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Merchandise Startup Ideas

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A rewards platform that lets people earn points for doing things with their phones, like taking a photo, following accounts and businesses, and more. Bunch can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, or travel.


A platform that lets you create and sell custom-branded merchandise to your customers all in one place.


A startup for merchants to sell merchandise with the ease of a Craigslist or Amazon marketplace.


Retail startup that works with retailers to get merchandise into the hands of customers on an evening delivery service, making it more likely that customers will buy.


A startup that is building a platform to help brands create branded merchandise with the help of creatives.


A cloud-based platform that allows businesses to sell merchandise using paid advertising, sponsored content and interactive social ads.


This is a platform for connecting brands and retailers. The company is building their own online marketplace for brands to sell merchandise, and brands can also get list of retailers and products they can sell to. They have over 10 brands on their platform.


A company that helps brands co-create merchandise for sale, using a virtual store front to sell the items.


A company that wants to help consumers build and grow their own personal brands by selling them on merchandise and experiences, similar to what Amazon does with Amazon Prime.


A free SaaS service to help build a brand. Independent artists can use the app to generate custom content to promote their work, and publishers can use it to sell books and merchandise. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive.


A subscription based e-commerce platform that allows users to purchase merchandise on an exclusive basis or for a limited time.


A digital platform for musicians that allows them to create, book, and manage their tours. It’s a pro touring service that also offers to sell tickets and merchandise.


A platform for buying and selling virtual items like power-ups, skins and runes in esports. PGL is based in China and is already signing up professional esports teams to use its platform, which lets teams create their own websites and sell merchandise.


A startup for vendors looking to sell merchandise to retailers via the web. The company is looking to build a community of over 8 million vendors.


A startup that allows nonprofits to fundraise online and sell merchandise. The startup matches donors with nonprofits that need money, and allows users to also donate money to certain causes.


This startup is building a platform to make it easier for people to make and sell merchandise on Amazon, as well as for the company’s Prime members.


A web-based platform for musicians to publish their work, including lyrics, music videos, and merchandise. The startup is building an online community to help musicians connect with fans.


A company that lets you build your own branded merchandise online and then deliver it to your customers.


An online platform for shoppers to find and buy merchandise directly from other consumers.


A platform that allows musicians and other creators to license and sell their music and merchandise online.


A platform that empowers artists to create and sell their own merchandise. To date, the company has sold $1 million in merchandise since launching in 2014.


A company that helps sports teams sell tickets, merchandise, concessions, and sponsorships.


A startup that helps online businesses sell merchandise through Walmart. Their pitch is that it costs $5 on Walmart to sell every $100 of merchandise, while on Amazon it’s $20/100.