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Pilot Startup Ideas

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A platform for micro-transactions for online merchants. The startup wants to eliminate the need for credit cards. The startup has its first pilot under its belt, with $300,000 in monthly revenue.


A new way of looking at the way people travel, with a mobile-first approach. The company is piloting in a few markets in the US.


A financial services platform for small businesses in the UK. It’s currently on a pilot with around 100 businesses.


An on-demand gig service that pays users with gift cards to merchants. The startup currently has two pilot customers in the UK, and plans to expand to the US in the coming months.


A tool to help users manage their personal data and communications in one place. The startup is currently working with 2 enterprise pilots.


A company building a blockchain-based trade finance platform that uses its own token to make the process more efficient. It’s currently in a pilot phase in Europe.


A startup that provides a marketplace to connect people looking for freelance work with people looking to hire freelance work done The startup is in its pilot phase, currently connecting over 1000 freelancers with 5 companies


An insurance company focused on the life-sciences industry. It’s currently starting a pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area.


This enterprise software company is designing a SaaS app for running a large manufacturing facility. The company is currently in a pilot with a large manufacturer in the US.


A messaging app for the US government that allows users to set up a “digital safety net”. Users can set aside extra money to pay for medical bills, car payments, or other expenses. The government’s been piloting the app with its own employees.


A software platform for building sales force automation (SFA) tools, meant to help companies “create and manage relationships with customers”. They are working with 4 enterprise pilots.


A London startup that helps drone pilots track down lost drones.


A startup that aims to be the Uber of short-term rentals, allowing people to rent out their spare rooms or entire homes. Ethos currently has a pilot in place with over 10,000 users.


Ride-sharing for the elderly. The startup is working on a ride-sharing service for seniors, called Seniorly. The company is also in talks with the US Department of Transportation to develop a pilot program for a level of autonomous driving.


The startup wants to build a kind of digital scrapbook for co-pilots, allowing them to share photos and stories from their flights.


A VC-backed startup that is looking to bring financial services to the unbanked in India. The company has started piloting its technology in Chennai and Hyderabad.


A grocery delivery service that works with local farmers in the US. The startup wants to create a local food system for cities with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and food miles. The company is currently in the process of getting its first pilot partners.


“The world’s largest decentralized flight management system”, helping pilots and air traffic control systems coordinate location and navigate flights. The startup says that its technology is already replacing “50% of an airline’s total operations” with a fleet of more than 30,000 aircraft.


A platform for selling advertising through instant video. The startup wants to build a video site that allows brands to sell ad space through auto-pilot videos.


This is streamlining the process of managing employees in-person and remotely by making it much easier to communicate with employees, set up meetings, and review schedules. The company is currently piloting with large retailers, and plans to expand to other verticals in the future.


This startup is building a service that helps you find and schedule your home doctor appointments online. It’s currently in the pilot stage, but has raised seed funding from a group of investors.


An online marketplace for buying and selling used cars and getting dealer-level prices and prices from auto manufacturers. The startup is in the pilot stage.


A digital marketplace for students to buy and sell classes, with pricing based on student demand. The company has piloted the platform with 500 students, and will expand to other colleges and universities next year.


Helping companies find and hire the best crew for their projects, from the best electricians to the best drone pilots.


A startup that aims to integrate payments into customized retail experiences. The startup helps retailers connect with shoppers, and it’s already in a few pilot programs.


A platform for meal delivery to college students. Currently in a pilot with 40 students.


A startup that helps healthcare companies manage their patient records. The company provides software and services to help them make data easier to find. They have already run pilot programs with large insurance companies and hospitals.


A way to help businesses manage their energy consumption. The startup has over $2 million in funding and a number of pilot programs in the works.


A chatbot that helps users with their finances. The startup says that it has already run a pilot with a few companies.


A startup that helps bars, restaurants, and retailers engage customers with digital menus and order-ahead functionality. It’s currently running pilots in Chicago and New York.


A “turn-key” email marketing automation software that helps businesses meet their marketing goals using email. It’s currently in the pilot phase.


This startup is building an online marketplace for electric cars to sell and buy cars. The startup is currently in the pilot phase.


A new service for small businesses to manage their fleet of contractors on one platform. The company’s working with 8 enterprise pilots.


 A startup that wants to help people book and pay for hotel rooms. The startup is running a pilot with Y Combinator and Hilton.


A company that generates emergency alerts for users to see and hear. The startup is currently in the pilot phase.


A company that wants to use CRM data to build a better customer experience. So far it’s built a pilot program that serves as an internal CRM for a few hundred employees at a 100k company.


A B2B startup that aims to provide a B2B version of Slack, which would allow companies to create channels for everything from HR to marketing. The startup is currently only in the pilot stage.


Autopilot is building a device for the visually impaired that lets them use their phones to control devices like lights, coffee machines, etc.


A food delivery service for those on the go. It’s currently in the pilot stage and is accepting $50k in seed funding.


A company that helps teachers get better at teaching. The startup is currently in a pilot with a few hundred teachers in Philadelphia and New York City, and has been in Y Combinator since November. It aims to take out the headache of grading papers and lesson plans.


A company that uses AI to detect when someone is using the internet to pay for things with their credit cards. They’re currently in the pilot phase and plan to use the results to help other companies get customers to sign up for their products instead of stealing their data.


The startup wants to bring online education to developing countries. It’s currently building its first pilots in India and Nigeria, where it’s pitched as a way to bring education to places that aren’t well-off enough to attract students from elsewhere.


 The startup is building a team of drone pilots that can fly parcels to people within 20 minutes. The service is cheaper than UPS and FedEx, but requires a subscription fee.


Working with 13 corporate pilots and growing in Dallas.


This startup wants to remove complexity from the process of booking flights by connecting airlines directly to hotels. The startup currently has a pilot with 10 hotels in Philadelphia, and plans for expansion to the whole of the US by the end of 2019.


A company that creates a single platform to manage the entire sales, marketing, and customer support cycle for a product. Zolli currently has a pilot for a new product launch agency.


A web-based platform for managing a fleet of self-driving vehicles, integrating with all the major systems including Waymo, Uber, and Tesla. The startup’s platform is built on the open source OBD2 standard and uses the same kinds of sensors as Tesla's Autopilot.


Idea: A drone startup that's been working with Amazon for the last two years, and is now moving into a larger market It’s currently piloting its service in Peru


 This startup launched in March in the UK and is planning to expand to the US. The company is building a phone app that connects people to someone who can perform home inspections for them, and is currently running a pilot in the UK.


Idea: A co-working space in Colombia that is growing quickly The company is currently in a few pilot locations and is looking to expand rapidly They have a waitlist of over 50 companies


iphree creates a micro-grid for off-the-grid communities in developing countries. It currently has a pilot project in Cameroon.


Idea: A B2B product that helps doctors get paid faster by sharing their patient data with insurance companies. IntelliCare says it’s already working with 5 pilots and 2 paying customers.


Idea: A mobile app that delivers news from the NY Times in a personalized feed. The startup currently has 20,000 active users and is working with the Times on a pilot program to test potential monetization options.