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Multiple Startup Ideas

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A startup that’s building a new kind of shopping cart that lets buyers seamlessly buy products at multiple sites without leaving the online store.


Localization software that helps companies hire workers who can speak, read, and write in multiple languages.


A new startup that wants to make the world’s smallest USB hub, allowing users to plug in multiple USB devices (keyboards, monitors, etc) into a single port


The founders of this startup are trying to create a new kind of credit card that can be used across multiple merchants, instead of different cards for different merchants.


This startup wants to help users find the best insurance rates from multiple providers.


A startup that sells virtual phone numbers that people can use to have multiple business lines


A startup that helps translate the product descriptions of small businesses into multiple languages


A startupging platform that lets users manage multiple blogs in one place.


The company wants to build an offline-first collaborative editing platform for video production that would allow editors to work in a room with multiple screens, and for multiple editors to work on the same piece of footage simultaneously.


Twilio, a company that provides cloud-based communication and telephony APIs, is one of the most well-known startups at YC. Their newest project is a tool that helps call center agents manage multiple languages.


A platform that helps ad agencies, marketers, and agencies reach people across multiple channels based on their interests, without having to find their personal email addresses.


A way for companies to pay the bills of their employees in multiple currencies, with higher rates for those who live in the area.


A personal finance service that helps people pay down their debt from multiple cards in a single monthly payment.


A tool to help companies manage multiple workflows and processes for a single project. It’s available as a Chrome extension.


A startup building an app that helps companies manage their international workflows. The solution is aimed at companies that have multiple different offices around the world, be they full-time or digital nomads.


A platform that aims to solve the problem of small businesses having to create multiple email accounts for each new customer in order to reduce the risk of email spam.


A glance on the apps you use across all devices. It’s a security firm looking to make sure you aren’t using an app on multiple devices that has been hacked.


A platform for managing multiple email addresses, groups, and more.


A platform that allows multiple users to create a single item, then share it with a single shipping address.


A tool that helps companies create software that can be run across multiple devices, using HTML5.


A B2B software platform (for the legal industry) for small businesses that helps them manage contracts and warranties, manage their legal teams, and access multiple legal systems.


A tool for managing multiple people’s time and delegating tasks.


A startup that helps businesses in the United States and Europe run their money using shared accounts. It’s a “one-stop shop” for working with multiple banks.


A tool to help retailers sell their products on multiple marketplaces at once


An online tool to create social media ad campaigns, giving clients a way to manage multiple accounts from one place.


A startup that helps companies manage their inventory across multiple warehouses and retail locations The company says they have $82,000 in monthly recurring revenue with 60% gross margins


A startup operating in the European market that is building a network of e-commerce sites that allow users to shop from multiple stores in one place


A system for monitoring and optimizing multiple servers at the same time. The startup hopes to help companies manage their data centers.


A self-service dashboard for companies using multiple accounting software.


Tiller is a way to make workforce management more efficient, says the startup. It’s a B2B SaaS platform that allows companies to manage multiple company’s HR data, including benefits, payroll, time clock and benefits, and more.


The company’s first product is a way to manage your social media posts across multiple platforms like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.


A startup that simplifies the process of selling online, allowing anyone to list items on multiple shopping sites. The idea is that doing so is more cost-efficient than having to curate items individually on each.


A startup that’s building a platform for managing multiple companies, without the overhead of managing multiple startups.


A startup that uses human transcribers to help companies support their customers in multiple languages


A platform for creating and publishing video content with multiple channels. The startup, which was founded in August, is building on the video-sharing platform LIV. It lets users create and publish video content via a combination of Instagram and Facebook.


A “next generation” messaging app. The company is building a platform for users to connect with each other at scale across multiple messaging platforms, starting with WhatsApp.


A platform that allows businesses to grant employees access to multiple work tools and applications. It’s currently in beta.


A SaaS platform that builds and sells business software. Their most recent product was a payroll software for restaurants, which they’ve sold to multiple chains.


A software company that wants to help companies pull data from multiple sources, combine it, and make sense of it all.


An internal audit tool which helps companies audit data from multiple sources, and produce an audit report for each source.


A digital-first finance company with a trading platform that lets investors share portfolios across accounts and invest using multiple currencies. The startup wants to compete with traditional brokerages by using a similar toolset.


A startup building a portfolio management service that uses machine learning to help users better manage and invest in their portfolio across multiple financial services.


A toolset for managing the design process of a single website, allowing multiple designers to work on a single site together


A company that is building an API to connect real-time data to multiple applications/websites.


A company that wants to solve a problem for small businesses: they’re struggling to get their customers to pay. Shopin makes it easier to create a loyalty scheme for their customers by helping them create a personal account and tie it to their business account. Shopin also has a small business version that can help businesses combine rewards programs from multiple platforms into one.


A system that allows school districts to scale their curriculum and manage it across multiple devices.


The startup is creating a way for marketers to track their digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels and learn a lot about their customers along the way.


A software platform that helps buyers get quotes for their homes from multiple companies in the same day, while also giving the seller a price for what they can get for the home and how quickly they can close.


A platform for property managers to manage their properties from one centralized platform. It’s aimed at large property owners, as well as those with multiple properties.


A tool for bringing together the various employees in the supply chain of a product. The platform is meant to help manage the complexity of supply chains, which include multiple suppliers, and to keep a closer eye on the supply chain.


A startup that helps businesses create a more efficient CRM system by collecting data from multiple sources and automatically integrating it into a single sales pipeline.


A file-syncing app that works across multiple platforms, enabling users to sync files across all of their devices.


The company is building a single-sign-on tool for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them manage multiple logins for different services.


A startup that “provides an AI-powered, ad-free content-based search experience for social media that allows users to see engagement, content, and activity across multiple social media channels and news outlets.”


A platform that allows teams to manage their workflows collaboratively. The team is focused on making it useful for ride sharing companies and other companies that work with multiple contractors.


A customer support tool that helps companies make customer calls and unlock customer data with a single API. The startup is currently aiming to partner with larger companies to develop a customer support tool that scales for multiple products.


A startup for people who are hosts on Airbnb. The startup is looking to make it easier to manage multiple properties


A startup that wants to help you manage your social media accounts with the goal of making it easy to run the same account across multiple devices.


Social commerce startup that offers a way for shops to translate their product descriptions into multiple languages, and allows users to easily connect with the businesses that sell the items.


A tool that helps you manage multiple to-do lists, in different formats, all in one place, with cloud-based syncing across all your devices.


A startup that helps restaurant workers keep track of multiple job applications and reviews.


This startup is building a system that would allow customers to send a text message to multiple retailers and have the purchase executed seamlessly.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of re-marketing in higher education recruiting by building a way to help schools replace the need for multiple applications.


This is a startup that wants to make it easier for people to make products in multiple languages. It currently offers a single language editor, aimed at creating text-based localizations for a single language, and plans to launch a tool for generating voiceover scripts.


A company that is creating a new kind of wireless charger, which takes the form of a lamp with a cable that plugs into the wall and then into the charging device. The lamp can then charge multiple devices at the same time, and with the lights off the lamp can also act as a nightstand.


A startup that aims to unify the real estate market by making it easier to bid for real estate listings across multiple platforms.


This startup aims to make the process of hiring software engineers easier for smaller teams, and to do so by merging multiple applicant tracking tools. The startup offers a single dashboard for recruiting, applicant tracking and talent management.


A startup that’s building an app that helps people find and book transportation across cities, across multiple modes.


Startups with a focus on the small business market are a regular feature of Y Combinator, and this one is a real game-changer. EnviroFinder collects data from multiple sources and makes it easy for businesses to see how they rank in their local market, then take that information and “re-market” it to their customers on websites they’ve built. The idea is to help entrepreneurs win at the local level in a way that doesn’t rely on expensive and time-consuming in-person events.


A cloud-based platform that allows retailers to create a “bundle” of products that are available for the same price as a single product, offering better margins for buyers on multiple products.


A startup that allows Web-based forms to be filled out and emailed to multiple parties, animated for each person to see who has responded.


This startup is building a system for multiple types of sellers to meet up to sell their product. The startup is building a marketplace for many types of products including food, services, and experiences.


Take a multi-pronged approach to recruiting, matching a candidate with multiple companies, and then helping them understand the role they’re interviewing for.


A startup that helps companies in the financial services industry integrate data from multiple systems through one API.


An email service that integrates with existing systems like Outlook or Gmail, and automatically adds calendar events. The startup wants to make it easy to access information from multiple systems and apps.


A platform that allows people to build and run their own podcasts, with the ability to have multiple shows on the platform.


A way to get around the “proprietary” nature of most software for companies with multiple vendors. A way for companies to create standard versions of their software that they can then sell, with a multi-vendor infrastructure that can easily transition between platforms.


A project management and time tracking app that allows users to track time from multiple devices, while also converting time tracking data into a single, searchable spreadsheet.


A startup that lets you add multiple PayPal transactions into one. Called “one-click-pay”


A data visualization tool that offers individualized reports for each user, combining data from multiple sources and presenting them to an end user in a way that is easy to digest. The company’s first product, released in 2019, is for healthcare and financial services.


A system for collecting and organizing data from multiple sources to help people get a deeper understanding of how their customers respond to different offers.


A company that helps small business owners in the United States and Canada to sell and manage their products and services in a way that can be tracked and tracked across multiple platforms and markets.


 A platform that helps companies manage multiple databases on a single platform, with a goal of making it easier to manage the most important pieces of core business software.


The startup has built a software platform that lets its customers create, manage, and publish road-side signs in multiple languages. The company, which was founded in 2012, has raised $4.5 million in funding, including a $1.5 million investment from Digital Garage in August 2017.


A startup that provides software for connecting to multiple payment gateways


A tool for marketers to collect customer feedback across multiple channels (web, email, phone, social media, etc.) and turn it into actionable data. The tool is meant to be used by marketers to help them improve their marketing strategies.


A startup that wants to use AI to help you increase the value of your product photos. It wants to be a sort of digital gallery, with a tool to help you decide between multiple options for a given photo.


They’re a startup that wants to make it easier for companies to track and allocate ad spend across multiple markets. They run an ad network for over 1,000 brands, including Nike, Samsung, and Sony.


A health care platform that helps hospitals manage multiple networks of care.


Software that helps companies manage the distribution of their products to multiple distribution channels.


A platform for real estate agents to easily manage multiple listing services (MLS) listings on behalf of their clients, charging a small percentage of each sale.


A platform that helps designers collaborate with multiple people on one project


A platform for managing your personal digital life across multiple devices. Think of it as a digital “phonebook” that you can access from anywhere.


A tool for crowdfunding on the blockchain, where the funds are held in a wallet, instead of a bank or payment processor, and can be transferred to multiple investors.


An online platform that helps people find, compare, and buy homes across multiple mortgage lenders based on their needs.


A product that allows developers to easily build and launch a custom app from a single library, with a focus on scaling those apps across multiple platforms.


A graphic design startup that makes it easy for brands to design and share branded content across multiple platforms.


A company that helps organizations create accurate sales forecasting reports by automatically collecting the data from multiple sources.


Idea: A business intelligence platform that allows big companies to keep track of their financial data It’s basically a way to manage multiple data silos in one place


Makes it easy to create and manage software libraries in multiple languages The startup wants to reduce code duplication


Idea: A B2B company that helps companies deal with the complexity of managing multiple languages, and the translation of content.


Idea: A B2B company that helps pull financial data from multiple sources and makes it available inside a CRM-style interface. The founders say they’ve already worked with a few dozen companies.


Idea: A digital platform for physical businesses that enables them to manage their inventory, pricing and promotions in one place and across multiple channels. The company has $1.3M in revenue.


Idea: The startup is building a tool that automatically writes a person’s will and will updates, letting you track wills from multiple users in the same account. It’s built on top of a free service that lets you write a will once and store it with them. They’re aiming to replace legal representatives with their software, while still giving users the option to use a lawyer.


This software company is building a platform for developers to use in building apps that can read and process information from multiple data sources, including Telegram.


 A tool for finding and building mobile apps. The startup wants to be a hub for developers to build apps across multiple platforms.