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Monetize Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps content creators, such as photographers and videographers, monetize their work.


This is a photo sharing app that lets you send your friends a “snapshot” of whatever you’re looking at. The startup monetizes via selling advertisers the ability to target specific geographic areas or high-traffic areas.


A startup that’s building a business platform for people who want to monetize their own social media content and make money instead of just getting paid to post it.


A platform for developers to easily build and monetize AR/VR apps and games.


A platform for app developers that allows them to more easily monetize their apps.


A startup backed by Sequoia that helps developers monetize their apps by converting them into subscription-based services for consumers.


A platform that lets publishers monetize video and stop people from uploading copyrighted content.


A new product that adds a watermark to videos, which helps users monetize videos on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.


“A new type of data marketplace, we are creating a marketplace where you can buy and sell your data. Everything from your browsing history to your location data, and from your health data to your social media data. We are building a data marketplace that enables you to monetize your data.”


It’s a video creation app that allows users to create, share, and monetize videos.


A company that wants to help people generate revenue from their Instagram accounts, by selling their content to advertisers. It has a built-in sales system to help clients monetize their Instagram growth.


 A tool for artists, record labels, and venues to find out how to better monetize their content, whether it’s a song, a TV show, or an event.


A startup that works with publishers and aggregators to help them track and monetize their website traffic.


A video-game startup that is building a platform that allows users to create and monetize their own mobile games. The company has been working on the idea for over two years, and is now ready to launch.


This startup is building a mobile-first platform that allows users to share and resume their favorite YouTube videos, in lieu of uploading to their own platforms or working hard to monetize their content


VaynerMedia is an advertising agency that has pivoted its business into a platform for influencer marketing, with the goal of creating “a financial engine” for influencers, allowing them to monetize their content.


A platform for video creators to monetize their content, using direct marketing and payments.


A platform for independent content creators, allowing them to monetize videos and generate revenue through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and selling ads.


A personalized video strategy for people with diabetes, including training and materials. The company is looking to build a community of users to help them monetize the platform.


A software platform that facilitates the integration of payments into software apps, making it easier for developers to build and monetize their apps.


The company wants to create a platform to help companies monetize mobile ads, allowing them to build custom campaigns and track results.


A startup that helps Facebook pages and Instagram profiles monetize with advertising.


A platform that helps business owners directly monetize their digital content. They’re using a crowdsourced model of community management to build the best content curation platform.


A blockchain-based platform that helps independent software vendors monetize their software via a network of app stores.


 This is a startup that wants to make it easy for companies to build and monetize apps with Google Drive.


A company that’s building a decentralized video platform for anyone who wants to create, share, and monetize video online.


A startup that allows freelance tutors to teach online, and is building a platform that will allow them to monetize their services.


A platform that allows users to create and monetize short videos with an interactive component. This platform is powered by a community of curators and collaborators.


A B2B company that works with businesses to run payroll and health benefits, and helps them monetize their employees.


Idea: A startup that helps music artists become influencers and recruiters The app helps artists connect with their fans and it gives them the opportunity to monetize their business


Idea: This is a social media app that helps users monetize their personal stories and connect with brands interested in learning more about their experiences


Idea: A startup building a mobile app that helps people make year-long commitments to a goal. It’s a self-hosted tool that’s currently free, but looks to monetize with premium features.


A startup that provides a platform for people who wish to monetize their data with the goal of creating a personal data store that is theirs and theirs alone