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Moving Startup Ideas

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A startup that offers a service for designing employee relocation packages for companies who are moving employees


A startup that helps people who have bought a home and are moving in, and then helps them find a contractor to make small home improvements


A startup that helps people who are moving out of their place find someone to help them clean up and do a thorough cleaning


A startup that helps you find a local moving company


A platform that uses machine learning to help companies improve their technical operations by identifying and removing technical debt and outdated code.


A company that’s moving the power of the “internet of things” from the world of large manufacturing plants and factories to the world of small-scale manufacturing and manufacturing at home. The company is working with over 50 manufacturers to make it easier to connect their products to the Internet.


A startup that builds software for companies that are moving or re-opening their physical retail locations. The company is working with a dozen retailers, with plans to ultimately serve over 200 companies.


A startup that helps people who are moving figure out what they should do with their


An online marketplace connecting businesses with their customers, by removing the pain of looking for the right product, by allowing them to find the right supplier.


A startup that offers a service where people who are moving out can hire someone to help them clean their apartment


A startup that helps people with the logistics of moving


Focuses on the logistics of retail and automates the process of moving inventory around the supply chain. The company has built a platform to allow retailers to upload their inventory, manage their orders, and manage their employees’ time.


Handy is a startup that wants to take on Taskrabbit in the mobile cleaning space, bringing a cleaner to your house for a flat rate to do jobs like laundry, building, and moving.


A platform that helps small businesses buy and sell excess inventory. The startup’s founder says that they have over 15,000 businesses using the platform and over $1 million of inventory moving through the system.


This startup’s utility is powered by the sharing economy. The app allows people to connect with local drivers and couriers to take care of what can be a labor-intensive activity, like moving a couch to a new apartment or delivering art to a new home.


A new take on digital advertising that seeks to take over the desktop space. The founders say it’s the first product that can put advertising on every desktop screen. It’s also intended to be a “frictionless” experience for users, removing the need to navigate multiple ad networks or pay for ads.


A machine-learning software solution to optimize customer experience by identifying and removing unproductive clicks.


A company that helps connect users with movers, whether it’s for students moving into a new apartment or for people moving out of an office.


A startup that uses machine learning to identify risks of people moving into houses, and uses that information to help sellers price houses accordingly.


A free service that helps Americans who are moving abroad find work and employment opportunities in their new countries. Their mission is to help Americans transition to their new countries by providing job opportunities in their new countries.


A SaaS platform that lets businesses manage their customer lifecycle, from acquiring customers to servicing them and moving them through the purchase cycle.


A quick start-up that aims to help companies with cloud computing & data storage, making life easier for companies who want to use cloud services but don't have the time to manage all the moving pieces.


A startup that helps businesses build and manage their customer databases, moving away from spreadsheets and manual processes to digitized solutions


Allows users to create a “smarter” calendar, with a focus on things like highlighting “no shows”, removing “redundant” events, etc.


The startup’s cofounders say they want to be the company that takes “the unknown hassle out of hiring” by eliminating time-consuming steps like job applications and paperwork. It also wants to help small businesses scale by removing the need for a HR department.


A startup for moving services, like moving companies, storage companies, and movers.


The founders of this startup are best known for building the most popular and successful startup accelerator in the world. They’re now moving into a new area, with a new accelerator format that’s aimed at helping teams build products for specific industries.


A real estate marketplace for homes that are moving.


A new way to sell and manage mortgage loans. The company wants to disrupt the industry by using artificial intelligence to manage home loans and lower cost by removing the middleman.


A startup trying to solve the logistics problem of selling and transporting used electronics. The company wants to eliminate the hassle of storing, moving, and recycling the product.


This startup is looking to help doctors manage patient files by moving them into a single platform. It’s a software-as-a-service platform that’s already used by doctors in the U.S. and the UK.


A startup to help clients move their data to the cloud. The idea is to create a platform that helps clients with the process of moving their data to the cloud.


A company that helps companies work with data scientists and developers, originally via a software-as-a-service product. It’s now moving toward a marketplace/agency model.


A platform that helps users who are moving apartments share information with their friends and family, to make the process less stressful.


People who are moving can now hire a moving company with a phone call.


A “middleman” for moving foreign currency between banks, the startup will offer a service that automatically transfers a customer’s funds from a U.S. bank account to a foreign bank account.


Freight costs are high enough for this startup to make moving easier by letting you move any size item (such as a couch, or a full house) for $3.


A SaaS that helps companies with hiring and onboarding, namely with moving from a traditional hiring process that relies on paper forms to an online process that works better.


A company that is trying to take the pain out of moving, by offering a “move-free plan” that covers the fees of moving your house from one area to another.


A new type of on-demand, on-demand, on-demand, on-demand-on-demand-on-demand platform for moving, storage, and other types of errands.


A real estate startup focused on providing services to families moving to new neighborhoods.


Hipmunk is a travel-search startup that’s moving into online travel agencies.


A startup that helps customers sell insurance directly to their customers, removing the need for the customer to go through their agent.


A startup that wants to automate the intake process for new users in an app, removing the need for manual coding.


Idea: A drone startup that's been working with Amazon for the last two years, and is now moving into a larger market It’s currently piloting its service in Peru


A tool that helps content marketers find the most effective ways to promote their work. The startup wants to make content marketing cheaper by removing the middleman and letting companies choose what works best for them.


A startup for people who are moving to a new city and need help finding new friends


A startup that provides a service for people who are moving The startup will come to their home, take all their furniture, and deliver it to their new house


A startup that provides a service for cleaning up and removing junk from a home or apartment


A startup that helps people find and order moving supplies (like boxes, tape, paper, labels, etc)


A startup that provides a service for people who are moving into a new home: They come and help people get their home set up in a more efficient way


A startup that helps people who are moving overseas and need to sell their car or other property


A startup that offers a service that helps people who are moving abroad get their car over to their new country


A startup that sells a tool for people to use when they are moving so that they can take apart their furniture


A startup that provides a service where people who are moving into a new area can have their house cleaned, their old place cleaned and a bunch of other things done that they can’t do after they


A startup that provides a service for people who are moving to a new city and are looking to get a job there A startup that provides a service for people who are moving to a new city and are looking to get a


A startup that provides a service for matching up people who are moving so they can check out apartments together


A startup that is a competitor to Taskrabbit, but specifically for moving companies


Idea: Removing the need for server administration while keeping


Idea: A webapp for keeping track of your fast-moving startup


Idea: Aims to make it easier to do business in the developing world by removing the human element from contract management The company takes care of the legwork and legal formalities so that companies can do business with foreign suppliers without having to learn the ins and outs of local business processes


Idea: A startup for creating and tracking to-do lists, but also automating micro-tasks like moving a cart from one aisle to another


Idea: An online marketplace for the rental of moving trucks The startup’s pitch is to remove the hassle of coordinating with a moving company by providing a platform that allows users to book trucks from different moving companies in one place


Idea: A cybersecurity startup that’s building a tool for identifying and removing rogue access points to corporate networks.


A startup that helps you manage the logistics of moving by managing the entire process from start to finish.


Idea: A startup that wants to play matchmaker between people and moving companies. The founders say moving is a massive pain point, and there’s a huge demand for a simpler solution.


A startup that helps people who are moving abroad find a dentist who speaks their language