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Parking Startup Ideas

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A tool for assessing the value of real estate assets like buildings, parking lots, and more.


A startup that lets people easily find nearby parking garages.


A startup that hopes to help people save money by getting them to share their unused parking spots with strangers with the goal of getting more free parking spots for more people.


This company is building an app that aims to help cities with data, allowing them to run services like parking and waste collection more efficiently.


A mobile app for finding last-minute parking spots.


The app acts as a digital wallet for your car, helping you use your phone to buy gas and get directions, and to pay for parking and tolls in the city.


A mobile app for finding the closest parking spot to where you’re going, with the ability to pay for it with a credit card.


This startup is building an app that lets drivers pay for parking in advance from inside the app.


A startup that connects people with free parking spots in their neighborhoods


A mobile app that helps people find nearby parking as they drive for their carpools, ride-hailing, or public transit.


A software platform that helps cities find their best locations for parking garages and lots for cars.


A startup that helps users find parking spots in San Francisco.


 A platform to help people pay for parking in a city using a smartphone.


A platform that tracks traffic, parking, and sanitation data from businesses to help them make better decisions about where to open new locations.


Idea : A mobile app that enables people to quickly book and pay for their parking tickets in the UK.


A simple way to find and pay for parking in the city of Chicago


A platform that lets users post their car in a parking lot and it will come back to them when they need it.


A company that is building a platform for managing “smart” cities. The company wants to create a tool that helps cities manage resources like energy, parking, and transportation.


A startup that helps you find and book parking. The startup wants to help people find parking at a garage, and book it via their app.


A mobile app for finding parking and other services near your destination, with a built-in contact list to save you time. It’s inspired by Uber’s surge pricing and lets you set your own price and availability as well.


A smart parking meter that allows drivers to pay for parking by the hour.


A software company that provides a mobile app to help people find the best parking spot at their destination. The company uses machine learning to optimize parking options, and then tracks and visualizes that data.


This app helps people find parking spots in downtown areas and is available in the San Francisco Bay Area.


An online platform to help people find and pay for parking in their area. It’s one of the first app-only parking companies in the space that’s grown to 1,500 employees after raising $200M from investors.


A platform that helps cities manage their parking data, allowing cities to make data-driven parking policies.


There are a lot of companies that help people find parking, but now there’s one that helps people find parking at home.


A parking app that matches drivers with parking spaces based on availability, demand, and proximity to events. In this case, it’s a pop-up that shows up in the app when there’s a space available, whether that be in a lot or garage.


Startup that builds a platform to pay for parking with a credit card.


A way to pay for parking and city transit in order to reduce traffic and keep cities green.


A new app that helps drivers find nearby parking spaces, navigate parking garages, and pay for their parking through their phone.


The goal of the company is to replace the lack of dedicated parking spots for delivery people by creating a “park and pay” system.


A startup that offers an online subscription service to pay for parking in downtown San Francisco. The startup also offers a mobile app that allows customers to pay for parking without going into an office.


A “tech startup” which, in their words, “builds and operates a network of high-speed automated parking garages for self-driving vehicles.”


A travel booking platform that connects consumers with local businesses to offer services like free airport parking, meal discounts, or access to free Wi-Fi.


A platform for on-demand valet parking. The startup provides in-car valet parking services for thousands of drivers in San Francisco.


A platform that allows for GPS-enabled payments where customers can pay for parking at over 3,000 locations in the U.S. via their smartphone.


A parking management startup that wants to disrupt the parking industry by providing a digital dashboard for parking garages and lots.


A way to track parking tickets and fines, and to track meter time for parking tickets.


A startup that helps you find free and cheap parking in NYC, Baltimore and Los Angeles. It’s already live in NYC, and will expand to LA and Baltimore in the coming months.


A parking app that uses remote parking sensors to find available parking for drivers.


A mobile platform that helps users find nearby parking via mobile device. The startup is building the technology from ground up, with a new API that can be used by parking lot owners and app developers to get parking data.


A Chicago-based startup that wants to make parking a breeze using an app that allows drivers to pay for parking via their phone.


A company that aims to make the process of paying for parking more efficient, by allowing drivers to pay for parking on-the-go.


A startup that is building a mobile app to help drivers avoid parking tickets. They’re also looking to partner with local governments.


The company wants to help the city of London manage its parking meters with a system that’s less expensive and more efficient than London’s current system.


A startup that builds a network of air-conditioned lockers to provide secure bike parking and storage for members.


A way to track and communicate with homeowner associations that manage common areas like pool, parking and landscaping. The startup has raised $40,000 in seed funding from angel investors.


A mobile app for people who ride bikes and want to find parking.


A company that helps users make the most of their commercial parking spaces with a customizable experience that includes payment and, uniquely, a concierge-like experience for their visitors.


A company that allows you to find, and negotiate, the best price for a parking space.


A startup that’s helping cities create parking tickets that can be paid online, saving money and time. The startup is looking to hire a few engineers to build out its backend.


A startup that helps people find free or discounted parking. The startup says it’s been profitable in the last year.


A mobile payment app that allows you to pay for things like groceries, utilities, parking, etc. in real time, allowing you to settle your bill instantly through your phone.


A tool that helps you find and book carpools, helping you save money on gas and parking


A tool allowing people to find and book a parking spot in cities like Chicago or New York.


A mobile app that gives users the ability to pay for parking in advance.


This startup aims to make it easier for people to pay for parking tickets, by building an app for parking enforcement agencies that lets them pay directly from their phone.


A tool to help people get around parking on campus, and to help them find parking as easily as they can book a hotel room.


A smartphone app that allows users to find the nearest parking spot or garage. The startup expects to have customers in 80 cities by the end of the year and has received $2.5 million in funding from investors including Y Combinator and Comcast Ventures.


A mobile app that allows you to find nearby empty parking spots, then pay for them via NFC.


The startup behind a new parking app that uses a “floating fee” to charge drivers for the time they spend looking for parking.


This app helps people find parking spots near their destinations


A group of engineers and designers developing a scanner and mobile app to make it easier for people to find parking and ticket free spots.


A new way to pay for parking. Rather than pay by the hour, you pay by the week on a pay-as-you-go basis. The idea is that it eliminates parking tickets and increases utilization, and the company says it’s already in over 500 cities and 30,000 businesses.


A startup looking to create a new way for people to save money on parking by creating a marketplace for parking in cities.


This startup is developing an app for people to find parking spots in the city. It relies on real estate data, and also uses images of parked cars to supplement the real estate data.


A new way to pay for parking, that cuts out the need to pay with a credit card, and lets you pay online.


A startup that helps people find cheaper or free parking by aggregating and ranking parking lots and garages.


Idea: Find open parking spaces in San Francisco


Idea: A startup that helps people find a parking spot via an app that uses data from local businesses about where they think spots will open up


Idea: This startup lets you pay for your parking in Atlanta.


Idea: This startup is a marketplace for food trucks to find parking in major US cities. It’s led by a team of engineers who previously


Idea: A startup that offers expense reimbursements as a service to businesses. It helps companies pay for things like gas, parking, and hotel rooms.


 A startup that helps people rent out their extra parking spaces


A startup that creates a system that allows people to rent out their parking spaces