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Portfolio Startup Ideas

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A digital platform for mortgage brokers to help them manage their portfolios.


A tool for sharing your portfolio of creative work with the world


A platform for helping people invest in their retirement portfolios


A startup that does “personalized” financial planning for people who have a lot of money So, clients pay a fee and the financial planner talks with them and then helps them set up their investment portfolio


An online marketplace for independent artists to sell their art online and generate income from commissions, and a portfolio of creators.


A startup that helps advisors make their clients’ portfolios work for them.


A web-based tool for investors to check a portfolio of investments for fraud and patterns in investment activity.


A portfolio of music and lecture channels that are available for 24/7 streaming.


A startup that helps property managers keep track of their portfolio using AI


Speaking of the “Ikea of finance”, this startup is building a digital platform that lets you build your own financial portfolios.


A collaboration platform for interior designers to access other designers’ portfolios.


A startup that helps people manage their cryptocurrency portfolios Users can keep track of their portfolio and see how much profit they’ve made


“We pride ourselves on being one of the few VCs in the Bay Area that can actually speak the language of our portfolio companies, and we are happy to have the opportunity to learn Spanish and Portuguese.”


A startup that provides a service to help people in their 20s and 30s create a professional portfolio to help them re-enter the job market


A software that helps users create and manage their online portfolios. The software is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that helps users design a portfolio that is SEO-friendly and engaging.


A design studio that helps companies create engaging, unique, and user-friendly websites. They have a portfolio of clients, including Liberty Mutual, and are looking to expand their market.


This startup is building out a tool for financial advisers to manage their client’s portfolios in one place.


 A cloud-based company that helps fund managers build portfolios based on algorithms that match the risk and return of specific types of bonds.


An API for professionals to find freelance gigs and manage their portfolios and payment, as a replacement for tools like Upwork and Fiverr.


The Startup Grind podcast is a weekly podcast about entrepreneurship, hosted by founders of SBJ’s own portfolio companies.


The startup stems from the idea that a lot of people who have billions of dollars in reserve don’t invest it, and Aorta wants to be a place where anyone can start investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks seamlessly.


A startup building a portfolio management service that uses machine learning to help users better manage and invest in their portfolio across multiple financial services.


A portfolio website for freelancers, where people can comment on each other's work, hire one another with a single click, and get paid in bitcoin.


A platform that lets companies and organizations create and manage a portfolio of video shows. The platform makes it easy for anyone to create a show and for it to be consumed, including viewers on mobile devices. The company is in seed funding, and planning to launch in Q4 2019


A startup looking to help high-risk traders get access to the tools they need to manage their portfolios.


A digital-first finance company with a trading platform that lets investors share portfolios across accounts and invest using multiple currencies. The startup wants to compete with traditional brokerages by using a similar toolset.


In the US, 90% of people’s social media profiles use photos, but only 50% of those photos are actually being used for social purposes. A company that wants to solve the problem, BuildFace is a tool that uses facial recognition to curate a digital photo-portfolio, using contextual photos to augment a person’s personal brand.


A portfolio of startups focused on building products that make it easier to follow the money.


A micro-investment product for small investors. The startup has created a platform that allows you to invest in a portfolio of loans rather than a single loan.


A portfolio manager that uses machine learning to match your investments to your risk tolerance.


A portfolio app for young entrepreneurs, giving them a place to showcase their work by way of a digital portfolio.


A tool that allows you to create a custom, color-coded portfolio, or “stack” of articles, products, etc. to show clients and investors.


A robo-advisor that focuses on people with complex portfolio needs


A tool for investors that lets them see how equity is being allocated across a portfolio to determine which companies are “winning” the deals.


A system that provides investors with a pipeline of startups being developed by a team of engineers in a private community. Investors can then get news about new startups, early access to the resulting product, and they can build their portfolio of seed-stage companies.


A “freemium” service that helps people build and manage their own portfolios of investments.


A new kind of digital wallet that helps people plan and track their finances, manage their spending, and get support from their bank. The startup wants to be a “one-stop shop for financial services” that includes a portfolio, banking, investing, and insurance.


A Y Combinator company that wants to help students apply for loans and scholarships, helping them create a portfolio of their work.


A platform for early stage companies that focuses on the content side of an entrepreneur’s portfolio


This is a tool for investors to define and track their portfolios of investments.


A financial services company that offers loans to entrepreneurs. It’s a portion of a $1 billion personal loan portfolio.


A fintech company that creates portfolios for companies to manage their employee retirement savings. It allows companies to track employees’ investment performance while offering a platform to help them manage their own retirement savings.


A company that builds a software-as-a-service platform that helps people manage their wealth.They provide a way to create a savings plan that’s customizable based on the user’s specific needs. They also provide a digital portfolio that allows people to manage all of their financial accounts in one place.


This startup services a small group of clients in the UK who are looking to invest in more than one property. They help investors plan out their portfolio and don’t charge any fees.


A start-up focused on making it easier for individuals to invest in real estate. It wants to take away the complexity of investing in real estate and building an investment portfolio.


A free, open-source portfolio app for designers.


Idea: Helping you manage your cryptocurrency portfolio


A company that wants to help investors diversify their portfolios with non-traditional investments.


Helping people put their home into a rental portfolio. The startup’s platform is meant to help investors see the potential return on investment of the investment portfolio, and to help them decide when to sell or hold out for a higher return.


A data curator for startups that creates a portfolio of relevant content for each company.


A tool for competing in the stock market, helping people build portfolios without the stress of managing it all themselves.


A startup that helps investors find early-stage startups to invest in. The startup is building out its management software for portfolio companies with the help of $30,000 in seed money.


This real estate company wants to build software that automatically builds and sells portfolios of homes to investors.


Borrower.io is a platform for lenders to manage their loan portfolios, helping them get a better understanding of their loan data and the performance of their loans.


Idea: A startup that’s building a portfolio management platform for cryptocurrency. It allows people to track their crypto investments on a single dashboard.


A productivity tool for artists, allowing them to manage their portfolio, manage their commissions, manage their social media, manage their online stores, and more.


A startup that is building a service that helps recruiters identify and recruit technical talent. The service allows recruiters to search and view talent’s online resumes and portfolios.


Provides a way for landlords to rent properties from a portfolio of available properties without having to call each individual landlord.


A company that helps people manage their money by combining data about your bank accounts, your credit cards, your portfolio, and your investments to provide insights into how you spend money.


Idea: A startup that makes a “free” portfolio builder tool for small businesses, which it says can help them raise capital


Idea: A startup that is working with a major South American bank to help them build a platform for managing their B2B loan portfolio


Idea: A program that allows users to build a digital profile based on their social media posts, with the goal of helping them build a portfolio to get a job.


Idea: A platform that allows people to create digital portfolios for their work. The startup wants to help designers and artists build personal brands.


Idea: A startup building a data-driven tool for portfolio management for investors. The software mines a portfolio for things like tax losses and areas for growth in order to help investors make better decisions with their investments.