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A company that works with independent artists to help them turn their music videos into YouTube plays.


An algorithm that tells you how to play games like Solitaire: FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, and Hearts


A startup focused on the creation of multiplayer games on mobile and web, building on the success of multiplayer games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.


A video games-focused startup that has created a “fitness tracker” for gamers. It’s a patch that attaches to a gamer’s sleeve and tracks their movements in real time while they play.


A free-to-play multiplayer game that takes the concept of the game of chess, and applies it to social networking.


This online service lets people learn Spanish and English through games and video, and allows people to play games with a partner. It’s currently running in beta in the US.


A platform that helps music artists with marketing, merchandising, and tour management. They have also launched a new app, PressPlay, that’s a digital music locker.


This is a game that teaches players about the history of transportation, from the earliest days of the wheel to the present. The game has been played over 100 million times.


A “social network for soccer fans”, with a goal of 1.5 million registered members by the end of 2019. The startup wants to give soccer fans a place to interact, share stories, create and follow clubs, teams, players and other personalities.


A video and virtual reality game where you play as a character from the universe of "My Little Pony" and create an avatar. The startup is looking for a partner to help fund its effort to create a game, which started in November.


A tool to help people learn how to play the piano.


a wearable device that plays video games


A company that helps home builders like ApartmentPlace, ApartmentGuide, and Zumper create a single-page listing that embeds all of their properties into an app that they can distribute through the Apple Store and Google Play.


A tool to help you make music from a series of notes without actually playing them.


A video game that encourages players to learn English. The game is web-only and currently in its beta phase.


Hoping to use the same playbook as the coffee industry to grow their subscriptions to their platform, Hopin.


The co-founders of the company Seers are trying to undo the stigma of the “office dog”. They had their first pup, Mitzi, on the playground of Spotify's offices, and the company asked them to bring her to work. Now, she’s a dog who visits office visits from time to time to make sure that everyone is having a good time.


A startup that helps quickly build custom web pages for brands, selling them to clients at a fixed price. The startup wants to replace the very expensive full-page print ad with a mobile-friendly digital display ad. Their potential clients include agencies, brands and ad tech companies.


ShopStyle is a subscription-based visual merchandising platform that allows retailers to create branded shopping experiences. ShopStyle gives retailers a way to create different streaming layouts, video ads, and product displays that are tailored to each individual customer.


A platform where users can create virtual islands for multiplayer gaming. It launched in 2014, with the founders saying that it’s on track to reach $1.5 million in annual revenue.


A startup that offers a service where basketball players can learn the right techniques to shoot a free throw


A search engine for esports. The startup is meant to help fans find events, follow players and teams, and share content.


A game where you play a healer and have to heal your friends from the shadow that is chasing them


A mobile game startup that’s building a “gameplay engine” that is meant to help game developers build games with better artificial intelligence.


A company that will allow you to stream your favorite TV show to any TV device in your house. The company is building a platform to stream video from any streaming platform to any device, including TVs, computers, game consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and anything else that can play video.


This is a startup that’s building a personalized fitness plan for you based on your fitness goals, and your preferences like what music you like, which music to play, and what kind of food you like. It’s like an Uber for fitness.


PlayIt is building a platform for streaming, gaming, and esports events, it’s a platform that allows users to create and manage tournaments in real time.


A navigation app for the blind, which can display arrows and text to guide users in the right direction.


A 3-screen, “Freedom of Information” app that sources and displays data from NYC’s 311 service.


Like Uber, this startup gamifies the concept of a taxi ride, with the user playing a dispatcher for a network of taxis. The app helps users find the closest taxis using data from Yelp and OpenTable.


A toolkit that allows developers to add in-game social features to their games and make them more accessible to players.


A new way to interact with your friends on Facebook. It’s a messaging app that lets you play games and compete against your friends.


A startup for digital games, where players can earn money for playing games. Currently in beta. What’s interesting is that they’re trying to make it legal to use virtual currencies, which is a relatively new idea.


A new platform for the next generation of musicians. Musikexplorer has a music school format, where the students get a chance to learn music and play in a band.


A startup that lets you compete in a virtual world against other players to become the best trader


This startup is building a way to create virtual reality experiences for brands, using a technology called “phantom display”.


This startup is building a platform that helps sports teams track players’ health and performance in real-time. They are hosting a hackathon for developers to build the tech they’ve been developing in stealth mode.


A platform that enables fans to interact with players and teams to better understand their interests. The startup is currently in a partnership with the NBA; it’s also in a partnership with the A’s to help fans in the Bay Area get better access to the team.


A way to create a custom electronic “recipe” for how to do things, so you could, for instance, create an app to play a specific video file, or need to know how to cook a certain dish.


A platform for video-game developers to track what their players are doing and monitor their progress.


App that helps you play games against your friends and pick up where you left off on your phone


A platform that helps app developers create games that can be played from mobile and web.


A platform for professional book authors who want to sell their books through Amazon. The startup’s founders say they’re working on integrations with other retailers like iTunes and Google Play and are making it easier for authors to sell their books to readers.


A tool for parents to connect with other parents for playdates, etc.


A cloud-based system that lets players build and play with virtual objects.


A startup that sells an “HDMI board” that sits on top of a television (or other display) and allows you to plug in a USB drive and use it to show content from a computer.


This startup will use AI to help people learn to play an instrument.


A roof-mounted display that can beam notifications to people walking below.


 Playboard is an AI-powered tool that helps automate the search for new hires and finds data to validate job candidates.


An online shopping portal that displays local deals in real time and lets users filter deals by category, price, time and distance or set up deal alerts.


Image-based gaming that’s “a big, open world role playing game experience” that lets you explore and interact with other players.


A startup that helps small business owners sell more from their store by allowing them to display sale items from retailers that they don’t normally sell from.


 A tool that uses AI to make video playlists. The startup wants to make it easier for users to find new music and combine it with other types of media.


This company is working on a game that is played with a custom-designed physics engine.


A startup for recording and sharing gameplay footage, enabling faster, more accurate collaborations between developers and players.


A video game that lets players control a character with special abilities (think superhero powers) to dodge obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. Players can share their progress with other players online.


A “Call of Duty-style” shooter game that lets players earn real money playing the game.


A way to allow people to get paid to play games. People earn money by playing games online or via streaming.


A music discovery service that lets people upload music from their phones to play on all their devices, creating a sort of Pandora for your mobile devices.


A music app that lets you share a playlist with other people in real time, rather than sending them a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive copy.


The startup’s name is an acronym for “SeedMe,” which is a wordplay on “seed funding,” as it looks to “seed” equity financing for startups.


A music service that lets individuals create and share their own playlists, with access to curated lists of songs and playlists.


A product for displaying and uploading digital artwork called “the Art App”.


A way to track every action you take on your phone — from every app, to every game, to every message you send — and turn it into a data-driven game engine that lets you play games without the need for a giant library of content.


The startup is building a “digital” version of the traditional “mystery” game, with a new spin on the game: The game is a multiplayer one where players build their own “mystery” board, where they can use AI to give clues to each other.


A music festival that uses GPS data to create a giant map of the festival site and then plays concert-goers on a huge screen.


A startup that will help salespeople pitch more effectively using a “Playbook”-like interface with a combination of slides, infographics, and video.


A Chinese startup that wants to help people learn English faster and easier. The startup writes questions and answers on cards and puts them on a string, which people can play around with. And their idea is proving popular in China, with a million cards sold in three months.


A video game that teaches how to drive a car. Players control a virtual car and drive around a course, following the rules of the road, and avoiding obstacles such as other cars and pedestrians. The game is meant for the very beginning of novice drivers, teaching them to drive without the risk of crashing.


A startup that can help you set up multiplayer games with friends for the iPhone.


A company that provides indoor voice commands for Amazon Echo or Echo Dot in the home, including turning on and off lights, opening doors, and playing music.


A startup that is working to build the world’s first augmented reality grocery store. The idea is to create a way for users to scan a barcode to get an augmented reality display of what a product looks like in a store, before they’ve even left the house, with a camera view of what a product looks like at their homes.


A standalone browser that integrates with the Slack team chat app. It allows users to create polls, polls that can be used in other Slack channels, and even polls that can be customized to display a specific emoji when they’re answered.


A startup that makes it possible to play League of Legends without loading up 20 minutes of video. The app pulls high-level play out of the video and presents it in a condensed format, with highlights and stats.


A platform for building interactive, multiplayer games that can be played without the need for a screen. Prototyped with a game called “Truck Stop.”


A social network that allows users to chat and play games with their friends who are currently hanging out in the physical world. Users can also play games against friends at home, meanwhile.


A music-streaming app that encourages users to make their own playlists.


This startup is building a service for individuals to control the music they listen to and set their own personalized playlists.


A video-based learning platform where students can ask questions to their teachers, while the teachers’ answers are displayed as video lessons.


A startup that helps you find the best product photos with the best lighting, and displays them in a grid on your phone for easy viewing.


A platform for advertisers to creatively display ads to users based on their interests.


A $40 Bluetooth Smart speaker. The startup has raised $1.6 million in seed funding from Play Ventures.


A startup making a web app that lets users build and play games. Users can create new levels and share them on the platform. The site also has a marketplace for users to sell their games.


 A startup that wants to replace the block of text displayed in a status update with a GIF


A startup that wants to build a decentralized app store, like Google Play. The startup wants to connect developers with users directly.


A series of “4D” experiences, intended to place users into virtual 3D environments and cause them to do things like race cars or play with dinosaurs.


A game of strategy that’s similar to the popular board game of the same name, but with all of the complex rules of video games. Players will compete to collect the most points by trading, farming, and battling each other.


A ping-pong robot that can play table tennis at a fast pace.


Video game streaming service that helps customers play their own game against other users, using “bots” to create artificial opponents.


A tool that helps coaches create custom basketball workouts for players.


A decentralized prediction market, looking to use the power of the blockchain to bring more transparency to public wagers. The startup already has a partnership with the NBA to use data on player performance to create more stable markets.


Idea: A startup that is building a mobile app, where you can invite your friends to play games with you, and earn money.


A company that provides a platform for building and managing digital mood boards, an online tool for displaying mood-related images, GIFs, and videos.


A startup that teaches people how to play a musical instrument and then sells tickets to their concerts


Idea: Demand-based video player to replace video ads


Automated Playbook for Getting Your Business on Google


Idea: A podcast player that's easy to use and understand


Idea: A credit card processor that displays relevant information for merchants on the checkout page


Idea: A solution for managing a company’s video streaming infrastructure. The first product is a video player that allows companies to put videos on their website and have them work on desktops and mobile devices.


Idea: A tool for managing employee onboarding that combines a custom-built employee role-playing tool with an online management dashboard.


Idea: A startup that makes software to help people with limited mobility enjoy the fantasy roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons.


Idea: A software company that helps other companies build internal websites. They’re building a plug-and-play platform that they hope will become the “Salesforce for internal websites”.


Idea: Software that offers a plug-and-play API for streamlining e-commerce in South America.


Idea: This startup wants to be the Netflix of foreign TV shows and movies. As a B2B company, it’s already working with digital distributors like iTunes, Google Play, and others.


Idea: A platform for streamers to earn money for playing games within Twitch and other apps


Idea: A startup that wants to get people off the couch and get them playing table tennis. The startup’s primary focus is on what they call “casual players” — people who play recreationally, but don’t want to spend a lot of time practicing to get better. The startup offers lessons on how to play the game online, as well as in-person lessons in San Francisco.


Idea: A social network for fantasy sports enthusiasts, with a “Play Money” currency that allows users to play for fun and for cash. The company launched in Australia in September and has since launched on Facebook in the US.


Idea: A startup that provides a full-stack CRM for nonprofit organizations. The founders claim the product has a 3x conversion rate compared to other major players, and is focused on helping nonprofits do more for less money.


A company that makes a mobile app to help people play games and interact with each other using


A startup that supplies a webcam that displays your desk for you so you can keep an eye on your work while you work on your computer


A startup that is a tutoring platform for people who want to learn how to play a musical


A startup that helps people learn how to play guitar by memorizing songs You will be able to search for songs that you would like to learn and narrow down the results based on difficulty, genre, and