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Potential Startup Ideas

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A company that helps companies find and evaluate potential employees through video interviews. The startup says they’re working with Fortune 500 companies.


A platform that lets people customize and sell their own tickets to events, with the potential to give artists more control over their work.


This startup wants to build a new type of credit card for the underbanked, especially in developing countries. It takes the form of a prepaid card and is available in any currency. Given the lack of banking options in many such countries, the startup sees a lot of potential for growth.


Idea: A startup that helps companies hire entry-level engineers by arming them with a set of pre-screening questions that help them identify potential candidates


A technology company that offers remote support for small businesses. It has the potential to impact millions of small businesses.


A tool that helps freelancers price their work in a way that makes sense for different types of jobs, and helps the freelancers offer those packages to potential clients.


A new kind of pairing app that allows you to chat with potential partners and find out if they have mutual friends.


This startup is working on an AI-powered system that monitors data on Amazon’s servers, allowing companies to guard against potential security breaches.


A tool for recruiters that allows them to scope out potential employees in advance.


A pitch system that allows businesses to send out videos to potential customers. The startup, which was founded in August, is looking to attract businesses with a $5 per month price point.


A company that helps landlords with tools that allow them to quickly find and vet potential tenants.


The 2017 batch was selected based on their work in the field, their potential to drive positive social impact, and their fit with Y Combinator’s mission. The following companies were selected:


A tool for banks to vet potential borrowers based on their credit score, then offer guidance to help them get approved. “If you have a credit score, we can fix your credit score.”


A project management platform for freelancers and small teams, asking people to “realize their potential”.


A startup that creates a way to share useful content from a company’s public site with potential customers.


A platform for designing and sharing potential learning paths. The startup is building a digital pedagogy tool and learning platform.


A startup that helps quickly build custom web pages for brands, selling them to clients at a fixed price. The startup wants to replace the very expensive full-page print ad with a mobile-friendly digital display ad. Their potential clients include agencies, brands and ad tech companies.


A sustainability project that uses IoT sensors to monitor the environment. There are over 1 billion sensors in use today, but they’re not being used to their full potential.


This startup is building an automated system to automatically detect and flag potential employee fraud.


A startup that wants to help people who are trying to sell their cars The startup connects people with potential buyers by making a marketplace for


A tool that helps people achieve their “unrealized potential,” with a focus on improving education.


A B2B service for the financial industry that helps banks identify potential customers and understand their spending habits.


A startup that wants to help retailers and brands find new customers by taking their email lists and feeding them into an algorithm that matches them with potential customers.


A startup that helps corporations collaborate with small businesses on their products. It helps companies identify and get to know potential partners, then helps them negotiate deals and move toward production.


A digital platform that connects businesses with customers and potential employees.


A startup that sells a subscription service that sends someone to clean your house once a month. The startup is advertising the service on Facebook, reaching a lot of potential customers that have seen its ads and are interested in it.


 A startup meant to help small businesses keep track of their day-to-day expenses. The company hopes to help small companies keep track of their day-to-day expenses and tap into their savings potential.


A company that uses real-time technology to make sure that your home security system is always on, and that it can be accessed by your family members and friends. It’s also a tool to protect against cyber thieves who could potentially hack into your devices.


A startup that helps large companies find the best capital financing options, and helps them connect with potential investors


An ad tech company that’s building a new technology that they say has the potential to significantly change the way digital advertising is purchased and sold. The company’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the digital advertising market by giving advertisers complete control of their ad campaigns, directly from their desktop and mobile devices.


A startup that provides a service that allows people to coordinate rides to and from events. The company says they have $15,000 in monthly recurring revenue, with a potential to hit $200,000 in revenue in 12 months.


A startup to help employers who are looking to hire employees in the UK to find potential employees.


A tool that helps you manage your startup’s relationships with customers (or potential customers) via a “personalized” dashboard.


A platform that helps doctors sell their wares on the web, connecting them with potential buyers, and then delivering orders so they can make money.


A startup that helps users keep track of potential dates by showing them who they’re most compatible with


A system for automatically identifying potential threats on the internet and alerting users through push notifications.


A consumer credit score for the US that scores potential customers on their creditworthiness.


The startup is developing a product for companies that want to conduct on-demand interviews with applicants and potential employees.


A tool that helps businesses identify potential employees by answering the question, “What’s the guy or gal who would be a great addition to our team”.


A business plan for a startup is like a sales pitch. It’s vague. It’s hard to see its potential. And it’s hard to know if it’s worth checking out. So many founders miss out on the chance to grow their business because they don’t have this thing called a business plan that explains how they’ll do it. The goal of this startup is to make it easy for anyone to write that plan. It’s currently only available in the Bay Area.


A startup that helps brands track influencers’ social media activity and potentially tweak marketing campaigns.


A startup that lets consumers rate their favorite places, with the goal of making those rating visible to potential customers.


This startup is building a way to help people create and upload their own videos — and potentially get paid for it.


A Facebook-style messaging platform for sharing photos, videos, and live streams. The startup is only looking at the US for now, as they want to avoid the potential regulatory and legal issues in other markets.


A venture that matches businesses with potential employees across remote work platforms.


is a company that helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) connect with a wider set of potential customers. The SMEs gain access to a wider range of potential customers, including business professionals, which helps them build up their customer base.


A monthly subscription service that helps users connect with potential customers and grow their businesses.


A crowdsourced platform for mail-order brides that lets them communicate with potential suitors.


A software that uses a data-driven approach to help identify potential drivers of consumer sentiment.


A startup that’s building a platform that helps retailers and manufacturers ship products directly to consumers. The company wants to offer a new model for connecting consumers with businesses that will bring down costs, and potentially lower shipping costs, and increase convenience.


A tool for realtors to track potential deals and keep clients up to date on the status of their market research.


A tool that automatically scans photos for copyright infringement. The startup wants to help potential infringers to make sure their photos don’t get taken down due to false accusations.


A company that connects app developers with potential customers through their own social networks.


An advertising-focused startup that helps brands better target potential customers. It has raised $2.5 million in funding.


A startup that lets you create a marketing video from past client work and then showcase it to potential hires.


A startup that helps people with their taxes and provides them with a list of potential deductions and credits that they qualify for


Idea: A platform to help recruiters engage with potential candidates on social media The startup wants to give recruiters more time to spend on candidates that matter most


Idea: A startup that connects German startups looking for co-founders with “potential employees” in the form of freelancers.


Idea: With over a billion people in China, the potential for a successful B2C company is there, but most of them are making money on the internet and not offline.


Idea: A startup that’s building a way to let people create video tours of homes for sale, and to easily share them with potential buyers.


A startup that helps people meet potential dates through curated events


A startup that aims to be the "Tinder for jobs" by connecting people with job openings to potential candidates