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by @levelsio

Native Startup Ideas

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In addition to making new sodas, this startup is looking to take on the soda industry as a whole by introducing healthier alternatives to soda, such as carbonated teas and fruit-flavored water.


A startup that helps hospitals find cheaper alternatives to the expensive equipment they use in the ER.


A “native” mobile app designed with the multiscreen experience in mind.


This company is building an alternative to the social networks that people use to connect with others. Rather than posting updates about yourself, you can post updates about other people.


A startup that lets you schedule and pay for your dry cleaning, pick-up and delivery all through your phone's native phone app.


A startup that wants to provide an alternative to the major companies that offer access to credit cards.


A startup that provides a “free and sustainable” alternative to plastic bags


Builds an alternative to the traditional car buying process.


A startup that helps software developers to build mobile apps with a mobile SDK without requiring native code knowledge.


A company that offers a low-cost alternative to dental work for low-income people in the US.


Notify is a data entry platform used by companies like Facebook, Slack, and Etsy. The startup is building an email-based alternative, so companies don’t have to rely on their help desk.


A tool for modeling and simulating the physical behavior of interaction with a product, with a focus on wearables. The startups aims to allow customers to model wearables in a way that’s more intuitive than the current alternatives


A startup that provides a service to help people with their immigration paperwork (basically lawyer) A startup that provides an alternative to Airbnb for people to rent out their homes (which they are not living in)


A startup that is building an alternative repository to Airbnb for people to find rentable resources This includes everything from homes to lawn mowers, from the startup’s own website


A crowdsourced translation app that lets you leave a comment to help an Italian native translate an English text into Italian.


A lightweight alternative to a Mac, PC, or laptop on which you can perform any kind of computational work


The company has begun to experiment with a plan to bring a $10/month subscription service to consumers that would provide a weekly Amazon Prime-like service to customers. The company could be an alternative to people who don’t like Amazon Prime’s current offerings.


A tool that helps developers build with React, and other developers build with React Native.


A more affordable alternative to the Fitbit fitness tracker.


One of several startups that are building alternative work schedules that let people swap out their hours for the week. They all basically pair an employer with a local worker who can come in for extra hours in exchange for a small fee or a flat rate.


Builds and delivers smart meters for solar farms in India. The startup claims that it’s the lowest cost alternative to utility-scale solar.


A company that’s a Slack alternative, designed to be more intuitive and user friendly.


A startup that wants to build a platform for alternative medicine, like homeopathy.


A mini-storage startup that rents out small lockers, intended to be a more affordable alternative to larger storage units.


A startup that provides a service to help people find less expensive alternatives to their cable package


The startup is building an alternative to the traditional paycheck. The company gets paid by employers, and in turn, pays employees in cryptocurrency.


A company is planning to launch in August 2020, working on a way to better integrate ad tech, which often gets in the way of native advertising.


A startup that helps people who are non-native English speakers navigate the US immigration system. The startup is based in San Francisco and is hiring.


A startup that helps users find the closest public school or charter school that’s right for their family. It’s meant to bridge the gap between traditional public schools and new alternative school systems like charters.


An on-demand marketplace for your home, pitched as a more effective, more satisfying alternative to Airbnb.


A “native advertising” platform that allows publishers to create and share native video ads that look like the video content they’re promoting.


A JavaScript library that makes it easier to use React Native in the browser.


A company hoping to make it easier for companies to own and manage their IP, bringing a digital licensing alternative to the enterprise. The company is based in NYC, has raised $1.5 million, and is looking to use the funding to expand.


A company aiming to expand the college degree market by making an alternative to the traditional college experience.


A platform that helps companies track and manage their employees' spending. It's a more transparent alternative to the likes of Mint, but also one that has to be paid for by the company that uses it.


A new kind of payments solution that’s an alternative to a bank account.


Recruiting software for the travel industry and alternative work arrangements.


A tool to help users learn English, enabling them to follow along on a video while a native speaker reads the text.


A “Facebook for Real Estate” that combines a platform for real estate agents and sellers to find buyers and sellers with a native advertising platform (similar to Rent.com) that lets companies manage their presence on the site.


This is an alternative to the standard subscription model for software. Instead of buying software and only using it, it allows companies to buy access to the software for a set number of uses over a year, and then the software is deactivated once the period is up.


a mobile payments system for India. The startup is pitching itself as a cheaper alternative to the likes of Google Wallet and Paytm.


A Slack alternative for companies that have a lot of teams.


A startup that connects users who want to learn Spanish with native speakers. They have over 25,000 users.


A company that helps people book appointments and make travel plans through a single interface, with an iOS app, a native app for Android, and a web-based app.


A startup that helps hotels in Europe and the Middle East book rooms for corporate events with Fintech companies, using their own websites, without the need for a native reservation system.


This startup wants to offer a cheaper alternative to the costly, time-consuming process of renting a car, and make it easy for car buyers to find the right car for their needs.


BridgeCoin is a cryptocurrency-based lending platform that is “an alternative to the traditional banking system.”


A tool for hiring people who are native Spanish speakers.


A startup that will make it easier for companies to take their vacation time. Founders say it’s designed to be a more affordable alternative to the likes of Voyageur, which charges $50 for the service and $99 per person.


A code library that makes it easier to build React Native apps, as opposed to the traditional NativeScript process that requires developers to learn a new framework.


A startup that builds a homegrown alternative to the likes of Instagram, PicsArt, and Snapchat


A mobile app that helps you learn new languages by speaking to a native speaker over video.


Only 1% of all workers in the US have their overtime legally included in their paychecks. This startup wants to be the alternative. They’re building a mobile app that tracks time and automatically computes overtime pay.


This company is building a “truly independent” alternative to Google News. It looks at all the news sources on the web and aggregates them into a single stream, eliminating the need for users to manually visit all their sources.


A social networking platform to help English learners learn English, and for native speakers to learn Spanish.


A health insurance alternative for young adults. It’s a $1 per month plan that is affordable and has low out of pocket costs for patients.


This is a credit card processing startup that is aiming to offer a cheaper alternative for small businesses.


A digital alternative for physical notes and calendars. The startup says it’s a better way to organize and share calendars with family and friends. They charge $5 per month for a calendar with unlimited notes.


A software suite with a native app on iOS and Android. It helps restaurants manage their restaurant operations such as food preparation, ordering, scheduling and ordering.


A group of startups that wants to build a more flexible alternative to the more common SaaS model. The startups want to build tools that let people customize their solutions into “custom apps” that can be sold to customers directly.


A startup that wants to use blockchain technology to create an alternative to Wall Street. The company wants to connect investors with funds and manage risk.


A tool for freelancers that allows them to create invoices with no upfront cost or monthly subscription. The startup is looking to be a cheaper alternative to Upwork and Freelancer.


A content marketing platform that helps brands and influencers create “native” content that is more authentic and encourages customers to interact with brands.


The company wants to help its clients build and distribute “native” apps for their web properties.


This SaaS company is creating a platform that lets mobile developers build apps natively for two of the most important devices people have, their phones and their TVs.


A B2B company that aims to offer an alternative to payroll services that is based around the value employees bring to companies.


A cloud-native, multi-tenant application platform that focuses on making it easier to manage a company’s backend infrastructure. It’s the company’s first product, and the company is targeting $100 million in revenue as it adds new features.


A program for graduating students to match them with jobs and internships, pitching itself as an alternative to unpaid internships.


A millennial-focused startup that wants to create a locally-sourced and craft beer-friendly alternative to “traditional” craft beers. LocalBev will work directly with a brewer to create a unique beer style, with each batch brewed on an on-site system.


A startup for restaurant workers that allows them to pick up shifts from other employees on the app, serving as an alternative to hiring.


A startup that provides an alternative to a hotel for people who are traveling


Idea: A peer-to-peer lending marketplace The startup offers an alternative to traditional banks, which the founders say offer high interest rates, but often have hidden fees


Idea: A mobile game that runs in-browser for the browser-based game streaming service The startup basically wants to make a mobile game but instead of building a native iOS or Android app, it can run inside the browser and be streamed to a phone


Idea: Building a blockchain-based twitter alternative


Idea: A Salesforce alternative that offers easy integrations with Github, Bitbucket, and Slack


Idea: An alternative to Adobe, focused on web performance


Idea: A video platform for language learners to have a dialogue with a native speaker


Idea: A startup that is building an AI-powered platform, intended as an alternative to the likes of Verint and others, meant to help call centers


Idea: A startup that helps developers build native apps for their companies It provides a development framework that can be incorporated into other software


Idea: A way to bring “native apps to the web”, so developers can build applications that behave natively in browsers


Idea: A web-based hotel booking platform for vacationers in Asia, built natively for mobile. Their models includes a monthly subscription service for hotels, allowing them to focus on customer service and other features.


Idea: This startup is building an alternative to Paypal for international money transfers, with a focus on Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite country, India.


Idea: A white-labeled version of the video scheduling tools used by companies like Google and Facebook. It also helps companies manage their video ads — and is profitable now by helping companies make native videos.


Idea: A customizable webmail service, which aims to be a ‘safer’ alternative to Gmail. The startup has seen over $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue since launching in April 2019.


A startup that provides a platform for creating custom photo edits for your social media posts. A nice alternative to Canva and other tools for creating social media images.


A startup that provides a directory of doctors who specialize in alternative medicine


A startup that provides a way for users to alert emergency services of their location This is meant to be used as an alternative to calling 911, which is often the default option for users in emergency


iewhut is building a marketplace for influencers. The startup connects brands with influencers, who vouch for products in native advertising format. So far they have over 1,000 influencers and their homepage has over 1,600,000 followers.