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Pipeline Startup Ideas

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A startup that makes it easier to manage your customer relationship management and sales pipeline.


A SaaS platform that helps you manage your sales pipeline. It provides tools to help sales reps track their pipeline activity, and allows reps to manage leads.


A company that helps companies find and hire top tech talent. It has a network of experts and a pipeline of candidates that it can invite to interviews.


A tool for entrepreneurs and business owners to manage their sales pipeline.


A B2B company building an AI tool for sales organizations to track and predict sales pipelines.


A platform that enables salespeople to better manage their pipeline of opportunities, getting better results and making more money.


A startup that helps businesses create a more efficient CRM system by collecting data from multiple sources and automatically integrating it into a single sales pipeline.


A system that provides investors with a pipeline of startups being developed by a team of engineers in a private community. Investors can then get news about new startups, early access to the resulting product, and they can build their portfolio of seed-stage companies.


A tool that helps sales teams close deals by helping them get more leads into the pipeline.


This startup is building a software platform that helps people find the right candidate for a job. The company is trying to help HR teams increase the number of hires by helping them manage their hiring pipelines.


A company that helps companies with their data pipelines, connecting them to more and more sources of data.


A software platform that allows businesses to create sales pipelines with a simple drag-and-drop interface.


A SaaS that lets people collaborate and work together on inexpensive, low-power devices. The team is working with a handful of clients, but more are in the pipeline.


This company is building a pipeline connecting the cities that are most in need of food. The company says that it’s selling a food and water delivery system that is working in 12 US cities, and is now looking to expand to China and the Indian Subcontinent.


A digital lending platform that helps people with bad credit get loans for things like cars and appliances. They currently have over $100million in loans in the pipeline and a few hundred customers.


A startup that helps companies with a single API to connect to their existing CRMs, Salesforce, and Marketo, letting them complete their sales pipeline from one place.


An HR startup that wants to help companies optimize their HR workforce by giving them a better understanding of their talent pipelines.


A B2B platform for product management teams, sales teams, and marketers to manage their projects and sales pipelines all in one place.


This startup is building a machine learning tool to help people create and distribute their own live video streams, much like the aforementioned idea. They’re also building a “discovery pipeline” that lets users vote among the new tools that emerge from voting.


A new company that solves the problem of building and managing data pipelines and data warehouses. Founded in 2014, the company is still based in San Francisco and raising its Series A.


A software company that is building a cloud-based sales management platform that helps sales reps manage their sales pipeline, customer relationships, and more.


A tool for creating and distributing your own live stream video. Ideas are from developers, and are developed via a “discovery pipeline”, where a public vote decides which one of the new ideas will be built.


A B2B platform that lets companies measure and optimize their sales pipeline, with plans to integrate with other tools like Slack, Google Drive, etc.


A B2B software company that helps hardware manufacturers and distributors sell to retail stores. The company’s founders say that in the past year it’s already signed and closed on 125 deals and has more in the pipeline.


A tool for salespeople to track sales and sales pipeline data.


A B2B company that knows how to translate the work of an employee into an automated data pipeline.


A technology startup that is building a platform that will be able to help companies evaluate, discover and manage talent — it’s essentially a way for recruiters to manage their entire talent pipeline and onboard candidates.


A platform that helps recruiters manage their talent pipeline and hire new employees


Hubspot wants to help companies build the right sales pipeline.


A company that offers a collaboration tool for salespeople to share sales strategies, sales pipeline, and sales targets.


A data pipeline for data scientists, letting them turn data from a variety of sources into a cohesive and actionable product.


Idea: Mycrojobs wants to make job hunting fun with games and prizes It’s a platform for recruiters to manage their hiring pipeline and for job seekers to find jobs


Idea: A startup that wants to connect freelancers with large companies The company says it has a “sizable pipeline” of customers and has already signed up its first paying client, a “large financial services company”


A software company that helps people to set up a complete software development pipeline for their projects.