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by @levelsio

Predictive Startup Ideas

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This company is trying to bring the power of machine learning to stock markets. It’s working to create a way to use machine learning to find correlations between stock prices and macroeconomic data, to identify bubbles and create predictive models.


A data science startup focused on building machine learning solutions for the shipping and logistics industry. The company helps companies identify patterns in their data and build predictive models to improve operational efficiency.


A startup that wants to help people manage their debt, using a predictive system that helps them know whether they’re spending too much or too little.


A startup that provides credit to college students based on their predictive ability of their future grades


A predictive model that recommends products based on the person’s age and income, and also if it’s a “special occasion”.


A machine learning startup that wants to build a predictive model of your business to help you make better decisions.


This is a startup that’s building a data science team for brands in order to get smarter, more predictive and better at predicting the future of marketing


A tiny startup with a big mission: it wants to find out what happens to coral reefs when they are threatened by climate change. The company has launched a stand up paddleboard to see how much pollution and sediment a reef can handle, and wants to combine this with data from satellites and drones.  The startup also wants to restore coral reefs and is building a drone to do this.  It plans to use this data to create predictive models of how reefs could react to climate change.


A tool that helps companies set up predictive maintenance timers for their equipment.


A software platform that allows companies to use their own data to build predictive models.


A software platform that aims to facilitate the development of a “predictive model” for the Indian auto industry.


A startup that allows users to automate their interactions with Uber. A spin on the existent “Uber for X” category, Upply pulls in Uber data and uses a predictive algorithm to help predict what a user is likely to say in an Uber interaction and then use that to automate the interaction.


A “data mining tool for healthcare companies” that aims to reduce the time it takes to build predictive models for their customers, and to help them make better decisions on who to target for their products.


An AI-powered solution for the construction industry. It’s a predictive maintenance platform that helps maintenance staff fix machines before they break down.


Predictive modeling technology that can help marketers understand where consumers are and what they’re interested in at any given time.


A startup that uses artificial intelligence to create a set of data driven, predictive models that can be used to predict possible customer behavior.


A company for people who want to earn money from their data. The startup is building a marketplace for data that matches people with companies that would like to use their data for things like predictive algorithms and marketing.


Expense sharing for travel is a growing trend, but Expense Buddy aims to do it better than others by creating a “predictive expense engine” that creates a bill for your trip before you leave, and serves it to you via email or SMS.


 A company that collects data from credit cards to build a predictive model of which cardholders are likely to pay back their debts (and which ones are likely to default). It’s looking to offer a free model to banks for their riskiest customers.


This company has built an open-source platform for data science and predictive modeling. The company has built a platform that provides insights into data quickly and cost-efficiently.


A company that lets businesses forecast demand for their products. They’re currently doing predictive maintenance for industrial equipment.


Idea: A software company that’s building a tool that helps lawyers and other legal professionals manage their case load It does this by building predictive models that help lawyers understand how they’re spending time, who they should be billing, and how to allocate their time more efficiently It also helps process payments The startup has $0 in funding and was founded in 2017