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by @levelsio

Personalized Startup Ideas

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A platform that connects customers to doctors and patients in a way that doesn’t require uploading even a single file. Patients can ask any doctor questions about anything, and get a personalized response in a few minutes.


A startup that wants to bring personalized tutoring to the world’s most remote regions, including rural India.


A startup that sells a personalized service for connecting international visitors with travel guides


A startup that provides a service for helping people create a personalized time capsule


A startup that provides a service for creating a personalized book for your child


A food delivery service that uses a network of personal chefs to create a personalized meal based on the order. The startup has also launched a restaurant-delivery service that provides delivery 24/7.


A startup that sends personalized emails to people based on their data, and the content of those emails is based on what the person is interested in.


A company that’s building a “Netflix for fitness”. The company wants to be able to provide “instant-on, personalized, scalable, and effective fitness programs”.


A tool that helps you manage your startup’s relationships with customers (or potential customers) via a “personalized” dashboard.


A software platform that allows people to create and share personalized marketing content.


a daily newsletter that sends a personalized digest to a user’s Google inbox


A startup that tracks your fitness, eating, and sleep habits and then sends you personalized emails, texts, and reminders.


A startup that does “personalized” financial planning for people who have a lot of money So, clients pay a fee and the financial planner talks with them and then helps them set up their investment portfolio


The company is building a platform that will allow people to land on a page with a listing of homes for sale, to create a profile, and then receive a personalized email to show homes that match their preferences.


A startup that wants to help people with depression and anxiety get the most out of life, by providing personalized recommendations on how


A way to create a personalized video that’ll show up on a flyer or in email


Using AI to help brands reach their customers with the most relevant ad campaigns. The startup offers a “personalized” message algorithm that’s meant to deliver ads that are more likely to be clicked.


This startup wants to provide users with a platform to create personalized content across different platforms. The company describes it as a Snapchat for creative expressions.


A startup that makes a “personalized financial advisor” out of your phone.


A startup that offers a text-based platform for live chat conversations with the aid of AI. The company is developing a chatbot that can provide personalized answers to questions.


A startup that helps people eat more healthily, by giving them personalized nutrition recommendations.


A startup that creates a “personalized customer journey” for a customer that goes through a number of services in their home, including electricians, cleaners, and more.


A new way to create personalized cards, with a variety of materials printed on the front. It’s a way to create business cards that are more meaningful than traditional business cards.


This is a startup that’s building a personalized fitness plan for you based on your fitness goals, and your preferences like what music you like, which music to play, and what kind of food you like. It’s like an Uber for fitness.


A team at the Harvard Business School is building a tool that can automatically tell the difference between the various types of ads you’re seeing on the web, and craft personalized, customized ads based on that data.


A startup that uses an AI-based algorithm to build personalized voice bots for e-commerce. The startup is currently in a closed beta and has 3 reports of revenue in 2019.


A platform for helping students better understand college loans, with an interactive quiz that helps students create a personalized repayment plan.


This startup is building software that allows you to make your own personalized and short videos for social media.


Pinlighter is an online service for drugstores that gives customers a fast, easy, and personalized way to comparison-shop for prescription drugs. The startup, which has raised $2.3M, was founded in October 2015 and now has more than 1,000 customers in the Chicago area.


The company is building a platform that brings restaurant recommendations to digital platforms, allowing users to receive a personalized dining experience that’s tailored to their preferences.


A web app that uses artificial intelligence to create real-time, personalized marketing campaigns.


A digital health platform for employees that allows them to book medical appointments, track usage, and get feedback from a doctor. The company wants to use machine learning to predict when employees are likely to need care, and to allow for more timely and personalized care, making it more efficient for employers.


An education startup that connects students with tutors and provides tutoring plans that are personalized for each student.


A company that helps businesses build their customer base, using an email tool that can send personalized content based on preferences.


This startup is building an app that helps people design their own personalized delivery drones. The drones will be powered by the startup’s own solar-powered drone charging technology.


 A company that allows schools to create their own personalized learning plan, tracking progress with data.


A new kind of recruiting site that’s much more personalized. It’s designed to be a social recruiting platform, but with a focus on “the right person for the right job”.


The company is building a platform so that retailers can create personalized in-store experiences based on what people are buying online.


A B2B startup that helps doctors use AI to create personalized medical records to help doctors better diagnose their patients.


A startup that helps people optimize their email lists with personalized emails and messages


A chatbot-based service that helps businesses sell to those in their target markets. Founded by two Interactive Advertising Bureau employees, the company wants to build “your friend in advertising” — a tool that helps you buy a product or service with a personalized conversation.


A tool that will help brands send out personalized marketing campaigns to users based on their personal purchase history.


A startup that aims to simplify the creation of email marketing campaigns. A typical campaign might include dozens of email addresses, personalization, and a list of recipients. The startup empowers marketers to create a single email campaign, and include as many personalized variables as they want.


A platform for personalized digital health, a healthcare app that uses AI to help users think more about what’s good for their health and less about how to check off boxes on a calendar.


This startup is building a tool to help people find the best doctors, dentists and other medical professionals in their area. The startup is looking to build out a health care recommendation system based on personalized data from the patient’s current doctor. Gives the patient a recommendation, which is then sent to the doctor, where they can then make a decision on how to proceed. The company is looking to launch in early 2021.


 The startup is building an intelligent vending machine that allows consumers to receive personalized offers based on their offline behavior.


A startup that uses machine learning to provide its more than two million members personalized financial advice. Users input their financial goals and the startup generates a personalized financial plan.


A startup that lets companies send out personalized deals to customers via text message


Making your online shopping experience more personalized.


A startup that lets people set up personalized meetings with the people they want to meet.


Helping its customers to find the best rates on energy usage for their own home. EnergyIQ is building a platform to help its customers save money by offering personalized energy rates.


A platform that helps busy people manage their finances, including personalized budgeting and credit card management suggestions.


A “smart hotel” that seeks to provide guests with a personalized experience and optimize their stay. The startup is currently in stealth mode.


A startup that helps companies like Adidas and Under Armour connect with their customers by building out personalized shopping experiences.


A personalized video strategy for people with diabetes, including training and materials. The company is looking to build a community of users to help them monetize the platform.


Connects businesses to customers in a more centralized and personalized way.


A tool for managing and engaging customers, allowing businesses to create “personalized and contextually relevant content for customers and prospects”.


A startup that uses machine learning to provide personalized recommendations and content to customers.


A startup that produces custom, personalized, video profiles of students for online universities to use in marketing and recruiting.


A mobile app that creates “personalized news, alerts and recommendations for every user” — a sort of personalized news, or “Facebook for you”.


A startup that offers personalized workouts based on how your body moves during those activities. The startup’s first clients are in the health and fitness sector, but they hope to expand to other sectors like education or corporate wellness.


This startup provides a platform for people to to create a ‘personal AI’ to help them track and manage their personal data. They use data from your emails, social media, and web browsing to help you monitor your data, and create a personalized AI to help you manage your personal data, with the data you give them being anonymized.


A tool to help people get mortgages, which combines the small business loan market with the personalized loan market. It’s currently in private beta.


This startup is building a tool that offers personalized online marketing advice to companies.


A “personalized, shared library” for users.


A technology that helps people shop and eat healthier by offering personalized recommendations based on their health history.


A platform that helps universities and colleges create personalized online learning programs for students and teachers.


A startup that aims to bring the benefits of digital health to people who need them. It hopes to use AI to give patients personalized advice on their treatment, based on their genetics and prior medical history.


A company that wants to turn grocery shopping into a personalized, on-demand experience


A health care startup developing a personalized AI-based platform for health care and insurance.


A subscription-based service for managing and sharing your money. The company is building a service for people who want a personalized, financial dashboard, but don’t want to pay the hefty $200 per month that a traditional financial advisor charges.


A startup that’s building a tool that will allow people to send personalized messages to their bosses.


A tool that allows people to create their own personalized product pages on Etsy by uploading photos and text.


This startup is building a service for individuals to control the music they listen to and set their own personalized playlists.


A tool for building personalized career/life plans, with a focus on the intersection of business and spirituality.


[email protected] is an email marketing tool that allows businesses to send personalized anonymous email messages to customers at scale.


A connected car service that uses data from the car for the driver and the device for the company. It uses the data to create personalized recommendations and “intelligent insights”. It currently has over 3,000 cars on its platform.


A SaaS platform for digital advertising, which allows advertisers to manage their budgets and deliver more personalized ads by understanding the intent of the consumer. The startup says they have $5-6k in revenue since launching in May.


A startup that provides a service where you can get a personalized letter from a celebrity (ie Barack Obama, Bill Gates, etc)


A digital platform for health providers to provide a hospital-like service to patients. Doctors can see a patient’s health in real-time and send them personalized health recommendations.


A platform that allows users to create their own personalized recipes within the app. The startup is trying to make it easier for people to make their own meal plans and recipes.


A company that uses data science to map your fitness routine, providing you with a personalized fitness plan that maximizes your time and energy while respecting your personal limits.


A startup that provides personalized stock investment advice to individuals


A personalized, curative music therapy service for hospitals, created by a company that focuses on using music to treat mental illnesses.


This startup helps you create a custom, personalized social media account. Their first customers are people looking to save money on their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.


A company that uses a personalized approach to help a person change a habit by writing a custom program to help an individual cut down on a certain behavior.


A startup that creates “personalized content” for companies that are sharing content with their employees.


The startup wants to help employers get more out of their employees by making the job experience more personalized. They have a service that tracks the details of a worker’s life and turns it into a personalized, detailed online resume.


Starts with a wish list on Amazon, then sends the link to the gift recipient who can then pick out items. The company wants to build a personalized gift registry service on Amazon that’s easy for shoppers to use.


A data scientist-powered machine learning platform for the retail industry, enabling retailers to serve customers with personalized, real-time recommendations for their shopping trips.


A personalized credit card design. The startup helps users pick a card design, receive it in the mail, and start using it.


A digital concierge service that connects users directly to local service providers for personalized service.


A startup that wants to help companies use their data to help people make better decisions about health care, building a “personalized insurance” service for patients.


A platform connecting small-to-medium-size businesses with large-scale customers. The startup allows companies to create personalized sales campaign strategies with brands, based on the customer data they have on hand.


A personalized VR/AR experience that lets you physically interact with objects to create a unique experience.


A company that helps companies manage their email marketing campaigns through a tool that allows them to create and send personalized emails to customers who have expressed an interest in a brand.


A way for companies to create and store data about their customers, so they can be targeted with personalized advertising.


This is a company that is trying to connect people with their local businesses, which can be a difficult task. Local businesses may not know how to reach out to a prospective customer, and customers may not know where to begin looking for a local business. The company is working with businesses to send out personalized emails to those customers, so that the business can reach out to the local customers.


A startup that wants to help you “make money while you sleep” through its web-based app that saves personal finance data, generates personalized reports, and helps you automate transactions.


A small wearable device that fits comfortably on your wrist. The company wants to build a health-tracking device that tracks your activity, sleep, and heart rate, and syncs with your phone to show you personalized stats.


A startup that sells videos of people doing things that they are good at and then they give the people who buy the videos personalized lessons on how to do the things that they’ve learned


Idea: Personalized, affordable health insurance for every American


Idea: A “personalized” bot that helps customers order and track shipping from stores The team says they’ve already generated $50,000 in revenue so far


Idea: A personalized shopping service that helps users find the perfect gifts for their friends and family. Users share the kinds of experiences and activities they like, and the company finds things they’ll like.


Idea: A startup that helps retail businesses create personalized images and videos for their products. The company’s CEO says that the startup’s technology has already been used to create over 3,000 videos, and the startup has generated $50,000 in revenue so far.


A software company that helps marketers deliver personalized emails by integrating with CRM and email marketing software.


A startup that helps people with their personal finances using machine learning and personalized dashboards


A startup that helps people find the best time to travel by providing personalized flight information and pricing The idea is to provide a better customer experience and a better chance at getting a cheaper ticket The startup says that it can save customers up to $300 annually on their air