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by @levelsio

Modern Startup Ideas

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A new startup that aims to modernize the payments industry for businesses, making it faster, cheaper, and more secure.


A toolkit that helps people avoid the pitfalls of modern technology and stay connected to their loved ones.


They’re the modern version of a “grocery store”, with a storehouse of over 400 in-demand items that can be added to a wish list. They’re free for consumers, but can have a fee for businesses with 500 or more items in stock.


A company that wants to re-create the good old days of the local neighborhood hardware store for modern consumers. They want to build a modern version of the mobile app that lets people buy and sell their stuff in a local community.


"We are building a new kind of Facebook for professionals. We have a modern messaging app for professionals and a modern way for professionals to manage and share their professional content.”


A platform for managing the complex relationships between buyers and sellers in the modern supply chain.


A full stack “platform for the modern home” that allows users to control all of their devices from one dashboard. It connects to Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.


An internal startup within Forte to create a series of products for the company. They wanted a brand that was fun and modern, but not too distracting for customers. The new app was designed to be a reward for people who were servicing Forte’s customers.


Taking a modern approach to the marketing automation software that companies use to manage their Facebook posts.


A “new, modern approach to commerce” that aims to serve the needs of B2B companies by giving them a single, unified interface to manage all their sales and marketing. They’re focused on helping B2B companies improve their sales and marketing, and currently have clients in the financial services space.


A single-page application framework that aims to let developers build highly-optimized mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Modernizr is used by over 100,000 developers.


A “social network built for the modern millennial”, with features like a group chat, a profile page, a newsfeed, and social networking features to connect with nearby people.


A more modern and mobile version of the popular Telegram messaging app.


A design and data platform for the modern retail market. The startup has raised $11 million to date and has signed up 1,200 customers.


A tool that helps with “modernizing” legacy ERP systems.


A new modern camera made with 3D printing.


A way to connect old-fashioned pay phones to modern devices, with the idea being to make current pay phones more productive.


Companies that have benefited from Y Combinator are focusing on the problems of the modern worker not because they’re trying to build the next Klout or IMVU, but because they think these problems will be solved by technology.


Last year, I wrote about how some of the most successful Y Combinator companies are focused on solving the problems of the modern worker, like home care, transportation, and education. The most successful YC companies are built on the idea that technology should be helping workers, not fighting them.


A digital platform to track the condition of your car’s parts. It’s essentially a modern version of a mechanic’s notebook.


Making it easier to use a range of legacy databases to build modern web apps.


This startup’s founders say that the federal government’s tax-reporting process is too complex and that it’s difficult for people to pay their taxes. They’re building a simple, modern, easy-to-use tool that they hope will be used by millions of people.


A modern database for workbooks, with a cloud-based tool for creating, editing and sharing workbooks.


A modern online broker for retail investors. The startup wants to compete with the likes of TD Ameritrade and E*Trade by offering low-cost brokerage and investing services.


A “financial services for the modern age” platform for the US that’s “designed to meet the needs of the emerging millennial generation”.


"A global network of talented women, connecting and collaborating to build a modern company for tomorrow"


Nonprofits are often the ones using the most outdated technology, which can lead to cost overruns, delays, and ultimately poor results. Eloken helps nonprofits modernize their IT infrastructure by providing them with a cloud-based platform that cuts their costs while providing them with the tools they need to keep their programs running smoothly.


A new way to do direct-to-consumer retail, using a modern e-commerce system to create a virtual store on a company’s website.


Customize your videos and podcasts with a beautiful, easy-to-use video editor. It’s a video editing app built for the modern mobile user.


Idea: A startup that’s building a central hub for access to all the websites and services people use at work It’s a modern take on intranet portals


Idea: A startup that wants to “modernize” the way that restaurants work. They are building a software platform that will help