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Popular Startup Ideas

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An online marketplace that has a very different approach to selling than Amazon or eBay. The startup focuses on selling unique items and brands, and is based on a marketplace model that is increasingly popular in China.


A social network for the deaf, modeled after its popular iPhone app. The company has expanded its offerings to include audio versions of the app for the deaf and hard of hearing.


A startup that lets users search for random words and phrases to get a list of the most popular results.


The startup says it’s a better version of the traditional “pay-once-and-get-everything” package that’s popular with consumers, which works well for a lot of products but can be hard for more high-tech products.


A startup that aims to build on the popularity of the #hashtag, by adding a way for users to add hashtags to their tweets.


A startup that helps companies find and pay contractors and service providers across the world. The company will use the P2Pool tech popularized by bitcoin to help larger companies find and pay out thousands of contractors more efficiently.


A tool that analyzes popular Twitter hashtags to show trends on trending topics.


A company that documents and shares the most popular requests for charity and non-profit organizations with the goal of “democratizing” the process for donors.


This startup is building a new way to access and use the world’s most popular programming languages. The company is now working with Google on its Material Design language team.


This startup is building a white-label version of the popular dating app Hinge.


A startup marketing app for apps with mobile games, created by the team behind the popular mobile game Clash Royale.


A platform for creating social connections around events, which is currently a popular form of entertainment. The startup wants to help users curate real-world events and build a community around them.


A digital assistant for Real Estate Agents. The startup’s reasoning is that online agents are more popular than in-person agents, but the latter are still more profitable.


A decentralized platform for supply chains. The platform builds on a blockchain technology, which is a way of managing digital assets which is mainly popular in the crypto world. The platform is meant to help companies automate their supply chains and manage their inventory better.


A bank account for small business owners that builds off of the popular social network Huddle. The startup is building a way for small businesses to connect with each other and build relationships with banks, suppliers, and other businesses with which they do business.


A search engine that ranks content by relevance rather than popularity.


A delivery service that gives customers the option to order a dozen or so items from a list of popular restaurants, which will be delivered to the customer’s home or office within an hour.


A beefed up and improved version of the popular Kanboard, which is meant to be a collaborative/database platform for multi-team workflows.


A new product by the founders of a popular open-source project, allowing people to see all of their files on file servers and get them to sync with their desktop.


A texting platform for groups of people to communicate efficiently. The startup wants to leverage its popularity in the soccer world to make the company a household name.


A crowdfunding website with a different twist. Currently popular in the UK, the platform allows users to use online loans for funding instead of just credit cards.


An AI-powered platform that helps travel companies and agents book seats and deals on the most popular airline websites. The startup's proprietary technology is a SaaS product that can be integrated with any travel site.


A platform for building mobile applications for small businesses, with an easy-to-use dashboard. The startup is looking to compete with popular platforms like Square and Stripe.


Startup that allows users to send secure messages from the popular messaging app WeChat to their friends, family, co-workers and other contacts.


A more modern and mobile version of the popular Telegram messaging app.


This free service lets customers track every step they take on their website. The company charges a fee for more advanced analytics, but the free version is very popular.


A new startup that aims to bring the popular online chats of Twitch, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter together into a single video-based chat platform. They’ve built a Chrome extension that lets you embed Twitch, Reddit, or Twitter into a video chat.


A platform that allows small business owners to create and market coupons to their customers. The platform is growing in popularity for in-person coupon-based events.


A new version of the popular private messaging app for Android, to be released in early 2018. It will have new features and a re-designed interface, and will allow people to purchase and download stickers and other content from the company’s partners.


A Chinese startup that wants to help people learn English faster and easier. The startup writes questions and answers on cards and puts them on a string, which people can play around with. And their idea is proving popular in China, with a million cards sold in three months.


The founders of this startup are best known for building the most popular and successful startup accelerator in the world. They’re now moving into a new area, with a new accelerator format that’s aimed at helping teams build products for specific industries.


A community marketplace for buying and selling second-hand goods. It is very similar in kind to the popular site OfferUp, but with a community-focused twist


Amazon Web Services is popular for its cloud computing capabilities, but its AI-powered e-commerce system has not made it to market. Their SaaS product, Amazon Machine Learning, is intended to help companies use AI to improve their own products.


This August, TechCrunch reported that Instagram was in talks with Facebook to acquire the company for as much as $1 billion. Instagram, which was founded in 2010, is based in San Francisco, and is a popular photography app that has more than 300 million users around the world. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012, and Facebook has since used Instagram to promote its other products, including Instagram Stories, and advertisements. Instagram has been a big investment for Facebook, and many think it has been one of the company's most successful acquisitions. However, Instagram's popularity has led to a lot of negative press coverage about the user data that Facebook has access to.


"These were the most popular ideas from the 9th batch."


Shopify is one of the most popular Shopify-based e-commerce platforms.


A product that helps companies automate the process of signing up new employees. Currently the app signed up the team behind the globally popular app Ima Robot.


A crowdfunding app that helps raise money for popular movies.


Popular with millennials, GroupMe is a messaging app geared towards sharing content. It’s also popular with influencers, with some celebrities using it to share content with their fans.


A startup that allows anyone to rent a table at popular festivals at a discounted rate.


A game of strategy that’s similar to the popular board game of the same name, but with all of the complex rules of video games. Players will compete to collect the most points by trading, farming, and battling each other.


Founded in 2015, this is the company behind the popular, free, and open-source development platform app-builder App-Builder-Platform .


An alternative to the more popular sharing apps like Snapchat, where people can share videos with friends, but also keep their messages private.


The startup is building a product that helps people pay for their next drink with a tap on a table or a QR code. The startup’s founder, Rajan Rajan, was the founder of the popular brunch spot, The Blind Barber.


A higher-end version of the popular Always on, Always Connected (AoAC) earbuds.


A startup that’s building a more private messaging service based on the popular Signal protocol for secure messaging.


A company that uses an algorithm to identify the most popular pieces of content on Instagram, YouTube and Reddit, and connects advertisers to those users.


One of the most popular products on Slack is the “Giphy Bot.” The bot allows users to search for GIFs, which are the popular Internet meme, and add them to their Slack conversations. Giphy is working on turning the bot into an actual application and is launching it in Slack users’ Slack-ified app stores.


A web-based version of the popular strategy game “The Settlers of Catan”.


An iOS app by the founders of the popular Evernote business note-taking app that allows users to write and save notes on their phones.


A platform designed to help businesses manage employees via integrations with other popular workplace tools like Slack, Asana, and Confluence. It also offers 30+ support agents to help businesses with problems.


The app will make it easy for customers to book trips and delivery orders by selecting from a shortlist of the three most popular services, such as Uber and Postmates, and using a booking code to complete the purchase.


Pitchbook presents two popular pitch events: the "Pitch It" event and the "Pitch It" event.


As of today, one of the most popular tools for building website themes is WordPress. The startup is looking to take that power of customization and commoditization to the mobile web.


Marathi version of the popular web series Watsi, and continues to air on Jaihind TV.


A startup that wants to use machine learning to predict the next trends in fashion. The startup uses machine learning techniques to predict everything from what style will be popular next week to what brands will be the most popular in 3 years.


A company that tracks fashion trends and provides a service to help consumers know which styles will be popular in a given season.


Sellout is a collaborative video editing platform that aims to build on the more popular iOS app Procreate. In addition to the apps, the team behind the app has launched a website and a community forum to promote and discuss the project.


A startup that wants to simplify the process for hiring and connecting talent to the right employers and employees. The startup wants to re-create LinkedIn and Linkedin is a popular networking site for professionals.


A startup helping people sign up for their tuition. Similar to the popular site, College Ave. helps users manage their college applications by automating the application process.


Idea: A social media app that uses a multi-level, multi-person game mechanic to help people try to figure out who in their friend group are the most popular.