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Package Startup Ideas

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A startup that offers a highly customisable, easy-to-use platform for designing employee relocation packages


A startup that offers a service for designing employee relocation packages for companies who are moving employees


A tool that helps freelancers price their work in a way that makes sense for different types of jobs, and helps the freelancers offer those packages to potential clients.


A startup that helps people book travel packages that combine flights, hotels, cars, and tours


New York City’s drone delivery startup. The startup wants to get packages from warehouses to homes in a half hour.


A company that builds mobile apps for small businesses to offer services like food delivery, car delivery, and package delivery.


Deliveroo is a food delivery service that allows restaurants to use their app to take orders for their customers, with the option to customize the meal or package it for individual delivery. It already has 2.4 million users within the UK and a service that is growing more than 100% year-over-year.


A tool for creating and editing charts from Python or MATLAB. Charts is a Python library for creating and editing charts, with an API for creating and editing charts in MATLAB. Charts is available on the Python Package Index and on GitHub.


This app lets users track the delivery status of packages shipped through the company.


The startup says it’s a better version of the traditional “pay-once-and-get-everything” package that’s popular with consumers, which works well for a lot of products but can be hard for more high-tech products.


A software company that offers a software-as-a-service product that combines a CRM and enterprise resource planning system. The company works with clients to create customized software packages.


This startup helps students compare a college’s financial aid package to other colleges.


 A startup that bundles travel packages (air, hotel, rental car) for you


A tool that helps people track packages in real time, so they know when the delivery is happening, and where exactly.


A startup that provides a service to help people find less expensive alternatives to their cable package


A software startup that wants to create a way to automatically package and publish videos on social media in a way that doesn’t require extensive video editing.


Very interested to see what comes of this product - the idea is to give you a way to create a smart contract with a shipping company that automatically tracks your package from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered.


A B2B platform for helping travel agents sell travel packages to customers.


A startup that’s looking to help people in South America get vacation packages. It’s similar to the service SkipTheDishes does for the US.


This startup is building a service that helps companies to add on-demand healthcare to their existing employee benefits packages.


A complete package for in-person recruiting events. When you schedule an event, you can mark candidates’ interests on a map, create a class schedule with break times, and then send that info to candidates in a text message.


A startup for the sale of travel services, including package tours, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. The company does not charge commissions.


A startup that helps people find and book flights around the world. "We're not trying to be a travel booking site but more a package." The platform lets users see prices and deals from a variety of airlines, which is useful for travelers.


A startup that uses AI to help companies discover and track down missing packages.


An AI tool that aims to make it easier for users to research and buy travel, hotel and vacation packages


This startup is building an AI-powered and hyper-personalized digital assistant to help consumers with their day-to-day tasks like booking travel, flight status check, and tracking packages.


A mobility platform that connects businesses with the right tools to make it easier for drivers to earn income by delivering packages and other items. The startup’s co-founder, Alex Boussard, says they’ve already seen interest from a number of major companies and has even managed to raise a few million dollars in funding.


 A tool for package deliveries for a variety of retailers and meal-kit services.


An affordable, internal IT service for small businesses. The startup aims to be a technology partner for small businesses, offering a package of IT services to keep employees productive and the business running.


A product that allows you to set a reminder on your phone for when you will receive a package and the tracking number. The startup has raised $1.8 million to build out its business.


A platform that allows brands to design packages for retailers to sell. The company wants to be a one-stop shop for e-commerce fulfillment.


A fix for the “gig economy”, offering a comprehensive insurance package for independent workers. Their product is designed for the future and will work for any independent worker, anywhere in the world.


 A small business that provides a software package for scheduling and tracking veterinary appointments for pet owners.


A startup that offers a subscription service for small businesses that comes with a free package of everything you need in order to set up your business.


A startup that helps make your everyday tasks more efficient, such as scheduling a meeting, creating a shopping list, or tracking a package.


A shipping and payment service that wants to help Indian companies ship and receive packages faster.


A complete package of functionality for startups to implement into their iOS and Android apps. Its founders say that it’s different from a framework in that it is its own full stack.


A company that wants to create a new way to package and ship consumer electronics.


This startup is building a system that uses a connected smartwatch to alert people to incoming packages and ensure they receive them.


This startup wants to build a “Netflix for Open Source”, allowing software developers to package their code up and sell it.


A $2.99 app that allows you to find, order, and track your packages as they move through the delivery process.


A company that is creating a platform for content creators to sell PR services. The startup aims to create a marketplace for PR services, in which companies can buy packages of services in bulk to save money.


A software package that helps create threadless repairs for consumers.


A company that helps customers track when and where packages are shipped.


A platform that has delivered 1.2 million packages to businesses without human involvement.


A startup where users can pay to get products shipped to their house. The startup is also working on an app that lets users follow their packages as they move through the shipping system.


A platform for renters to compare their home insurance packages to determine which one is the best fit for them.


A platform that connects local businesses with customers, and helps them deliver packages directly to the customer’s door.


A startup that helps college students get a better idea of their financial aid package.


A startup that wants to make it easier for business owners to use the same tools to run their business online as they do in the physical world. For example, users can use a smartphone camera to scan a QR code on a package and automatically get the package’s tracking info.


A platform for creating travel packages, with a focus on weeklong trips


A process that makes it easier to ship and track packages, for both consumers and businesses. They aim to use the same technology that's in most FedEx and UPS sorting centers to create a more streamlined process for businesses and delivery agencies.


A company that builds drone delivery systems, using drones made by 3D Systems, for delivering packages to homes.


A startup that wants to help people buy, sell and ship items without having to worry about inventory. The startup is building a platform where you can list items for sale, then have them packaged and shipped directly to someone else.


This startup is creating a package of services for small business owners that handle all of their financial needs. It includes accounting, taxes, payroll, and more.


Building an alternative to the standard ERP software package for small business, one that is faster, cheaper, and easier to use.


A logistics platform to help people get packages to their doors.


A startup that lets you track the status of a package or package line for remote employees. A possibility for companies dealing with remote employees who need to see what’s happening with their packages.


A shipping company that does not use the USPS. The startup wants to get more of the e-commerce market for small packages.


A tool that helps human resources departments and HR leaders manage their compensation packages, including offering benefits and compensation. The platform helps companies manage the entire process of compensation, including the stack and data management.


A product that helps customers keep tabs on the live whereabouts of their packages.


Idea: An open source npm package for writing better React tests


Idea: A startup for “last-mile delivery” to help customers get packages from warehouses to their door The startup has been live for a few months and has $6,000 in revenue per month


A startup that provides a platform for businesses to allow customers to easily track their packages and shipments.