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by @levelsio

Neighborhood Startup Ideas

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A tool to make it easier for small businesses to find creative professionals in their neighborhood.


A startup for parents to easily compare the top pediatricians in their neighborhood


A startup that hires people as “runners” who can help you with errands in your neighborhood


A platform for keeping an eye on police in your neighborhood. The technology does not yet exist, but the startup is looking to build it and get it to market.


A startup that connects people with free parking spots in their neighborhoods


A startup for community members to report potholes and graffiti in their neighborhood Workers go out daily to clean up potholes, remove graffiti


A free mobile app that helps you find things to do in your neighborhood for free, offering nearby events, nearby restaurants, nearby bars, and more.


A company that wants to re-create the good old days of the local neighborhood hardware store for modern consumers. They want to build a modern version of the mobile app that lets people buy and sell their stuff in a local community.


A startup that provides a crowdsourced network of reviewers to deliver criticism and praise about neighborhood businesses Customers rate the businesses, and the app gives them a network of reviewers to consider


A platform that helps people find apartments and buy houses, allowing them to compare prices, amenities, and neighborhood reviews.


A real estate company that helps buyers find homes in the best neighborhoods, comparing homes to similar homes in the past.


A social networking app that aims to help people find an apartment in their neighborhood to rent with a few taps. It’s currently in private beta.


A food delivery startup that allows restaurants to stay open later and deliver food to people who don’t live in their neighborhood.


A startup that allows homeowners and renters to search for rental houses or apartments based on amenities, price, and neighborhood. It doesn’t charge any commission, so it’s free.


A startup to help people find a doctor with a doctor in their neighborhood. The San Francisco-based startup, which was launched in May, is a crowd-sourced network of doctors and patients that offers a list of doctors who accept Medicaid.


The accelerator is based in New York's Brooklyn neighborhood, and was founded in February 2015. It is sponsored by MasterCard, and has attracted companies from around the world, including Colombia, Kazakhstan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


A startup that aims to create a “digital neighborhood” for those interested in digital security


This app lets you buy and sell items in your neighborhood.


A startup that’s building a way for people to explore and explore a world of their own around their city. It lets you drop in for a day, look around, and get a sense of the neighborhood without having to physically travel to it.


A startup that provides on-demand access to a local barista. The concept is similar to Uber Eats, except these “district kitchens” are meant to be in neighborhoods that don’t have their own cafes. The service is currently only available in one city, but plans to expand to others in the near future.


A social network for the small, independent coffee shops that serve as anchors for a neighborhood. The startup wants to help coffee shops grow with a social network and start-up accelerator.


Founders came up with an idea for an app that would help people discover good food and drink in their neighborhood and pay for it.


A platform that helps people find food in their neighborhoods. It uses Yelp data to recommend places nearby.


The company’s goal is to build a tool for consumers to track the air quality in their neighborhoods.


A social network that connects people based on an interest in getting involved in local community events. For instance, if you’re interested in helping to organize a neighborhood watch program, you can connect with people in your neighborhood who are interested in getting involved.


A food delivery app that lets you order from small restaurants in your neighborhood. It’s different than the usual delivery app in that it’s not just you and your food. You’re buying from a restaurant and they’re buying from you.


A local news app that curates the best stories written about the neighborhood, city, state, or country you’re in.


A real estate startup focused on providing services to families moving to new neighborhoods.


A startup that provides a service to help people learn about their local neighborhood (ie: where to park, what’s the best place to eat, places


Idea: This is a real estate startup that wants to help people find homes to rent. They’re looking to target people who’ve been priced out of the market and need to rent instead of buy. The startup’s pitch is that it’s better than Craigslist because it focuses on neighborhoods and can recommend specific apartments.


A startup that provides a service to help people find a rental place based on what they are looking for (price, neighborhood, etc.)