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Idea: A startup that uses AI to help restaurants optimize their menus, ensuring that no item is priced too high or too low for the quality that it offers


A tool that optimizes the security of cloud applications.


Working with healthcare systems and pharmaceutical companies, Aptara is providing a platform to help hospitals optimize the clinical processes they use across a range of different technologies.


Builds custom, mobile-optimized, marketing platforms for B2B startups.


 A SaaS platform that uses machine learning to optimize lead generation. The startup’s customers include Monster Worldwide, the world’s largest job site, and the US’s largest insurance company.


A customized AI-powered chatbot that helps you optimize your online dating experience.


The startup’s goal is to help scuba divers understand the visibility of their masks, how to optimize their gear, and get the best fit for their face and face shape.


A platform that helps users take better care of their data and their digital life. They’ll be launching an app where users can manage their data automatically and use it to optimize their lives.


A platform that helps advertisers to optimize the return on investment for their digital campaigns.


It’s an app that helps couples make a “perfect marriage”. It uses AI to optimize the relationship using a combination of data and psychology.


A company that works with agencies to improve their digital marketing and optimize ROI by helping clients understand how their digital marketing is performing.


A startup that helps optimize “predictions and projections” for companies.


Using machine learning and AI to optimize the sales process, allowing businesses to close the loop on the sales cycle. The startup wants to make the sales process more efficient and see what works best.


A real-time sales intelligence platform that helps retailers, manufacturers, and distributors manage orders and optimize logistics.


Helping the US military optimize their supply chains by using machine learning to track the performance of their suppliers.


A startup that helps mobile app developers manage their costs by identifying the best time to purchase and sell mobile ads It’s currently working with 500 developers to help them optimize mobile ad spending


A startup that helps optimize your marketing campaigns, including both online and offline.


A team of three has raised $1.4 million from investors including First Round Capital, HLM Ventures, and Mayfield Fund. The company is building an AI-based software platform to help businesses optimize their supply chain operations.


A company that tracks network traffic to help ISPs and other web services optimize their infrastructure.


A software platform that helps lawyers manage their time more effectively and optimize their efficiency.


A software company that provides a mobile app to help people find the best parking spot at their destination. The company uses machine learning to optimize parking options, and then tracks and visualizes that data.


A startup that helps companies adjust their business operations to be more profitable, with a focus on "lean operations" that can optimize use of resources and improve efficiency.


A startup that helps companies like Amazon and Google better understand their customers. The startup is taking a deeper look at the data that companies have about customers in order to optimize their products and services.


A startup that helps small businesses use big data to improve their operations. The company’s software helps companies make accurate trade-off decisions between labor and capital in order to optimize their operations.


Does marketing automation for Indian startups with product-market fit, using a data-driven approach to help them optimize their marketing.


A platform that helps small businesses optimize their sites for search through visual conversion. The startup is currently in private beta.


A software company that works with energy companies to plan, manage, and optimize their operations.


A company that helps charities and nonprofits raise money through online platforms. The company’s current product allows organizations to create an online presence, convert and store donations, and use the data to build and optimize their online marketing campaigns.


A tool for making it easier to measure and optimize employee productivity.


A company that helps companies optimize the use of their data and automate their data management.


A startup that helps you optimize your search engine results pages (SERPs) and has just raised $125 million


A software that helps retailers track and optimize inventory.


A startup that uses the power of machine learning to help companies optimize their inventory management processes.


A “smart hotel” that seeks to provide guests with a personalized experience and optimize their stay. The startup is currently in stealth mode.


A startup that helps people optimize their email lists with personalized emails and messages


Cleantech startup that uses data, AI, and blockchain to make it easier to optimize energy use.


A single-page application framework that aims to let developers build highly-optimized mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Modernizr is used by over 100,000 developers.


A SaaS software platform that helps optimize the health of small businesses.


A company that helps restaurants, bars and coffee shops optimize their ordering process. The startup’s platform lets customers search for locations, get delivery options from there, and track orders.


A digital marketing platform for e-commerce that helps create customer personas, conduct user research, and optimize campaigns.


The team behind the app GrowthBot is building out a toolset that helps companies examine where they’re losing money in their sales process. GrowthBot wants to help companies figure out where they’re losing money, and what they can do to optimize their sales processes to increase revenue.


A company that creates one-click, easy-to-setup landing pages that look just like search results and are indistinguishable from them, except that they’re optimized for conversions.


A startup that builds value-added solutions for the e-commerce industry, helping online retailers optimize customer experience and build better sales.


A startup that’s working on building a “smart home-building platform” that uses AI and sensors to optimize energy usage.


A social network for college students with over 20k students currently enrolled. Its founders are looking to build a student-focused influencer platform that’s optimized for mobile, with a focus on gaming and video content.


A software company that builds tools for online content creators to optimize their income by using tools like Google AdSense and YouTube Partner Program.


The startup says it is “a bridge between the consumer and the supplier,” and is “optimized for fast response and the real-time transfer of information.”


An HR startup that wants to help companies optimize their HR workforce by giving them a better understanding of their talent pipelines.


A platform to help you streamline and optimize the way you use your phone and its apps. It provides features like a dashboard to track your battery life, and a recommendation engine to help you get the most out of your phone’s capabilities.


An AI system that helps content marketers predict how their content will perform and optimize its placement within their marketing campaigns, based on data from their own previous content.


A tool that helps you find the best deals on credit cards, bank loans, and insurance, using your personal data to optimize your decision making.


A startup that provides software for people to manage their digital marketing and SEO The software will help them optimize their websites, find content and manage


A tool for combining marketing data with customer data to help digital startups optimize their ad spends


Idea: A startup that helps restaurants in India optimize their kitchen workflow, and take advantage of technology like smart fridges and credit card processing.


A startup that helps companies manage and optimize their employee referral programs.