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Picture Startup Ideas

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A startup that will come to your home with a drone and take pictures of your house


A mobile app that helps users take pictures of their receipts, and then automatically categorize them into different expense categories, such as rent, food, and transportation.


A way to help human resources departments get a better picture of how workers are doing and whether they are happy in their jobs. The startup is looking to help HR departments with new tools to reduce turnover and better focus on employee retention.


A startup that lets you take a picture of a QR code, plug it in to the service of your choice, and automatically get an email with the link to a website that explains the code.


A startup that provides a service to take pictures of your house and sell it on your behalf


A tool that helps a company’s customer service team find the right people to hire for a job, even if they don’t have a clear picture of what the job should entail.


A startup that sells phone cases where the back of the case can be customized to show a picture of your child


A startup that sells cases that attach to iPads, allowing users to take notes using a stylus and take pictures right from the iPad.


A way to capture all the pictures and videos you take on a daily basis and tag them with location and relevant information.


A startup that lets users receive notifications when someone they follow on social media posts pictures of themselves.


This startup aims to make it easier for people to take pictures of their food, and to turn them into a food blog.


The company is building a platform that will allow users to take a picture of the items in their home and have it translated into a virtual reality experience.


A startup that wants to bring true visual search to the web. The startup uses AI to detect the objects in a picture or video, and then uses that data to power a search engine that can be used from anywhere.


This startup is building a platform for sharing pictures of food. It’s simple and turns the act of eating into a social activity. It’s a way to get people together around food and helps businesses promote their products in a way that’s both fun and useful.


A startup that helps users book doctors’ appointments from their phone, and provide medical history and pictures of themselves. It’s currently live in 10 major cities and has raised $1.6 million.


A startup that gets people to pay for a subscription to have someone come to their house and properly hang pictures


The idea of this startup is to fill the void that the daily news leaves out. By aggregating and creating content from the hundreds of sources they partner with, they aim to provide a complete picture of the news events happening around the world.


A startup that provides a service where you can have a professional take pictures of your possessions so that you can easily take inventory of your stuff


This company is building a tool to help people make sense of their medical records and for physicians to get a better picture of their patients.


The app helps put together a picture of your life, from your health to your home, and lets you share it with family and friends.


An iPhone-based app for tracking your health and habits, along with the data from your FitBit. The app averages out your personal data and presents a picture of how healthy you are overall.


A mobile app that allows you to manage your credit and debit card numbers with just your phone’s camera and a voice response. Circle uses the camera to take a picture of the card and then calls the number on the card to confirm it’s valid before linking it to your phone.


A platform that lets businesses share their data with their customers, enabling customers to do things like recommending items to each other or sharing pictures like Instagram.


A solution for the $4 trillion global oil market where producers don’t have reliable inventories and retailers don’t have a clear picture of demand or low prices. Oil can be stored in underground tanks and is more valuable if it’s in the right place. Oil Tracker aims to connect all the different stakeholders in the oil market.


"We now take a picture of a building, point the camera at the digital building model, and a 3D model of the building pops up over the image.”


A tool that can be used to create “mini apps” that can be used to run tiny tasks on a business’s phone, like taking a picture with a tablet, or looking up a restaurant’s location.


If you ever needed to take a picture of your data, this is the app for you. The camera-based app allows you to take pictures of your data and export it to a spreadsheet.


Helps hospitals and doctors in the US get a daily picture of their patient population.


A startup that helps users organize their pictures and videos through a mobile app. The startup has partnered with Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox.


A “dynamic” service that allows customers to take a picture of a receipt and have it automatically translated to 10 other languages. It also provides translation services for non-English speaking customers.


This startup is building a tool that breaks down the complexities of taking a picture of your receipts for tax purposes, as well as breaking down the process into a series of steps. It also aims to help you automate the process.


A social network for elderly people to check in and view pictures of their friends and family. The startup has already helped its first customer, a family member, locate her father and communicate with him (via text) over the phone.


This personal finance startup wants to help people build a complete and accurate picture of their finances. The startup itself is based on a DIY personal finance blog.


A mobile app that helps users take pictures of their food waste, then turns them into compost.


A new kind of social network for people who are interested in sharing their cat videos or pictures on Instagram.


A company that will pay you to take pictures of your local community.


A startup that lets you upload your pictures and videos and arrange them in easy-to-use slideshows for your friends and family.


A startup that helps small-to-medium-size businesses send sales emails with photo-realistic pictures.


This startup is building a product that allows users to quickly take a picture of their physical location and then instantly create a Google map of that location, allowing for quick and easy sharing of that location with others.


 A platform for people to make money by taking pictures of what they’re eating. It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to use than Instagram.


A social networking website where people can post pictures and videos of their cats


A social network that allows users to upload photos and videos of their pets and “adopt” them for a small fee. Users can search for a pet, add a bio, and a profile picture, and the company makes money from the adoption fees.


A web app that allows you to pay a delivery person with a credit card or a mobile app that lets you tap a picture of a receipt and pay the driver directly.


The idea behind the startup is that most companies have a “secret” culture they don’t want to share, so they hide it. It’s a way for employees to anonymously share a picture of a prospective employee’s work style and culture.


A platform that aggregates the content and deals of all of these deals to help investors get a comprehensive picture of deals happening across the world.


The startup wants to help you take better pictures and videos and save them in a single place. It’s called SoundSnap and it’s basically a mobile app that turns any camera into a video recorder.


Tired of waiting for your toothpaste to dry PictureTec wants to eliminate that problem with a device that heats your toothpaste up to allow you to brush it out completely. The device has a small fan that heats up to just under boiling, which they say keeps the toothpaste from drying out too quickly.


Idea: A startup that makes a camera that’s meant to be used for augmented reality, where it’s meant to allow you to take pictures of things that will show up in AR.


Idea: A startup that makes it easier for people to sell or donate their clothing. Users take a picture of their items and it’s automatically listed on a number of different online marketplaces.


Idea: A startup that wants to make shopping more convenient for consumers by personally taking pictures and videos of items on a store’s shelves, and allowing shoppers to buy the items immediately.


A startup that transfers the videos and pictures from your old phone to your new phone