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Move Startup Ideas

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A startup that lets companies track their employees’ movements in and out of the office using GPS.


A startup that helps people who want to move to a smaller house


A video games-focused startup that has created a “fitness tracker” for gamers. It’s a patch that attaches to a gamer’s sleeve and tracks their movements in real time while they play.


A startup that sells a tool for determining if someone is lying or not (voice recognition, eye movement, micro-expressions)


In 2018, the firm moved its headquarters from San Francisco to New York City.


A web-based platform that connects people who want to move furniture to those who want to buy it


Idea: A tool for helping people improve their sleep. The startup provides a mattress with embedded sensors that can track movement and sound, letting users track data about their sleep.


The startup is looking to “help people make the switch from their personal funds to a workplace 401(k) retirement plan”, by allowing employers to build automated 401(k) plans for their employees, and giving employees the ability to move their 401(k) funds to their own bank accounts.


A startup for community members to report potholes and graffiti in their neighborhood Workers go out daily to clean up potholes, remove graffiti


A startup that sells a product that helps people have a pet in their apartment when they move


A startup that helps freelancers get paid up front, then moves that money to a business account if they don’t get enough gigs booked in a given period of time. Today it has paying customers in the US, UK, and Australia, and is profitable.


A startup that lets users create a database of their home inventory so they can easily sell their home if they need to move


A platform that allows individuals or companies to post jobs and have them filled by people looking to move, with the goal of keeping unemployment rates low.


A startup that allows your smartphone to operate as a wearable device that can track your movements, showing you how much exercise you’re getting.


A “smart” hospital bed that monitors patients and adjusts the temperature in response to their health concerns. It also tracks their movements to prevent falls.


The India-based company wants to remove the middleman from B2B commerce by allowing businesses to create individual shopping carts and price all their goods without an agency setting charges.


A one-stop solution for warehouse management, with an API to help schedule and track movements of goods from order to delivery.


A group of MIT engineers are building a robot that will be able to remove contaminated oil spills from beaches.


A replacement for traditional backpacks that allows people to carry their belongings along with them when they move.


A mobile-first marketplace for cleaning professionals. Movers manages bookings, invoicing, and customer service. The startup also offers a suite of cleaning services like carpet and upholstery cleaning, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning.


A startup that aims to help remove the friction between resource-poor hospitals in India and those with more resources.


A startup that allows you to create a “move” between friends, effectively turning a video call into a video-text-chat.


This startup wants to help companies move their websites over to HTTPS, the secure version of the web.


A startup that tracks the global movement of goods, in real time, using RFID tags.


A platform that allows teams to collaborate on their marketing and sales tasks. The platform allows teams to move through the sales cycle, from evaluating opportunities to closing. The company says it has over 1,000 customers and is on track to generate over $1.5 million in revenue in 2019.


A digital product that detects, tracks, and pays a user’s monthly rent payments. Due to rent laws, a tenant in many areas may not legally be able to sign for a check until it’s been deposited. By the time they can, the landlord has already moved on to the next tenant, which means the tenant may have to pay the holdback fee.


An “app store” for the cloud that “helps companies move their applications into the cloud, without losing their data”.


This startup is producing the next generation of technologies that can detect and remove water in buildings to prevent mold, bacteria, and other harmful microbes from growing.


This startup helps online retailers capture customer data when someone visits their site. It helps retailers track how visitors move through their site, how they interact with ads, and what pages they visit.


This is a water filtration system that claims to remove 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and cysts, using FOSS technology.


This is a company that makes a “dance-forward” bra for women who move.


This startup is building software to allow retailers to offer a new way to pay for goods and to pay their employees. The software removes the need for cashiers, since customers can just request a payment from their phone.


The idea: A mobile phone that can be powered by your body movement, rather than by a battery. The goal is for the device to be small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to run a full computer. The company was founded in May 2016 by two ex-Apple engineers.


A startup that helps corporations collaborate with small businesses on their products. It helps companies identify and get to know potential partners, then helps them negotiate deals and move toward production.


If a company has an international lease in place, it can often forget to update it when it moves to a different jurisdiction. This startup, which is based in San Francisco, aims to make that process easier.


A product that helps people determine the right time to move homes.


A startup that provides a service where people who need to move or clean up their house can pay someone a small amount of money to do it for them


A seed-stage startup that features an AI-based platform for managing and automating the operations of supply chain logistics. The platform allows companies to move more goods and save money through the use of smart devices, AI, and robotics.


In March 2017, Y Combinator moved its operations to the United Kingdom, becoming a British Limited Company.


The startup is working with partners to bootstrap the growth of a small-scale 3D printing community by providing the equipment and resources to move from a maker-model printer to a high-quality commercial printer.


A tool designed to help remove the complexity of planning and managing your next vacation


"We are a group of experienced marketers and developers who believe in building companies that are powered by users and not investors. We want to move from a world of transactional businesses to ones that are built on relationships. Our mission is to build a platform that allows people to create and share their own content in the same way that they share links or photos on Facebook."


A distributed team management system that moves employees to a new team instead of firing them.


This is a tool that helps companies better manage their supply chains and track the movement of their products, which can lead to a reduction in fraud and theft. It has worked with companies like Walmart and General Electric.


A company looking to build a better version of the “wish-list”, where items can be added and removed while shopping.


A way to measure and report on a person’s location and movements in real-time, without requiring a wearable device.


A company that wants to move the world from centralized to decentralized data storage.


A platform that aims to build a “bespoke” container for goods between any two ports in the world. They’re working on building a tool to help ship companies quickly and cheaply move stuff across the ocean.


A startup that aims to build a “smart” shopping bag for consumers that can be tracked as it’s being moved from store to store.


This startup sells a case that allows you to keep your Apple Watch on your wrist without having to remove it from your wrist.


On-demand software for human resources (HR) teams. It automates the hiring process, removes the stress of finding the right people, and streamlines data collection and reporting for HR teams.


This startup is building an app that helps people plan their next moves in the event of a natural disaster.


A way for people who need to move into a new apartment to take a photo of their living room or kitchen and quickly see a comprehensive price list of what it would cost to remodel it. The startup says it’s profitable and has a $150,000 monthly revenue run rate.


A WordPress-based blogging platform that removes the clutter of a blog, allowing you to focus on what you’re saying, not all the add-ons you’re using.


A company that helps connect users with movers, whether it’s for students moving into a new apartment or for people moving out of an office.


A tool for tracking and managing moves and moves to happen in the future


A tool for helping people find their next career move, which is focused on helping employees change jobs within the same company.


A mobile application that allows the user to create and share movement plans and trainings. The startup wants to help people share their workout plans with their friends, allowing them to track progress.


A sensor embedded into a device that allows it to communicate with a connected phone and let the maker know if the device is being moved and where it’s being moved to. The sensor would also allow the maker some control over the device.


A startup that wants to help companies around the world use robots to move goods from warehouses to retail stores.


This startup wants to replace the inefficient and often criminally-run trucking industry with a new way to move freight that’s better for consumers, the environment, and the economy as a whole, by using autonomous vehicles.


This startup is looking to help people move into the gig economy, giving them access to services like unlimited cleaning and dog walking jobs.


A company that builds a way to observe and track the movement of people in real time through a smartphone application. It’s a way to keep celebrities safe at festivals and other events. The founders say they’ve already been approached by several celebrities to use their product.


 A wearable device for detecting and tracking the movements of patients by their bedside.


A startup that manages the maintenance of rental homes using a mechanical arm that moves the oil and water that oil and water, and then cleans and inspects them.


A startup that offers personalized workouts based on how your body moves during those activities. The startup’s first clients are in the health and fitness sector, but they hope to expand to other sectors like education or corporate wellness.


A platform that helps users find great deals from local businesses, but don’t have to go to the store. The startup sees itself competing with Groupon, although it hopes to target smaller businesses and compete with Groupon’s recent move to focus on higher-margin, bigger deals.


A home-sharing platform for students on the move. It allows students to rent out rooms in their homes for short periods.


A mobile app that helps people in the UK stay well by tracking their health and activity, using data from Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Moves.


A company that helps companies connect people who want to move to a new location with people who want to live there.


A blockchain-based startup that helps big companies move business to the blockchain, and connect with small companies willing to do business on the blockchain.


A tool that helps your developers move from a single-page app to a more complex multi-page app.


A startup for moving services, like moving companies, storage companies, and movers.


A startup that makes a “human-powered robot” that helps companies track their employees’ movements


A health app that tracks patients’ movements and health levels, using the app’s own sensor suite, and sends alerts when a patient’s condition requires immediate attention.


A startup that lets you move money between your bank accounts anywhere in the world, including in real time


 A function that can be applied to any type of email. The goal is to be able to remove and manage spam and reduce email volume.


A tool that helps users create their own custom-built fonts with the company’s custom font editor. The startup aims to remove the need to have a designer build fonts for an application or website by allowing users to build their own instead.


The story of how the founder of a company that makes protective filters for mobile devices moved to China, raised funding, and founded a rival company.


A $2.99 app that allows you to find, order, and track your packages as they move through the delivery process.


A startup that helps businesses manage their inventory in real-time, including the ability to add and remove items from a warehouse in real-time.


This company wants to develop a new kind of soft robotics. They’re building robotic arms that are more flexible, and move more naturally, than most robotic arms on the market.


 An HR startup that helps companies hire and manage software engineers. They focus on a unique interview process of tracking answers and listening to the answers and use machine learning to sort candidates, give feedback, and determine how to move forward.


An on-demand pest control service for homeowners that finds pests, estimates how much it will cost to remove them, and then, in a few days, sends the homeowner a text message to let them know a technician is on its way. It’s a $500 million industry in the US.


Want to track your dog This startup wants to let you track your dog's movements with a GPS system. They're currently building out the product, which they say requires no phone or network connection.


A startup to help clients move their data to the cloud. The idea is to create a platform that helps clients with the process of moving their data to the cloud.


A company that helps businesses track employees and their movements. Founded in 2009, the startup claims to have raised $9.1 million in venture capital and made it to the finals of Y Combinator's winter 2017 batch.


A news app for people who are always on the move and want to stay informed


A startup that wants to help the military track the movement of money in the Middle East.


This startup is building a vision-enabled augmented reality tracking tool for wearables. The product, which launches this year, will be able to track eye movements, and allows users to see through the lens of another person’s smartphone.


An online clothing warehouse delivering to local boutiques and independent stores in the U.S. A recent move into the UK has brought in $100,000 in sales in their first month, while they say they’ve already received interest from other retailers.


Freight costs are high enough for this startup to make moving easier by letting you move any size item (such as a couch, or a full house) for $3.


A better way for people to save money as they move from job to job


Idea: This startup is building machine learning software that helps people create smoother panning and zooming in videos. The startup previously sold a product called Flycam that helps camera operators smoothly move from one part of the scene to another.


A startup that provides a service for people who are getting older (70+) and want to move into a senior’s residence/retirement home


Idea: A company that offers an API for receiving payments through SMS. The company’s pitch: “We make money moves.”


Idea: Kubernetes for databases. The startup wants to help companies manage data across different databases on a single server, and move data between them.


Idea: A startup that’s trying to make it easier for urbanites to move around their city using a variety of transportation options, from public transit, to ridesharing, to walking.


Idea: A subscription box that helps you move into a new place, with tools and supplies to create a home office.


Idea: A way to make warehouse robots more efficient, by helping them grab items from shelves and move them to delivery vehicles more quickly.


A startup that helps people move to a more expensive apartment in a city that is rapidly gentrifying


A startup that helps people move more easily through the city