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Ordering Startup Ideas

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 Grow is building a set of tools for restaurants, enabling them to manage their menus, design their menus, and automate their ordering and delivery processes.


Groceries are a necessity for many people, but the process is often expensive and frustrating. The startup wants to simplify the process of ordering groceries and delivery by offering a concierge service and integrated ordering platform on their website.


A company that helps restaurants review their food, and give customers ratings, which they hope will help improve online food ordering.


Fetch is a platform for food delivery. Unlike Grubhub, Fetch offers more than just food delivery. The startup is using the same data it collects on its deliveries to help restaurants build better menus and make food-ordering easier.


A software company that uses machine learning to manage and handle re-ordering and inventory for online stores.


A new type of restaurant that delivers meals, but instead of ordering food online, you get to pick it up at a store. The app will be available in the next few months.


An online food ordering and delivery platform that uses an in-app feature to review restaurants and take reservations.


A product for grocery stores that helps them take the guesswork out of their product ordering process.


A startup that makes an app for ordering and picking up food at restaurants


A delivery app that lets couriers send beer and wine deliveries to people’s homes for the same cost as ordering a pizza.


This startup is working on a platform that will allow restaurants to track what customers are ordering without the restaurant having to install and manage a server.


BookNow is a service for online ordering and payment for food, flowers, theater tickets, and more. The company claims it has sold over $10,000 worth of tickets in four months. They’re also getting some attention from investors.


A tool for ordering food from home, selling it to neighbors, and then delivering it.


A startup that helps chefs to manage the back-end of food delivery, including online ordering, inventory management and delivery scheduling.


A startup that makes it easier for restaurants to manage their supply chain through a single software tool. The startup is trying to take on the role of the general contractor, managing everything from inventory to ordering to delivery.


A solution for restaurants to manage their daily operations, including ordering, inventory, and payroll. The founders say that they currently have over 80 customers, including Chipotle and Starbucks.


A company that helps restaurants, bars and coffee shops optimize their ordering process. The startup’s platform lets customers search for locations, get delivery options from there, and track orders.


A startup that helps you find nearby restaurants that offer delivery and online ordering


A platform that helps restaurants manage their back-of-house operations, from food ordering to scheduling and more.


A software suite with a native app on iOS and Android. It helps restaurants manage their restaurant operations such as food preparation, ordering, scheduling and ordering.


A food delivery service for home chefs. The startup aims to make food delivery from home as easy as ordering pizza from Domino's in the US.


A white-labeled tool for restaurants to manage their online ordering. The startup wants to help restaurants build an online ordering feature that integrates with their existing website. The product is built for restaurants, but the company imagines that it will be able to be used by other companies as well.


A digital platform for automated room service ordering in hotels. Users can order from a menu of the hotel’s dishes, and the order is sent to the kitchen directly. The startup is working with a dozen hotels in India.


A food-ordering app that evens out the randomness of food delivery and allows users to track their order from real-time updates on the app.


A startup for ordering local delivery food from restaurants, with delivery promised in under 30 minutes. The startup has raised $1.6 million in pre-seed funding.


A startup based in India that helps fast food restaurants to manage online ordering and payment.


Ordering dry cleaning on the phone, meeting delivery times, charging for lost items, and tracking returns.


A food ordering app for restaurants, allowing diners to order from anywhere and track the status of their order.


A platform for ordering food from your favorite restaurants. The startup offers a platform that connects restaurants with their customers, allowing users to order food directly from the restaurant’s website by speaking to a live agent.


Idea: A voice-controlled app for music, shopping, and ordering rides


Idea: A “digital concierge” for restaurants The startup aims to help restaurants better serve their customers, from ordering to logistics, to takeout


Idea: A simple way for people to pre-order food online from local restaurants, picking up their food without waiting in a line or ordering into a kitchen. Customers place an order on the website, and then the startup calls the restaurant to confirm. The startup says it’s grown 10% week-over-week for the last year.


Idea: A platform for plastic surgeons and other medical professionals to build apps on top of, that make the process of ordering products and scheduling appointments easier for doctors and patients.