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by @levelsio

Paper Startup Ideas

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“Best of Philly” Awards by the Philadelphia City Paper:


A startup that provides a service to help people get their paperwork organized for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services


A startup that wants to help you save money on your toilet paper, but also wants to be the company to make the best toilet paper in the world.


A startup that helps large companies switch to paperless invoicing and build a digital workflow to track their expenses and expenses of their vendors.


A startup that sells laser-cut, customizable paper for planners, journals, planners, notebooks, and more


A startup that provides a service to help people with their immigration paperwork (basically lawyer) A startup that provides an alternative to Airbnb for people to rent out their homes (which they are not living in)


A software platform for publishing academic papers and hosting conferences, designed for scientists, researchers, and students.


An online marketplace for home health-care services to cut down on paperwork and increase efficiency.


A platform for small business owners to manage the paperwork needed to start a company.


 A company that helps employers and employees manage insurance plans. Their software allows the employer to manage a healthcare plan in a more centralized manner with less paperwork, and provides employees with a more affordable option to access healthcare.


A platform for people to sell their used cars online. When a buyer agrees to buy your car, the app will handle the paperwork and payment.


A platform that helps companies create a digital open-book management system. The startup wants to help companies automate their paperwork and cut down on costs.


A startup that wants to take the friction out of the process of purchasing a home. Instead of going through a bank, you can do all the paperwork online.


A paperless way to order and manage airline tickets.


This startup is building a platform to help people get money from friends and family. The company uses a paper check system that’s more commonly used in developing countries, and it plans to roll it out in the US, Canada, and Europe. They recently raised $1.5M in a seed round.


A startup that converts a paper invoice into a digital one


building a tool to help small businesses manage their paper files, like sales invoices, in a way that’s really convenient for everyone. The startup’s CEO says that they’ve already sold their product to three big companies.


The startup wants to bring order to the insurance claims process by cutting out the paperwork and paying a claims adjuster to handle the paperwork for you.


A startup that’s building a browser-based tool for anyone to create and manage their own virtual or online paperless bank account.


A way to do peer review for scientific papers, allowing scientists to post their work directly as a paper on the internet and ask for feedback from the scientific community.


A startup that works with the insurance industry to help streamline claims procedures, saving companies from having to send thousands of paper denial letters every year.


A startup that wants to help people in developing nations to access the global stock market in a way that helps them avoid high fees and complicated paperwork.


A startup that lets people order a custom-designed paper or canvas print of their daily life.


A startup that has built a platform that converts paper-based resumes into digital versions that can easily be shared via email.


A tool to help businesses convert old school paper invoices and receipts into digital ones.


A tool to help with contract and legal paperwork.


A startup that focuses on helping businesses organize their bills, invoices, and other financial paperwork.


A digital platform for those who operate small businesses (like restaurants, cafes, and beauty salons) to serve as a one-stop shop to track and manage their business. It’s a tool that aggregates all of the paper and online paperwork into a single platform.


SaaS business that helps small companies in India create paper-free operating procedures.


A company that helps hospitals and other medical facilities cut down on expensive paper records.


Building a mortgage application and loan application that takes traditional paperwork out of the equation and runs it through an AI engine.


This startup is looking to replace the whole process of writing a paper from a researcher to publishing it in peer reviewed journals, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


A startup for paperless invoices and accounting.


Built for the fashion industry, the startup is trying to help companies manage the extensive paperwork of their operations and inventory.


The company sells a tool that allows you to take a photo of a paper receipt and get an instant quote for your repair job.


A platform for sharing knowledge, with a particular focus on the medical profession. The startup wants to cut the time doctors spend on paperwork, allowing them to have more time for patient care.


A B2B company that provides customers with a toner printer that prints directly onto their paper


A company building a unified communications automation tool for companies to help streamline messaging and reduce paper. The product aims to make messaging easier and more effective.


A solution for managing and storing information in the physical world, from paper records to files to folders.


A web-based platform for organizing your life, sharing with friends and family, and managing your daily activities. Notable for its “paperless” interface, which lets you create to-do lists and share them with others.


A startup for small suppliers of everyday office supplies (like computer cables or paper clips) and small businesses to buy and sell them.


A platform that helps businesses like accounting, legal, and human resources departments manage the paperwork, invoicing, and payments for companies all in one place.


A startup that’s looking to make a white paper for every financial transaction, enabling business and regulators to make sense of it all.


This startup wants to bring the benefits of paperless medical records to India. They’re currently looking to partner with hospitals in India to make it easier to transfer medical records.


This startup’s product lets small businesses manage their employees’ paperwork. It was founded in 2014 by two former BBVA executives.


A “mobile-first, paperless” way to handle banking


The startup holds a patent on a new type of printing process that uses a liquid to transfer the ink to the paper, eliminating many of the problems with traditional printing. The startup now wants to take that technology and apply it to the production of everything from paper to fabric.


The company wants to create a crowdsourced set of office supplies, including note paper, highlighters, a notepad, a pens, a pen holder, a pencil sharpener, a stapler, a paper clip, a paper clip holder, a red pen, a whiteboard marker, a dry erase marker, a mini eraser, a phone stand, a paper clip holder, a USB, a business card holder, a clipboard, a sticky note pad, a notepad, a pen, a pencil, a highlighter, a pencil sharpener, a dry erase marker, a stapler, a paper clip, a paper clip holder, a USB, a business card holder, a clipboard, a sticky note pad, a notepad, a pen, a pencil, a highlighter, a pencil sharpener, a dry erase marker, a stapler, a paper clip, a paper clip holder, a USB, a business card holder, a clipboard, a sticky note pad, a notepad, a pen, a pencil, a highlighter, a pencil sharpener, a dry erase marker, a stapler, a paper clip, a paper clip holder, a USB, a business


A company that helps teachers get better at teaching. The startup is currently in a pilot with a few hundred teachers in Philadelphia and New York City, and has been in Y Combinator since November. It aims to take out the headache of grading papers and lesson plans.


A software company that sells paperless medical records to hospitals


A software company that helps employees manage their finances and track spending in a way that’s more effective than spreadsheets and paper.


A Web3-enabled P2P marketplace to buy and sell electricity. The company has a white paper in development and a prototype.


A startup that pays people to do research on topics they are interested in which is then written up into a paper and sold to students


A startup that sells an online service to help companies save money by reducing the amount of paper they use


A startup that helps people find and order moving supplies (like boxes, tape, paper, labels, etc)


Idea: SaaS for managing fleets of vans and trucks, aiming to reduce costs and administrative headaches by streamlining receipts, invoices, and other paperwork.


Idea: A startup that helps people find and fill out the paperwork needed to set up a business in the US. The startup says it’s already connecting people to over 50 different service providers and it plans to extend its services to other countries.


Idea: A startup that helps companies deal with the paperwork around events. The company’s pitch is that there’s a lot of red tape to navigate for things like conferences, and they’re aiming to save companies time and money.


Idea: A startup that aims to replace the ancient, insecure, and expensive fax machine with a paper-less, secure, and cheaper system. The startup is working with large corporations to do this, and has sold $100,000 in the last month, with a 2.5% take rate.


Idea: Improving the quality of a person’s handwriting by training them to write on a special kind of paper. The startup says they can help 80% of all adults improve their handwriting.


A startup that sells toilet paper made out of recycled paper