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The startup is building a digital platform to enable farmers to monitor and manage the health of their crops.


A 3D printing platform that helps business owners create 3D-printed products


A platform that helps people easily sell used furniture, household goods, and other items.


A platform that pairs people who have a spare room in their home with those who need a place to stay.


Idea: A platform for connecting students with mentors from the world's top universities


A startup offers a platform for small businesses to rent private offices and conference rooms to employees who work remotely.


A platform to help people find the best care for the elderly, with a focus on home healthcare.


A platform that helps employers manage remote workers. It also provides HR services.


A startup for selling and buying used computers from other people. Users can sell their old computers in exchange for cash or trade them in for newer ones. The company provides a platform to help people sell their old computers and also offers a buy credit option.


A platform for helping consumers shop for and price items


A female-focused, non-sexualized virtual reality platform where women can connect with other women in a safe and judgement-free environment to discuss and learn about sexual health and wellness.


A fintech startup that is building a platform that will let users import financial data from different platforms and create a financial dashboard that can be integrated with other platforms.


A platform that connects customers to doctors and patients in a way that doesn’t require uploading even a single file. Patients can ask any doctor questions about anything, and get a personalized response in a few minutes.


A machine-learning based platform that can predict the likelihood of you turning into a customer by looking at your behavior on other sites.


A platform for the healthcare industry, offering a way for patients to get a diagnosis and treatment based on their symptoms.


A platform that helps people share what they are working on in a more elegant way.


A platform designed to help people and companies save and invest together.


A startup that’s building a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs. The company is working with the Stars Foundation, which helps invest in startups in developing countries, to create an online platform to help entrepreneurs raise funds.


A social platform for people to connect with local businesses. The app works as a “local discovery app” that helps people discover places to eat and shop, and connects them with local businesses.


A digital platform for mortgage brokers to help them manage their portfolios.


A platform for “pay-at-the-table” service restaurants.


Idea: A remote workforce management platform


Imagine an app that tells you when all of your favorite brands are offering some new deal. With their tech platform, the company is building a business that runs “brand-specific loyalty programs.”


A startup that wants to sell insurance to people who own property, and who want to protect it in the event of a fire. The startup has already built a platform for homeowners to claim their coverage, but needs to raise $5 million to build out a back-end system and additional products.


is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade gift cards for a small fee.


A platform that connects consumers with products and services they want to buy directly from a mobile phone.


A mobile payments platform for ride sharing, carpooling, and taxi services.


An online platform that asks you to rate products and services before you buy them, allowing you to compare them on the same scale as Amazon or Consumer Reports.


Groceries are a necessity for many people, but the process is often expensive and frustrating. The startup wants to simplify the process of ordering groceries and delivery by offering a concierge service and integrated ordering platform on their website.


A health care platform that aims to help doctors communicate with patients and their families in real time by providing a secure way to voice and video call.


A platform for scientists to share and discover data.


A startup that is building a platform for companies to better communicate with their customers


This startup is building an artificial intelligence-based platform for hiring, where customers can create a job description and AI will do the background check, find the best candidate, and schedule an interview.


A platform for HR to contribute to a company’s culture.


A company that allows companies to file taxes by way of an app. The startup is building a platform that automates the process of filling out tax forms.


A startup that provides a platform for managing and connecting third-party software for mobile devices The company says it has $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue, mainly from Android


A startup that offers a highly customisable, easy-to-use platform for designing employee relocation packages


An online platform for managing B2B relationships, today the company provides a dashboard for sales and marketing teams to manage customer relationships.


A platform that will use AI to manage your data and help you solve problems.


A platform that allows users to create and manage their own “user experiences” on a number of websites. People can make their own websites and online content, and get paid to do so.


A platform that enables online retailers to offer their customers the option to create their own exclusive in-store experiences.


A platform that allows brands to build mobile apps for their business and for consumers to find them.


A platform that lets people customize and sell their own tickets to events, with the potential to give artists more control over their work.


An automation platform that helps businesses manage the manual steps involved in order fulfillment, from tracking and managing inventory to automating how orders are processed.


A social network for people who want to broker deals online, offering a place to advertise, find buyers, and find sellers on the platform.


A platform for fashion creators to build and sell their own fashion lines online.


A platform that allows users to create digital, social, and physical products by sending messages to a group of people in a bid to crowdsource their ideas or get feedback.


A platform that allows both consumer and business users to collect and share data about their lives with the goal of helping them improve their health and save money.


A platform for sharing and selling reusable office supplies to businesses. The startup focuses on 8 great office supply items that are used a lot, but don’t get recycled as often as they should. They’re currently focusing on the US, but plan to expand internationally and into business software.


A company that builds an online platform for users to create business cards with their company's name and logo.


A new, blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending platform that is targeting the global student debt crisis. The company is expanding internationally and looking for investors.


A startup that helps small businesses with their insurance needs. The startup is built on the backbone of a large insurance company and offers an online platform to protect small businesses from cyber risks and cyber thefts.


Idea: An on-demand therapy platform for people suffering from mental health issues


A platform that uses machine learning to help people manage their finances. It currently has a team of 28 people.


A social platform that allows people to discover new places to eat and drink and people to discover new places to eat and drink.


A platform that helps people find out if a restaurant is halal, or if it’s clean and healthy.


A company that provides a platform that connects physical retail locations and other businesses like cashiers, janitors, and other support staff.


A real estate platform for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to buy and sell real estate.


An online platform for hiring and managing temps. The company wants to be the platform that bring together the world of temp agencies and temps to make it easier for employers and employees.


This startup is developing a platform for smart contracts that automatically execute when specified conditions are met.


A free web-based platform for creating and sharing 3D models of objects.


A platform that aims to be the Uber of errand work. The idea is that an employee can tap into the service using a smartphone, and then an app will ping them for errands that will help them get stuff done.


A startup that makes the process of filling out Medicare Part D plans less painful. The platform helps people fill out their plans online, and acts as a sort of health insurance broker for people seeking Medicare coverage. The startup says their customers save an average of $50 per month.


A platform that connects people looking to travel with people looking for people to do things while traveling.


A b2b cloud-based platform for building and managing customer relationships, helping businesses to better interact with their customers and increase customer loyalty.


A platform that connects employees to various services via mobile apps and an API. The startup is building out a platform that lets companies grant permission to employees to use their mobile devices to access services and apps.


A startup that wants to make the web more social and connect people. The company is building an ad-free platform to give users more control over how they use the web.


A freelance platform where contractors can build websites, mobile apps, and other digital products.


A platform for people to share, compare and book air travel with friend and family,


A startup that is looking to build a new type of gaming platform that will provide a more social experience for gamers.


A platform for young adults to take a break from college and earn money.


A platform for managing micro loans for rural households.


A software platform that lets brands communicate with marketing departments around the world — making workflows easier and more cost-effective.


A platform for engaging in adventure activities with your friends and family.


A platform for sharing and monetizing video. The startup’s goal is to apply the videos of YouTube stars to the video game and movie industries.


A platform for managing all your medical records and scheduling appointments, proposed as the Uber of healthcare.


A startup building a software platform for retail that automates product returns, credit, and refunds on all e-commerce sites


A digital platform for artists to share their work, get feedback, and start selling to gallery owners.


A tool that allows users to quickly find a doctor and schedule a visit from their mobile device. The startup’s website is now a platform for thousands of doctors in the US to set appointments on a first-come first-serve basis.


A crowdfunding platform specifically for beginner producers and small businesses.


A platform for employers to track employee schedules and timesheets, and pay employees on time and as agreed. It’s currently a text-message-based scheduling system.


A startup that helps people on crowd-funding platforms avoid scammers


A health data platform aimed at hospitals. The startup wants to use the platform to bring innovation to the hospital industry.