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Paying Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps people manage their money, including budgeting and paying bills. The company wants to become a finance hub for consumers.


A startup that makes the process of paying taxes fun.


A SaaS platform to help companies quickly build and manage apps using public and private cloud. The company is currently cash-flow positive with over 100 paying customers.


A startup that promises to be the next Uber for the taxi industry. Instead of incentivizing drivers by paying them directly, they’ll pay the driver’s customer base.


A self-storage company that provides monthly payment structures to make customers feel like they’re paying less in rent than they actually are.


Building a platform for talent recruiters, which shows them exactly how much they should be paying for a new hire.


The startup’s founders say that since launching a year ago, they’ve had over 6,000 paying customers.


A startup that helps freelancers get paid up front, then moves that money to a business account if they don’t get enough gigs booked in a given period of time. Today it has paying customers in the US, UK, and Australia, and is profitable.


A startup that brings the power of an “off-the-shelf” product like Uber or Airbnb to the small business owner. It makes the process of hosting, booking, and paying for a service as easy as booking a flight or an Uber.


A startup that looks to make it easier for the elderly to get a second smartphone. They’re looking to make it easy for the elderly to get a second smartphone when they’re already paying high smartphone bills. They’re launching in a few months and have already received a $250,000 investment from an angel group in the Valley that helps solve “pioneering problems in emerging markets.”


A startup that wants to solve the “capital management” problem for enterprise software startups. Instead of companies managing all of their own financial resources, they plan to provide a service that helps startups manage their capital, paying for those resources as needed.


A new way of paying for groceries using a credit card, with the goal of helping people make healthier, more affordable choices.


A financial services startup that helps companies and employees track their cash flow and financial status. The company is building a software platform that says can help companies manage their funds, from paying employees and issuing paychecks to buying inventory.


A startup that helps people find a way to pay for college that is better than what they are paying now, provided they can handle the debt on their own


A software company that aims to help employers and HR departments manage the cost of employee benefits. It aims to make it easier for employers to understand what they’re paying and how to improve it. They’re currently in talks with banks to offer a new product.


A platform for paying people who do things like plow your driveway and mow your lawn.


A tool for helping people pay off their student loans. The company has already started paying off over $3 million in loans for people who took out their student loans in the 1990s.


A tool to help event producers manage their social media posts, customer service, and other communications. It’s an ad-free, content-focused social media management tool with 15,000 paying customers.


A company that helps small businesses get paid faster by paying out on their paychecks before they’re due.


A startup that wants to build a “pay it forward” model, where people volunteer to pay for others’ purchases in the name of “paying it forward”. It’s a bit like the Amazon Dash, but with the automatic donation of the $5 to the cashier instead of the Amazon account.


A payment platform that allows users to make payments without constantly having to pull out their phones. It’s meant to allow payments to happen in the background and utilize location data to make sure the person paying the bill can’t pay it twice.


The idea is to help homeowners get a mortgage without paying a mortgage broker.


A startup that offers a platform that allows subscribers to pay for new channels using their trial subscription. This allows them to add all the channels they want without paying a bundle of money.


A company that helps businesses in the US and Canada use “reloads” from clients in China to avoid paying Chinese taxes


The startup wants to bring order to the insurance claims process by cutting out the paperwork and paying a claims adjuster to handle the paperwork for you.


A way to make paying taxes easier, with a tool that lets you pay your taxes in a way that’s more efficient than the IRS’ online tools. The startup also wants to make the tax process more predictable and transparent by providing a taxpayer’s tax form for every state, and giving an estimate of what the liability is.


A way for businesses to get name-brand products without paying the mark-up.


A simple solution that allows people to track and pay for their electricity, gas, and water bills. The company wants to make paying bills easier than it is today and aims to cut costs for customers as a result.


A company that aims to simplify the process of buying and selling used goods online in the US, and in the UK, with the aim to make it easier than eBay or Craigslist. The startup currently has 2,000 members, each paying a monthly fee.


A platform for recruiters, meant to help them find talent. The startup, which was founded in May, already has 2 paying customers.


Tired of paying hefty overdraft fees, this startup wants to make banks obsolete and hand them over to their customers, who can then pay bills and get cash advances directly from their bank accounts.


This startup helps users of their service keep track of their prescriptions and keep track of their pill tracking. The startup currently has a 10% retention rate, and one customer from Taiwan is paying them $6,500 per month.


A credit card that rewards its customers for giving back to the community. Instead of paying a flat fee for the credit card, customers are charged based on the number of points they earn for charitable donations.


A product that helps brands increase their Instagram influence without paying for it.


A home security company that uses sensors to monitor the security of a home or building, paying users a fee for each intrusion detected.


A company that aims to make the process of paying for parking more efficient, by allowing drivers to pay for parking on-the-go.


A tool for paying contractors on a monthly basis, designed to be simple and easy to use for small businesses.


A software company that helps businesses figure out how much they’re paying for electricity, and then sets up a cash flow model to ensure they’re using less electricity. The company has a database of over 1,000 utility companies that it uses to calculate the cost of electricity.


Employees can request a new car or plane ticket, with the company paying for it. It’s like a traveler’s club without the fees.


A micro-task marketplace to help people find work, and help businesses manage the process of hiring and paying, while getting more things done.


Shoppers are no longer satisfied with the bulky, slow, and expensive payment options available today. Shift wants to provide the option of paying with cash at local stores.


A digital wallet for people who need to make international transfers. The startup, which has raised $7.5 million to date, says that customers can now use their accounts to transfer funds to other countries while paying lower fees.


A platform for quickly getting and paying for the right medication. The startup has raised $10,000 from the University of Pennsylvania Startup Weekend.


A simple, online platform for paying bills.


A consumer loan app for the unbanked. The startup aims to scale its startup base, paying them to lend to unbanked consumers.


Idea: A cashback service for blockchain payments (eg paying with bitcoin for a meal at a restaurant)


A startup that’s building a “self-serve” payment system for restaurants. It’s a product of the food-tech world, with the goal of streamlining the process of paying for orders.


Idea: An online marketplace for work-at-home jobs, like editing, transcription, and customer service The startup has raised $125 million in funding from angel investors and is currently paying out $1,000 per week in revenue


Idea: A platform for managing the entire process of developing, tracking and paying for a freelance project


Idea: A startup that allows local musicians to advertise their music by paying with cryptocurrency


Idea: A software that helps people build a personal website with their own domain name It also helps them build an email address on their domain The company says it has over 1,000 paying customers


Idea: A mobile app for keeping laundry and dry cleaning on schedule and paying bills


Idea: A startup that provides a way to centrally manage a company’s information security and compliance in a single platform The startup says they have 15 enterprise customers paying $10,000/month each


Idea: A startup that wants to connect freelancers with large companies The company says it has a “sizable pipeline” of customers and has already signed up its first paying client, a “large financial services company”


Idea: A SaaS for student loans that helps borrowers keep track of their loans and what they’re paying, as well as offers advice.


Idea: A B2B product that helps doctors get paid faster by sharing their patient data with insurance companies. IntelliCare says it’s already working with 5 pilots and 2 paying customers.


Idea: The team is building a web app that allows people to buy a single-letter domain name for $10. It’s a two-sided marketplace, with the buyer and the seller both paying a 10% fee.


Idea: A platform for social media managers to collect data on the best performing content for their social media accounts. They have 3 paying social media managers and 20 open beta users.


Idea: A startup that has built an interface for lawyers in the US to file patents. The software has been in beta for a few months and has 20 paying customers.


Idea: A software solution for service businesses. In addition to helping workers get paid on time, it helps businesses get paid on time by tracking invoices and showing clients how close they are to paying off their balance.