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by @levelsio

Oil Startup Ideas

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A startup that wants to help you save money on your toilet paper, but also wants to be the company to make the best toilet paper in the world.


A company that makes a device to check a car's oil level and health. It plugs into a car's OBD port, and aims to eliminate the need to buy and install an expensive oil change tool.


A startup that sells essential oil diffusers


A group of MIT engineers are building a robot that will be able to remove contaminated oil spills from beaches.


A company that wants to help oil and gas companies get their data to consumers in a way that’s less confusing than the existing version of Google Earth.


“We’re building a smartphone for your toilet.” The startup’s products are a toilet that has sensors and a smartphone app that lets you manage it remotely.


A solution for the $4 trillion global oil market where producers don’t have reliable inventories and retailers don’t have a clear picture of demand or low prices. Oil can be stored in underground tanks and is more valuable if it’s in the right place. Oil Tracker aims to connect all the different stakeholders in the oil market.


A startup for booking and managing automotive services. The startup builds software that allows customers to book services like oil changes, tune ups, and repairs, and also lets mechanics and mechanics’ shops set up recurring bookings.


A startup that manages the maintenance of rental homes using a mechanical arm that moves the oil and water that oil and water, and then cleans and inspects them.


A startup that calls itself the Amazon of homeopathic products. The company sells and ships over a hundred products to consumers, including aromatherapy oils that help people relax. It’s the leading homeopathic e-commerce site in the UK.


Data is the new oil, and the oil of the future is data. And with the rise of AI, the data is becoming more valuable. The startup is meant to help companies extract value from all that data.


A mobile messaging platform for workers in the oil and gas industry.


A tool that teaches you how to read an oil change and how to order parts


A startup so people can get their next oil change, tune up, or tire rotation delivered to their home via the internet.


The startup has a novel approach to tackling the problem of a lack of transparency in the oil industry. It’s a tool that allows users to track the source of their oil, and take it from there.


A company that’s building a “worldwide”, “unified” payments system for the oil and gas industry.


Tired of waiting for your toothpaste to dry PictureTec wants to eliminate that problem with a device that heats your toothpaste up to allow you to brush it out completely. The device has a small fan that heats up to just under boiling, which they say keeps the toothpaste from drying out too quickly.


Idea: Data is the new oil—but it’s not easy to get


Idea: A startup that helps companies manage their data The startup believes that data is the new oil and wants to help build the infrastructure to help companies unlock its value


Idea: A software business that is building software products for the oil and gas industry


Idea: A company that makes a $300 tool to help farmers measure soil quality.


Idea: A B2B startup making a new kind of AI for managing oil wells. They say their AI’s can help reduce costs, make oil wells more efficient, and reduce environmental impact.


A startup that sells toilet paper made out of recycled paper