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Particular Startup Ideas

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An AI that is trained to help determine the price of a particular asset, and automatically alert buyers and sellers when it sees an opportunity to make an investment.


This startup is building a system to help engineers understand the best ways to program to particular chips.


A “human-powered” startup that helps people to organize tasks and conversations around a particular topic.


A startup that provides a service where someone will help you to write the perfect cover letter for a particular job


The Startup Genome is a biannual report on the state of entrepreneurship. It is produced by a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The report is based on interviews with founders about their businesses, the challenges they face, and their plans for the future. The report is intended to give entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem in a particular country, and to help predict trends between countries.


A tool for connecting people with a shared interest in a particular topic


This startup promises to bring a more human element to AI-based design. Their app takes the complexity of designing AI and makes it simple by using the color wheel to explain how a particular neural network works.


A company building software that helps banks manage loans, with a particular focus on reducing the number of payments.


A new company that wants to help people in need, particularly those who can't afford to buy an iPhone. The founders say that for a typical customer, "you'd have to work about 30 years to pay off a plan that costs $350."


A search engine focused on finding the most relevant articles about a particular topic. The startup is building the search around data from more than 190 million sources across the web. It was recently featured on the HBO show Silicon Valley.


A system that helps people connect the dots between their physical and digital lives, that helps them understand the world around them. People can use the app to find out if someone has talked about them on social media, see if they’ve visited a particular location, and snap a photo of an item they want to buy and see if they can find it elsewhere.


A startup that aims to deliver affordable, high-quality storage to the home. The company is focusing on a particular vertical, which is a new one.


A company that makes satellite communication easier for small businesses, in particular those whose suppliers are overseas.


A shopping platform that’s a hybrid between Amazon and Alibaba. The company is looking to expand, with a particular focus on India, South America, and Asia.


A resource for finding the best yoga classes and teachers in a particular city. The company also wants to develop a global directory of yoga studios.


A startup that’s building a “person search engine” for all the people in a particular location, including registered business, registered residents, and registered vehicles


A “pre-purchase” platform that helps people make decisions on whether or not they should buy a particular item. The goal is to help people save for the future without having to waste time or money on unnecessary purchases.


A startup building a delivery network for equipment and equipment-related items, particularly those in the industrial market.


A platform to save money on airline tickets for frequent travelers. The company’s software automatically determines how much you’d pay each way to get to a particular destination, based on your previous travel history.


With this startup, you can get a custom, one-of-a-kind shirt, crewneck sweater, or a onesie with your favorite movie character’s face on it. They want to build a brand for fans of a particular movie or TV show to wear with pride.


A startup that lets you create a schedule of classes and events for the school year for a particular student.


A platform for managing the career of a single individual. The company’s goal is to give a platform to employers to manage the career of a single individual. The platform is particularly interesting because it would allow a company to manage the career of a single individual.


The startup is building a tool for customizing software for a particular application or job, and making the process of creating custom software easier.


A platform that helps companies build their own “anchor stores” — the “experiences” that people want to do in a particular city. For example, a company like Amazon might want to open up a store in San Francisco, but they’re not the first company to do so. The startup builds out a list of all the other stores in the area, and allows companies to apply to open up a new one.


A tool to help people make and sell their own physical products online, particularly since they’ve already gone through the work of designing them.


This startup is building a social network for doctors and patients to share experiences and track how a patient is doing on a particular ailment.


A tool that allows people to find out the cheapest way to drive to a particular location.


A platform for sharing knowledge, with a particular focus on the medical profession. The startup wants to cut the time doctors spend on paperwork, allowing them to have more time for patient care.


This company has developed a way to help homeless people decide if an apartment is worth locking down before signing a lease. The app, which is currently being tested in San Francisco, is meant to help people make better decisions about where to live, and could be particularly helpful for the homeless.


A way to organize Facebook groups, particularly those that take after the real-world meetup and community model


A community where you can ask a curated team of experts for advice on a particular topic.


A tool for finding out how much a particular product costs on Amazon.


A startup that’s built a tool for companies to learn about their customers in order to optimize their experience. It’s currently being used by a particular customer, and the company says it has data from around 50 other clients.


San Francisco-based startups, the city is famous for being “the capital of startups.” However, in recent years, the city has begun to lose its startup scene to other locales in the Bay Area, particularly Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco itself.


An offering that gives e-commerce businesses a way to track orders, which is particularly useful for online retailers in China and India.


This is a startup using machine learning to make recommendations of the best items to buy on Amazon for a particular category.


A business management tool for logistics companies, geared towards help desk in particular. The startup wants to help logistics companies be more flexible with their hours and be better at managing the flow of information from customers.


A company that uses machine learning to aid the recruiting process by using visual cues to help recruiters spot people better suited for a particular role.


A project management app for startups, meant to be particularly useful in the digital sector.


A platform to help guide a user through a particular process to achieve a goal.


This startup helps you identify and book a doctor for a particular ailment in a matter of minutes.


A platform for organizing and sharing resources, especially by those with expertise in a particular field or trade.


This startup is building a system that can help a central authority know a lot about a given community, including the political, religious and social values of a particular population.


A company that makes 3D printing filament for 3D printers. According to the company, “no one else makes what we make”, which is particularly important for companies that are new to 3D printing.


A micro-purchase tool for students to pay a particular school a specific amount, and also a tool for teachers to track the progress of a group of students. The startup was founded in July.


Want to know exactly how much money you spend on a particular product, or how much revenue that particular product generates SaaS company Vitable wants to help.


A software company that starts by building a predictive model for which loans are more likely to default and then uses that model to predict which loans are particularly risky. The company then buys up those loans and uses them as collateral for insurance on other loans.


A startup that wants to help online shoppers find the best deal on a particular item, without having to wait for the item to be delivered. The startup is offering a marketplace, and a tool to help online merchants optimize their inventory so they can sell more.


A startup that aims to fix the lack of data that exists on small businesses, particularly those in the food industry.


A company that sells solutions for hosting and running private events, with a particular focus on weddings and parties.


A tool that makes it easier to use photo editing software, with a particular focus on Instagram.


A startup that sells books for people who are particular about the fonts, spacing, etc of the books they read


Idea: An online backup service that uses encryption to protect data from anyone other than the owner of a particular account


Idea: A business that helps companies build and manage lists of users who are interested in a particular product The company has a subscription model, and its largest customer is in the pharmaceutical industry