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Onboarding Startup Ideas

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A tool for employee onboarding, designed to put employees through a process to get them up and running at their new job.


SaaS company that helps businesses with compliance and regulatory headaches like tax reporting, sales tax, employee onboarding, and more


A company that is building an HR platform that connects employers and workers to make the hiring and onboarding process smoother and less error-prone.


A startup that is building a platform for onboarding new talent at small- and medium-sized businesses. The startup looks to make the hiring process much easier and more efficient by connecting employers with freelancers via an online marketplace.


A SaaS platform that helps businesses manage HR processes: onboarding, payroll, leave, benefits, training, etc.


This company wants to help businesses with employee engagement. The company wants to help companies with digital HR, specifically with recruiting, onboarding, and retention.


A startup focused on making it easier for employers and HR professionals to manage the onboarding process. The company is building a process for hiring new employees that’s “one of the most frustrating parts of the process”. It would be used to help the company add new employees, fix the onboarding process, and help identify the right kind of jobs for the company.


This is a B2B company that helps companies get the most out of their employees. It provides employee engagement tools, process management, and HR services like onboarding.


A startup that helps companies with their HR technology, from recruitment to onboarding to payroll.


A digital onboarding platform for lawyers.


An AI-based tool meant to help companies automate the tedious processes of hiring and onboarding employees.


A solution to automate the employee onboarding process for companies.


The startup has developed a way to help employers manage their employee recruiting process and streamline subsequent onboarding. The platform allows organizations to put together a recruiter roster, create a template for their job description, and see who’s interested in the job.


A B2B SaaS business that helps companies with employee onboarding.


An AI-powered onboarding platform for IT professionals. The company is hiring additional engineers to build out a team of over 100 currently.


A platform that helps companies manage HR, including compensation, benefits, onboarding, and leave management.


A tool that helps new employees become productive quickly. The startup is building out an employee onboarding process, which they say is an important piece of the puzzle for companies to become more efficient and productive.


A B2B tool for financial services companies to automate the onboarding process like account opening and risk management.


A software company that helps HR teams with all aspects of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. They strive to be a one-stop shop for talent as well as a human resource management solution.


This startup is building an API for onboarding third party software into different companies’ workflows. The platform is currently available to customers in four industries.


This startup is building a set of software tools for recruiting, training, and onboarding software engineers.


A tool to help employers and HR teams manage the onboarding and training of new employees.


A software company that provides a platform to allow employees to submit professional development suggestions that are then implemented as part of a company’s onboarding process. The startup has signed on 5 companies and is profitable.


A solution for employers to manage the recruitment of and onboarding of employees.


A tool meant to help companies automate the onboarding process for new employees by using machine learning to read and evaluate new workers’ social media bios.


The company is building ways to better manage your accounts, such as better onboarding, customer service, and reporting. They are also working on the app, which has not been released yet.


A platform to connect business development teams with software engineers, with the goal of improving software quality by letting teams work more closely together with a smoother onboarding process.


A startuplicant tracking system for connected companies that helps with recruiting and onboarding.


A software-as-a-service solution for HR teams that automates the onboarding process for new hires, improves communication between teams, and helps HR with employee onboarding.


A company that helps HR departments with the onboarding, training and development of their employees.


One of the winners of the YC Engineer Day, providing a service to help companies automate their user onboarding process, making it easier for them to onboard users without needing to manually create a signup flow.


A startup that works with companies to upgrade their HR systems, starting with onboarding and benefits.


A platform for new-hire onboarding that uses an “heuristic-based” system to determine the employee’s job fit. Previously, most company HR has been based on a 90-10 fit scale with 10 being the best fit, but the company claims it can do better.


Idea: Building a digital platform for real estate brokers to close business deals. The startup is currently working with a group of Indian business-to-business startups to make their onboarding easier.


A startup that wants to cut down on the “excess” of onboarding customers, and help companies automate the onboarding process through clear use of the right tools.


Idea: A company that provides a tool for startups to manage the onboarding of new employees, including collecting employee data, administering legal agreements, and more


Idea: A software company that wants to help businesses hire and train employees for remote work This includes marketing, onboarding, and more


Idea: A SaaS service for companies to manage their digital onboarding without having to make their own software. Currently has $30,000 in recurring revenue, and has raised $45,000 from YC.


Idea: A tool for managing employee onboarding that combines a custom-built employee role-playing tool with an online management dashboard.