool for managing your social media presence. It’s a bit like social media management firm Social.com, but for social media.


A company that helps small businesses build an online presence. They’re already working with a few small businesses who want to launch an online presence.


A startup that aims to help brands create a "more human" social media presence.


This startup is building an app that enables workers to schedule tasks via a mobile app instead of an email. They’re currently working on a version for freelance workers, but they’ve also written a book on how to run your business without a web presence.


This startup wants to help contractors get paid on time, by giving them a virtual presence on restaurant sites.


A software platform that helps companies create an online presence. It helps businesses manage their websites and online marketing campaigns while making it easier for customers to contact them.


Idea: A company that provides tools that are meant to help brands build their social media presence. One of their products is a social media aggregator.


Idea: A software-as-a-service that helps publishers manage their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


A software company that provides a platform for small businesses to manage their online presence and marketing efforts. The startup wants to become a central platform for SMBs to manage all aspects of their online presence in one place.


A platform that lets businesses manage their online presence and marketing efforts. The company is targeting small and medium-sized businesses.