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by @levelsio

Pitching Startup Ideas

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A mobile app that helps people find local cafes and restaurants. The startup, based in San Francisco, is pitching its app as a Yelp for food.


A platform for social media content curation, with a focus on the financial sector. The company has been pitching the idea of creating “content factories” which can create content and deliver it in real-time to markets.


A toolkit for programmatic buying of ads on Facebook. The startup is pitching the tool to agencies and advertisers as a way for them to automate Facebook ad buying.


This is a “mashup of digital marketing, customer service, and product management” app. It’s looking to replicate the experience of a digital agency, and is pitching it as a “digital assistant” to help consumer brands.


A startup that aims to help realtors automate their sales process, using a digital agent that keeps track of the status of a property and opens real estate listings on the internet. The startup is pitching the service as a way to drive down “the average home sales cycle” from six months to two.


A tool for curating an email inbox, the Startup is pitching as “email 2.0”.


An enterprise software company that works with local governments and educations systems, pitching its product as “the one app for everything.”


a mobile payments system for India. The startup is pitching itself as a cheaper alternative to the likes of Google Wallet and Paytm.


A tool that helps people find the best travel deals, picking up on the long tail of unadvertised fares. The startup is pitching itself as a sort of early booking agent, where customers can search for flights and then call in to a travel agent.


Pitching itself as “YELP for your personal life”, this startup attempts to make home-sharing a lot easier.


A karaoke app, with the company pitching a feature that lets users record a video of their karaoke performance and share it on social media.


A startup trying to bring payments made through a physical credit card to cash-only establishments. The startup is pitching its service as a way to bring cash-only businesses into the digital age.


A crowdfunding platform for healthcare startups. The company is pitching an app that helps prompt patients to schedule appointments and get lab results.


 A funding platform where a company can take a “drip” approach to fundraising, instead of a full-on “spray”. It allows a company to get funding without all the hassle of pitching, negotiating, and offering equity, while still getting the full equity portion.


A digital tool that helps people manage their finances. The startup is pitching itself as a tool to help people manage their cash flow and manage debt.


This company is pitching a “collaboration hub for teams”, with tools to help teams track what they’re working on, manage their work schedules, and review their progress. The company currently has 3 contracts.


A program for graduating students to match them with jobs and internships, pitching itself as an alternative to unpaid internships.


The startup is pitching itself as a “social ATM” that will let you make payments in person and online through a single app


An alternative to the pay-per-click model of web advertising that’s based on a subscription model rather than a pay-per-click scheme. It’s pitching itself as a way for both marketers and consumers to get the information they want.


Pitching itself as a “Yelp for people”, the startup is a curation app for people looking for to work from home gigs.


A startup that wants to help people check their credit score, which is sometimes hard to get because of privacy concerns. Its service offers the ability to report your financial well-being to the Federal Trade Commission in one step. The company is pitching it to companies like Capital One and Chase.


The startup is pitching itself as a “Google Docs for people who have a hard time in meetings”.


A startup that helps mobile developers with code, as well as providing a debugging tool. One idea that is pitching is that it can create a code autocomplete tool for developers.


A tool for teachers to use to assign homework in class. The startup is pitching their product as a “Google Docs for homework”.


A way to monitor and track the usage of a person’s electric car. The startup is pitching their product as a way to accurately track a person’s gas consumption and make sure they’re charging when they’re supposed to.


A team of engineers have built a product that lets homeowners control their home’s lights, AC, and thermostat via a smartphone — without the need for smart locks. They’re pitching the product as a way to bring smart home technology to more people, and without the need for a significant investment.


Idea: A startup for private label goods. The founder wants to make it easy for people to create their own private label brands, and is pitching it as a marketplace for startups to create their own version of a “Brands You Love But Can’t Find In Stores” store.


Idea: A voice assistant platform for businesses, pitching itself as a channel through which businesses can interact with customers.


Idea: This startup is building a way to automate the process of filling out web forms. It’s also pitching itself as a way to collect data on form completion rates, and build a more familiar conversational experience with the site.