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Operating Startup Ideas

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A maker of smartphones and tablets, the startup wants to sell its own operating system and make its own hardware.


A startup building an in-home showroom for buying, selling, and renting real estate. Starting at $5,000 up to $25,000, the company is currently operating in the Washington D.C. area.


A tool for helping companies manage and sell their stock options. The company has been operating since 2011 but only recently pivoted to become a provider of grant management software.


A next-generation operating system for your phone.


A startup that helps people buy and sell things locally through the app. Pricy is hoping to compete with services like Carousell and OLX, which have been operating in the same niche for years.


A platform for “jobs that work for you”, allowing companies to find the right candidates for the right positions. The startup is currently operating in the US and UK.


The founder of a company that re-skins the Windows operating system has launched a company that wants to make it possible to put Windows 10 on your phone.


A startup operating in the European market that is building a network of e-commerce sites that allow users to shop from multiple stores in one place


The startup is launching a digital platform to improve the quality of on-demand clinics. The platform aims to offer a way for doctors to easily post their services and for consumers to find a nearby clinic that offers appointments they need. The company is currently operating in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Ponzi-like investment scheme for the bitcoin community. They are a bitcoin company that offers a service which allows people to invest or lend bitcoins without having to exchange them for other currencies. The startup is currently only operating in India, with plans to expand to other countries.


Apple’s iOS operating system lacks a centralized directory to find and open files. Filefactory has built a solution that will let you “find files and get notifications for files that are important to you—in any app”.


A remote worker platform for freelancers, currently operating in the UK


A startup building an online marketplace for used trucks. The company is currently operating out of a warehouse and wants to build a larger, more permanent headquarters.


A platform for managing and operating autonomous vehicles without the need for a driver to be on board.


A platform for delivering information about local jobs to job seekers. The startup is currently operating in NYC, Chicago, and Portland.


A mobile app that allows users to find and book a taxi and pay for rides with their credit cards. Currently operating in the UAE.


A startup that builds an e-commerce platform for the cannabis industry. The team has been operating in the Asian market for the past three years.


A network of e-commerce businesses all operating on one platform.


A software company that makes it easier for restaurants to track standard operating procedures and create a standard operating procedure manual. The platform is currently in use by 25% of all restaurants in the US.


Builds on the idea of an online store for workers to make money by selling items people need — and allowing them to earn up to $15 an hour. The company says it is currently operating in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A group of young filmmakers with a collective vision to build a film studio from the ground up, and will use the Y Combinator seed money to hire a chief operating officer and other staff to help them do it.


SaaS business that helps small companies in India create paper-free operating procedures.


A medical device company in the Netherlands that wants to bring a reusable medical device to market, which can be used for hysterectomies, colonoscopies, and other procedures. The device works with a camera and a monitor and wirelessly connects to an operating room.


A developer’s toolkit that lets you build apps that work across all the major operating systems. The startup was founded by ex-Google employees.


The e-commerce startup focuses on selling and installing a secure, open source operating system for IoT devices.


A smartphone that’s meant to be an all-in-one computer, with an operating system that’s focused on productivity and responsive design.


A startup that helps companies bring in new talent, by matching them with employees in similar roles and locations. The company has been operating since 2017, and claims to have hired over 1,000 people to date.


This startup is building a new generation of web browsers, called “containers”, that work like operating systems. Containers are like virtual machines (VM) in that they run programs inside them, but they’re a lot more flexible. You can build a container that can run a Ruby or a Python, for example, and you can run a container that runs a ton of different kinds of programs. Containers can also be used to run a group of VMs, and VMs can run each other, too. The tech is still in its early days, but it’s a promising tech that’s been used to run the Linux operating system.


A company that helps teams manage the accounting, invoicing, and other aspects of their work. Operating in the non-profit sector, the startup is helping them get organized so they can spend less time managing accounts and more time doing their work.


Idea: A blockchain-based protocol for developing, operating, and governing decentralized applications and organizations