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Organizing Startup Ideas

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A platform for organizing and sharing events, with a mobile app and desktop version.


A startup that helps people with finding and organizing their digital photos


A web-based tool for managing, organizing, and connecting the various tools that teams use to share files throughout the workplace.


A way of organizing a person's social life through a calendar. The startup is backed by Y Combinator, and the company is currently focused on the enterprise market, but plans to bring it to consumers soon.


What happens when you start going to boring networking events A startup that sells tickets to events in a non-standard format, taking the pain out of organizing and selling tickets.


A tool for organizing and sharing notes, charts and graphs


A startup that wants to build a platform for managing and organizing your entire digital life. It’s a way to keep things organized on all your devices, including a “calendar of everything” that can be accessed from any device.


A startup is building a platform to organize and share photos and video of food. They’re already organizing the food into a public database.


A tool for managing and organizing a team’s workload. It’s a “simple” tool for managing tasks that can be integrated with Slack and Trello.


A tool for cleaning and organizing deprecated connections from a Slack workspace.


This startup offers a platform to help companies and organizations collaborate on content, from making public records to organizing conferences. Its founders describe it as a “LinkedIn for events”.


A tool for managing and organizing your team’s Slack chat to eliminate the need for email.


A tool for organizing and sharing information, and for creating visualizations of data.


A way of organizing parts of your life in a way that makes sense, allowing you to “organize everything in one place, and all the right things are right where you need them.”


A video editing platform that’s meant to make it easier to create and share videos without creating a video editing crew. The startup is powered by a virtual assistant that handles tasks like organizing clips, adding music, and fine-tuning the final product.


A startup that’s building a massive data warehouse for the government. The startup wants to tackle the gargantuan task of aggregating and organizing all of the government’s data points.


A web-based platform for organizing your life, sharing with friends and family, and managing your daily activities. Notable for its “paperless” interface, which lets you create to-do lists and share them with others.


A platform which aims to cut the cost of organizing and managing events by making it easy to book riders and vendors, and to collect payments.


A system for collecting and organizing data from multiple sources to help people get a deeper understanding of how their customers respond to different offers.


A platform for organizing and sharing resources, especially by those with expertise in a particular field or trade.


A platform for organizing and sharing your photos and videos in a more elegant way. It has apps for iOS, macOS, and Android, with a simulator and a web app.


A company that makes “verticality” as easy as possible. They’re building a platform for organizing and sharing content with verticality, like video and audio. It works as a video editor and a video sharing platform.


This startup is building artificial intelligence for organizing and maintaining personal information in the cloud.


A platform for organizing and tracking group rides. The company is also working on its own app, but it’s working on turning volunteers into drivers to spur growth.


This is what happens when the team behind Meetup, the platform for organizing local events, turns their attention towards the more consumer-focused side of the world. It’s a platform that helps merchants sell directly to their customers and serves as a hub for sales, marketing, and support.


A company that aims to make it easier for music-lovers to discover new music by organizing music playlists. The company allows users to create playlists that are automatically updated with new music put out by artists.


A startup that sells a tool to help people who are organizing large events to manage the volunteers and make sure they have the right jobs


Idea: A startup for storing, organizing, and sharing documents and files, along with secure chat


Idea: A business that provides an experience platform for making and organizing all kinds of lifestyle plans Co-founder Dan is the former head of product at Maker’s Market, the private label division at Walmart


Idea: A startup for organizing and publishing video interviews with people on the internet, initially for people who are doing YC interviews before Demo Day.


Idea: A startup for organizing course reading materials, meant to help students read more.