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Networking Startup Ideas

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A free-to-play multiplayer game that takes the concept of the game of chess, and applies it to social networking.


A women’s networking app that connects women interested in entrepreneurship and investing to other like-minded women.


A “social network for entrepreneurs”, not unlike Instagram, but built for professional networking.


A new form of social networking where users input specific preferences about the people they want to meet, rather than using the usual “like” or “dislike” functions.


A social networking app that allows people to find community, find friends, and meet people close to their geographic location


A social networking site for people who like to cook.


The concept of the accelerator is a young one, with the first accelerator programs emerging in the late 1990s in Silicon Valley and New York. In general, accelerators help startups get off the ground, providing capital, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


A company that is trying to create an online marketplace for networking through networking events.


A networking tool for engineers that streamlines the process of deploying and managing distributed systems.


A startup with a $50 million-plus funding round, which makes networking events and events for startups much easier – with a central platform for event organizers and attendees.


What happens when you start going to boring networking events A startup that sells tickets to events in a non-standard format, taking the pain out of organizing and selling tickets.


A new networking application, like LinkedIn.


A social networking app that aims to help people find an apartment in their neighborhood to rent with a few taps. It’s currently in private beta.


 A company that brings in-person networking to the Internet, letting job seekers and recruiters connect in real life.


A networking app that helps users meet one another, make connections, and stay in touch.


This networking platform enables real-time communication, collaboration and creation of new products.


Social networking for farmers. Farmline’s pitch is that as farmers grow and share more info about their crops, they’ll be able to reap more benefits from the same share.


An exclusive networking event for digital creatives.


A “social network built for the modern millennial”, with features like a group chat, a profile page, a newsfeed, and social networking features to connect with nearby people.


A networking app that uses the gamification of “leveling up” to get users to make new connections and grow their network.


 A community of and for people who don’t like to login to the internet. A social networking site for users who are interested in meeting up offline.


A social networking platform to help English learners learn English, and for native speakers to learn Spanish.


Celery is a social networking tool for startups and entrepreneurs, created in 2014. It was originally called “Hootsuite for startups” but changed its name in 2016. Celery allows users to plan, track and share information with their community, or network. It also includes a suite of tools for scheduling events and offers a marketplace for connected service providers.


A “social business networking platform” that helps small businesses advertise and connect with each other.


A social networking app that aims to give users a visual and chronological view of their social graph, enabling users to connect with people they know and like.


A social networking application for business professionals.


A platform that helps HR managers manage their workday, including scheduling, managing tasks, and social networking.