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Microsoft Startup Ideas

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A company building a browser extension that adds web-based editing to Microsoft Word, enabling users to do everything from adding images to creating tables and charts.


A company that uses Microsoft Azure to help businesses create and manage online store fronts


Idea: An online platform for verifying resumes for job-seekers The startup is working with employers like Microsoft, with plans to expand to the finance, health, and education sectors


Podium is a tool for building and running sales meetings. The startup is working with companies like Slack, PayPal, and Microsoft to build digital sales meetings that are more efficient and engaging.


A “shareable” version of Microsoft Word, with a story, an audio component, and a visualization component.


A tool for teams to manage their Microsoft Dynamics 365 contracts, making it easy to see who has been paid and which tasks have been completed.


A startup that wants to make it easy for companies to have a way to keep track of their products’ life cycles. The plan is to sell the idea to the likes of HP, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and Volkswagen.


 Gives entrepreneurs and startups easy access to the hardware they need to build and run their business. Founded by a former Microsoft engineer, the company has raised $2.5M and is launching in beta today.


A SaaS platform that helps businesses manage their accounts receivable and payables. The company works with clients like Microsoft and Infosys.


Fingers is a web-based email app for teams that aims to look familiar to those who’ve used Microsoft Outlook, and is for teams that are already using Microsoft Office. It allows users to set up and share meetings, schedules, and tasks.


Centrify Corporate Services is a cloud-based managed services provider that helps enterprises bring their on-premises Microsoft-based services into the cloud.


A startup run by former Microsoft employee Jason Pelczer, that’s developing a system for companies to accept crypto payments for their enterprise software. The company is targeting companies in the financial services sector.


A startup that lets you sync your Microsoft Outlook calendar to your iPhone.


A cloud-based version of Microsoft Word that lets people create and edit documents from their phones.


A startup that plans to help large and small companies build their own cloud infrastructure on top of Microsoft’s Azure platform.


A company that helps freelance and on-call workers find jobs. It’s currently working with 10,000 companies including Uber, GoDaddy, and Microsoft.


A software startup that helps businesses subscribe to services like Slack, Stripe, Microsoft Teams, WeChat, and more.


This startup is building an “enterprise-ready” version of Microsoft Office for businesses.


A startup that provides a SaaS platform for SaaS companies to build high quality content. The startup is backed by some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Google, Microsoft and Twitter.


Y Combinator alum Dan Ellis and co-founder Andrew Conway came up with the idea to make an app that would help people use Microsoft Excel more efficiently. The startup, which has raised $1.3 million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz , works with large companies to help them get their work into Excel faster.


A SaaS that serves as a “commercial intranet” for companies, developed by a former Microsoft executive. The company says it has nearly 1,000 customers and has raised $30 million in funding.


A startup that uses Microsoft Azure to help banks and other financial institutions build their own online banking services.


The company’s software helps companies with customer service, and is used by companies like Microsoft and Salesforce


A resource for women on the road to help them be better travelers. The company says it’s already working with companies like Microsoft and Time Warner Cable.


A productivity startup that wants to make office Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel much more efficient. Available on Windows/Mac.


A cloud-based office that provides over-the-desk access to a suite of productivity tools, including office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It’s available as a SaaS service, or as an onsite installation.


This company wants to make it easier for service companies to manage their customers' data. Its software will manage customer relations, customer support, billing, and other tasks. Its founding team includes veterans of companies like Google, Microsoft, and Box.


A company that helps people store and manage content on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Microsoft OneDrive.


A startup that lets you create a custom, branded, and optimized mobile application using the same platform that’s used by Apple, Google, and Microsoft.


A company that sells photos taken by its users to other companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft, etc., for use in advertising.


A way to reduce costs and improve reliability for businesses using a device that uses radio to communicate with handheld devices and computers. The startup works with companies like Blackberry, Samsung, and Microsoft.


The startup’s software helps companies create, share, and keep track of all the things they care about. The business has over 1,000 customers in the US, including Microsoft, American Express, and Google.


A B2B company that sells cloud-based software that helps companies create and manage online training programs. The startup’s product is already used by the likes of LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Microsoft.


The startup is working on a platform that allows customers to design, produce, and print custom cards with 3D printers. The cards can be used as gift cards, business cards, or personal cards. The company is working with a few customers like Shopify and Microsoft, for whom the cards are used for employee rewards.