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by @levelsio

Nearby Startup Ideas

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A startup that lets people easily find nearby parking garages.


A startup that gives users a way to find a nearby person that can help with any task, from dog walking to medical advice, for a fee of $15


A startup that’s building a service that allows users to search for nearby restaurants, bars, and other places to eat or drink, and then book reservations on their phone.


A platform that connects hungry customers with nearby restaurants to help them find the closest places to eat.


A mobile app that helps people find nearby parking as they drive for their carpools, ride-hailing, or public transit.


A free mobile app that helps you find things to do in your neighborhood for free, offering nearby events, nearby restaurants, nearby bars, and more.


A mobile app that helps workers find nearby jobs so they can get to them and get paid.


A real estate website, with listings for apartments, houses, and condos, as well as a guide to nearby amenities and things to do in the area. The company wants to be one of the tools that helps people buy a home, and then helps them settle in.


The startup is launching a digital platform to improve the quality of on-demand clinics. The platform aims to offer a way for doctors to easily post their services and for consumers to find a nearby clinic that offers appointments they need. The company is currently operating in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A digital solution that helps companies build their own “mobile internet” in cities where there are no roads, by letting companies connect to nearby beacons.


A tool for finding a nearby, qualified plumber.


The company was a Google product that made it easy to connect with people in nearby stores.


A platform that lets restaurant customers rate their experience and recommend nearby businesses. The startup, which has raised $400,000 from investors in three rounds, says they currently cover the Bay Area and Los Angeles.


A mobile app that helps people track down the best restaurants nearby for whatever occasion they are looking to host.


The startup has developed a tool that can print a custom home-pickup menu for nearby restaurants. The startup’s first customer is a chain of Mexican restaurants in the US.


A mobile app that scouts new locations and suggests nearby restaurants.


A startup that looks for and suggests nearby food and drink options.


The app makes it easy to find the best nearby restaurants and their reviews, and the business can then make money off the data it collects about online reviews.


A “social network built for the modern millennial”, with features like a group chat, a profile page, a newsfeed, and social networking features to connect with nearby people.


A platform to help companies manage their travel expenses and travel agents by matching travelers with nearby hotels


A startup for bike share users in the Netherlands. It helps users locate bike share stations and find nearby bikes.


This is a startup that allows employees to request products and services from nearby businesses. The company is currently in open beta.


A tool that predicts which part of a city you might want to live or work in, based on what’s nearby.


A startup that helps people find like-minded people in their area to join them on a shared journey. The site lets you book a ride with others nearby, and lets them know when it’s ready to pick them up.


A platform that connects food trucks with nearby restaurants, allowing the food trucks to order supplies from the restaurants.


A startup that helps you find nearby restaurants that offer delivery and online ordering


A mobile platform that helps users find nearby parking via mobile device. The startup is building the technology from ground up, with a new API that can be used by parking lot owners and app developers to get parking data.


A startup that helps people find the closest taxi service on demand. A company called Taxi Magic will match you up with a cab in under 5 minutes, and if there's not one nearby, you can request a car to come pick you up.


A mission-based social platform for millennials to discover events based on their interests, follow the ones nearby, and make connections with people in their social networks.


A startup that aggregates and delivers news and information to users on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The company is also building a “beacon” for iOS users to receive notification of deals at nearby retailers, using a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi to track users’ location and then send notifications for deals on nearby merchants. The startup is also in the process of building a deal site for Android users.


A platform that helps people find food in their neighborhoods. It uses Yelp data to recommend places nearby.


A mobile app that allows you to find nearby empty parking spots, then pay for them via NFC.


Idea: A startup that helps you to search for nearby events, and also provides a link to the ticketing page. It’s similar to Eventbrite, but focuses on local events.


A startup that connects business users with nearby vendors who can help with things like installation, maintenance, or repair.


A platform that helps users find nearby ping pong tables, buy tables, and host matches.


A messaging and referral app designed for healthcare and medical professionals. It’s a sort of Yelp for the healthcare industry, helping patients find nearby doctors and other medical services.


Idea: A startup that helps people with mobility issues navigate the world. It’s a website that aggregates all the information you might need to find a public restroom or get to a destination nearby