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Pet Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides a service to hire someone to watch your pets so you can go on vacation


People love their pets, but when it comes to veterinary care, there’s a shortage of vets, and a high cost. PetMeds is building a subscription service that integrates with veterinarians to deliver pharmaceuticals and supplies to pets at home, where they can get better care and less expensively.


A social network that lets users find homes for pets


A tool that lets software developers build and share reusable code snippets.


A startup that provides a service where you can hire a professional to watch your pets so you don’t have to worry about them when you are on vacation or at work for long stretches of time


A platform for food delivery that wants to compete with GrubHub and Uber Eats.


In the US, over $15 billion is spent on advertising for pet care services, but there is currently no app-based service that lets you find a good pet sitter. Pet Care Hero wants to be the first.


A platform for ad-tech startups to compete with Google and Facebook


A pet tracking technology that lets you see where your dog is, even when they’re asleep


A startup that sells a product that helps people have a pet in their apartment when they move


A new kind of payment system that allows taxi owners to compete with Uber and Lyft. Instead of needing to call a dispatcher, riders can hail a cab in real-time and pay directly through the app.


A startup that’s building a mobile app that makes it easier for people to take photos of their pets for pet insurance.


A startup that provides a service where you can pay a monthly fee to have a local sitter take care of your pet


A startup co-founded by a former Googler, Qwant is trying to recreate some of the magic of the Google search results page with a new, more visual UI. The startup is trying to compete with Google for the European market.


The goal of this startup is to help consumers shop for services that match their needs, rather than relying on recommendations from friends and family. The company looks to compete with platforms like Groupon and LivingSocial by selling subscriptions that will take care of the customer. The startup is already working with a number of Wal-Mart and Kroger stores.


A social network for engineers, designed to compete with Stack Exchange and Quora.


The startup offers a service for home healthcare providers to create a payment plan for clients and get paid over time. It’s a service that competes with services like Care.com.


A company that makes customized, local, dog treat recipes. The startup is making a recipe book for pet owners.


A startup that will sell you gear that can help you monitor and control your pets remotely, with a focus on helping pet owners in developing countries.


The startup wants to show people the right stores in their area to buy virtual goods, like video games, virtual pets, and more.


A SaaS platform that wants to help U.S. businesses compete with Chinese suppliers.


A mobile-first marketplace for cleaning professionals. Movers manages bookings, invoicing, and customer service. The startup also offers a suite of cleaning services like carpet and upholstery cleaning, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning.


A platform for developing mobile apps that connects clients with developers. They’re not looking to compete with big agencies, but trying to fill a gap between startups and agencies. They’re currently attracting interest from small businesses with a few employees who are looking for a way to get high-level visibility and technical support to manage the complexity of building apps.


A startup that helps people buy and sell things locally through the app. Pricy is hoping to compete with services like Carousell and OLX, which have been operating in the same niche for years.


This startup is selling a product that makes it easier to show off your pets on Instagram by allowing people to take photos of their pets with their phones. Users can then share those photos on Instagram.


A startup that wants to provide on-demand errands to local residents. The startup wants to compete against services like DoorDash and Postmates.


A platform that helps small businesses find pet-friendly locations and protect against data breaches.


A software platform that allows people to buy and sell shares in companies for free or with as little as $5. The company is looking to compete with both traditional brokerages and stock exchanges like NASDAQ and the NYSE.


A new way to interact with your friends on Facebook. It’s a messaging app that lets you play games and compete against your friends.


PetMD is a vet-tech startup that helps pet owners with a range of services, from consulting to pet care. It has a “pet concierge” service to help owners with questions like what to feed their pets when taking them to the vet, and what food to pick up on the way home.


An ecommerce platform for pet-related products and services.


A startup that wants to compete with the likes of Yelp and Uber with a streamlined, all-in-one platform for restaurants and small businesses. It’s a one-stop shop for everything from customer scheduling, to sales and marketing, to communication between staff and owners.


A startup that wants to help people make money off their pets. It’s in early stages, but has already raised $145,000 in seed funding from AngelList.


A startup that helps people find the best deals on flights. Inspired by Tinder’s “swipe left” interface, buyer’s hunt for the best fares and sellers compete to get the most attention.


A startup that wants to help you build your own social network, but for animals. The startup wants to draw in fans and breeders of different pets like dogs and cats and help them stay in touch with each other.


A startup that brings house cleaners into the 21st century with their robo-carpet cleaning service.


A startup that lets you compete in a virtual world against other players to become the best trader


A platform that helps people find products and services that fit their needs, be it products for their home, furniture for their office, or services for their pets.


Builds and operates pet stores for online retailers.


Using a service that matches athletes to coaches, the company helps athletes compete more effectively.


 A startup which allows users to create their own apps for their pets. Users can add photos, videos, and GPS locations, and can set up various types of alerts, including sounds, actions, and location-based messaging.


A digital concierge that helps individuals connect with and plan services for their pets.


A digital-first finance company with a trading platform that lets investors share portfolios across accounts and invest using multiple currencies. The startup wants to compete with traditional brokerages by using a similar toolset.


An “invisible” credit card. The startup aims to use biometrics, like facial recognition, to replace physical credit cards. It’s first product is a “perpetual” card that can be used in lieu of a regular card.


A social network for pet owners, where owners can post photos of their pets, find like-minded people, and post and discuss questions about their choices for pets.


A startup that could help you find a new car. It’s also a web portal that helps car dealers compete with Tesla and other car brands


The startup is looking to help independent restaurants compete with the larger chains. It’s currently in closed beta and is looking for a round of funding.


A tool to help companies build and manage training programs. The startup wants to compete with other SaaS solutions by giving companies the ability to customize their programs.


A new kind of social network for content creators. The startup is building a way to help content creators share their work via messaging, voice and video, and wants to compete with platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.


This startup is building a solution for online merchants to get in-person estimates from home-based contractors. It’s aiming to help companies compete with those that don’t offer this service, and will charge a fee for the service.


A platform for building connected home products with a focus on security and automation. The startup aims to compete with existing standards like Thread and Nest that can manage connected devices.


A product that helps people spend time with a pet rather than a person


Manage your pets and keep track of their health from your smartphone


A live broadcast company for athletes and sports teams. The founders say they want to focus on live streams because of the way they’ve grown in the past few years. Their product is currently a free service, but the founders say they plan to add a paid service to compete with Facebook’s suite of sports and entertainment streams.


An “Ask-a-Vet” app that directs users to the nearest vet, and is backed by PetMed Express, a pet supply retailer.


This startup aims to “make data science a core competency for all public and private enterprises”, offering software and infrastructure.


A platform for building mobile applications for small businesses, with an easy-to-use dashboard. The startup is looking to compete with popular platforms like Square and Stripe.


A B2B company created to help dog-walkers and pet sitters book their customers’ pets online. They’ve completed a $1.5 million seed round, and plan to expand to the UK and Australia in the coming months.


A way to track dog and cat behavior. The startup is building a technology that monitors pet behavior, including sleep patterns, mood, and exercise.


This startup is building a service to help people find your dog, or any other pet for that matter.


A startup that helps users find and book local services like house cleaning or pet sitting.


A platform that allows users to have messaging conversations with their pets, with the company providing the service of getting their pets to say a phrase or a word through a mobile application.


This startup is building a platform to help companies find and vet talent. It’s based on “The Apprentice” format, where candidates are selected by a panel of experts and then compete in a series of challenges (e.g. an improv comedy show.)


A startup that’s building a platform for booking travel and hotel rooms. The company is aiming to compete with Expedia and Priceline.


 A small business that provides a software package for scheduling and tracking veterinary appointments for pet owners.


A social network for people who want to buy and sell real estate. It’s currently focused on the San Francisco Bay Area, and is intended to compete with Zillow and Trulia.


A platform that helps users find great deals from local businesses, but don’t have to go to the store. The startup sees itself competing with Groupon, although it hopes to target smaller businesses and compete with Groupon’s recent move to focus on higher-margin, bigger deals.


A smart lock that you control from your phone. The startup is looking to compete with smart locks like Kwikset, August, and Lockitron.


A startup for crowd-sourcing, developed by the founders of Yelp, to help providers compete for customers. It’s currently a beta app, but the founders say it will be available for businesses to use in the coming weeks. If it catches on, it could disrupt the way users find and book services by grouping a person’s needs in front of a provider that has been vetted by the community.


A startup that aims to be the "Uber of dog walks." The company plans to use the same GPS technology that powers Uber rides for a service that will be more convenient for pet owners.


 Founded in 2013, QuizUp is a trivia game where you compete against others for high scores. The startup has raised $1.5 million and is now making its way into Asia.


A workplace collaboration tool that seems to be built to compete with Slack, while building on the instant-messaging functionality of Riot.


A startup that provides a service for people who are in a crunch and need to get their carpets or floors cleaned


A startup that provides a service to help people get their pets set up in a new city


A startup that provides a service where you can post a free ad for your lost pet and it gets sent out to everyone in your


A startup that provides people with a service for packing up their pets and shipping them to a different city


A startup that provides a service where you can get a new pet and they’ll fly you out to pick it up (this is a real thing)


A startup that helps people clean up after their pets by selling an all-in-one tool that cleans up pet waste and then converts into a bag to carry it


Idea: A platform for managing ad campaigns for small businesses, meant to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google The company says it already has a few enterprise customers


Idea: TrackR aims to help keep track of your things, be it keys, pets, or anything else that you might lose The hardware is a small device that can connect via bluetooth to your phone


Idea: A new twist on insurance for freelancers. The startup is a high-deductible plan with a really low premium — that also includes a loan component. The startup says it’s looking to compete with a 1500% APR loan and offer a 1% interest loan.


Idea: A startup that aims to be “the Uber for trucking”, claiming that the transportation industry is a $7 trillion sector ripe for disruption. It has a similar pitch to Uber Freight, which focuses on helping smaller trucking companies compete with big shippers.